Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Hundred Flower Sect

TL: Entropy
TLC: Rabbit
ED: Sleepy Panda, Yummy Pudding

Six years later, the Hundred Flowers Sect.

In Jianhu, the Hundred Flower Sect’s movements were infamously known for being mysterious and strange. Just their unique concealed weapon’s name, Hundred Flower Needle, would cause people to be stricken with fear. What’s more, the way the right and left protectors of the inner sect handled things was known to have always been swift and decisive while also ruthless and cruel. Each and every person that had offended the Hundred Flower Sect had not been lucky enough to survive. Furthermore, no one had ever seen the Hundred Flower Sect leader’s real face. The only thing that was known was that the old sect leader, Situ Zentian, (TL: His name literally means shaking the heavens lol) had allowed his daughter, Situ Xin, to take control of the sect. In these recent years, however, they had been very quiet within Jianghu. Due to this, someone attempted to infiltrate the Hundred Flower Sect, but was stopped short at the forest located at the outskirts of the sect. The Poison Miasma Forest was filled with such a dangerous poison that one only needed to take one small step in and his or her breath would quicken, feeling as if they were suffocating.

“Situ Yan, you scoundrel!” From the inside of the Hundred Flower Palace came the angry shouts of Situ Xin. Who knows how many times that stinking little brat has destroyed her Poison Refining Room.

“Xin’er, don’t be so petty.” Situ Yan stuck out his tongue, nimbly dodging Situ Xin’s attack, while also completely disregarding that look of murder in her eyes.

With one hand, Situ Xin grabbed Situ Yan’s ear and as she rolled her eyes, she said, “Stinking kid, how many times have I told you to call me mother. Also, who told you I was so petty?” Compared to her, this stinking little brat was even more destructive.

“Grandpa said it. He also said that you didn’t take responsibility in giving birth to me and yet, here you are, still pulling on my ears.” Feeling wrong about such accusations, he pouted his lips and his eyes turned blurry as tears continuously built up.

EzoicThe corner of Situ Xin’s mouth continuously twitched as she said, “Still pretending, then if you have the skill, then cry.” She then slapped Situ Yan’s back while shouting loudly, “How many times have I told you to stay away from your grandfather?” That damn old man (TLN: Also known as dad, father, papa; whichever suits your fancy.)just had to teach her son to be a little devil king.

Situ Yan’s mouth twitched. Indeed, using the same move too many times will cause it to lose its effectiveness. “Grandpa, Xin’er won’t let me play with you.”

After a loud roar, a blast of wind blew into their faces.

“Damn girl. Why do you want to separate me and Yan’er?” Situ Zhentian charged in front of Situ Xin with a tyrannical look.

Situ Xin’s forehead dully ached. In the past, she was evenly matched to this old man, unable to differentiate who was more powerful. But now, with the little devil king joining hands with this old man, she has been slowly pushed back over the years.

“Dad, as an elder you mustn’t spoil Yan’er. Just look, you have already spoiled him to the point that he is undisciplined and out of control,” she helplessly said.

Ezoic“I am happy and satisfied that my, Situ Zhentian’s grandson is this arrogant. Also, you shouldn’t be so petty. Isn’t it just a poison refining room? Just rebuild another one. What’s the point of being angry at Yan’er?” Situ Zhentian looked at Situ Xin in distain, but upon seeing Situ Yan’s red ear, his heat burst with regret.

He handed his grandson a freshly picked peach, while he continuously winked at him as he silently said, “Grandpa loves you dearly, right?”

“Of course.”

Situ Xin’s anger did not settle down as she watched one old and one young continuously wink at each other.

“I’m petty? Fine then, Yan’er, you better go to the Hundred Flower Forest and help Zi Xi sister plant flowers. For an entire month, you are not allowed to leave the Hundred Flower Forest.” Seizing Situ Yan’s ear, Situ Xin directly threw him out.

Situ Zhentian sympathetically glanced at his grandson, who had a look of grievance as he looked to Situ Zhentian for help.

“Xin’er, let’s have a proper talk about this. Just look at Yan’er, he is only 6 years old and your own flesh and blood. You shouldn’t be so strict with him.”

Looking at Situ Yan, who was miserably standing there, she hardened her heart as she shouted, “Why haven’t you gone yet?!!! Do you need me to personally send you there?”

There was a continuous circulation of a very strong smokey smell in the air, making it clear that this time he could not avoid it.

“Xin’er.” A small, pudgy hand continuously pulled at the of Situ Xin’s clothes, attempting to rouse some motherly love out of her.


She pointed her finger towards the outside of the door, remaining completely unmoved.

“If you have to go then go. Let’s go, your grandpa will accompany you.” With a wry face, Situ Zhentian pulled along his obedient grandson and excitedly walked towards the Hundred Flower Forest. He knew that this daughter of his would certainly regret her decision.

Situ Yan rubbed her constantly throbbing right eye, for she had a bad premonition rising in her heart. She could only hope that that pair of small and big troublemakers will not burn her Hundred Flower Forest to the ground.

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