Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Lower Yangzhou

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina

The next day, Xiao Yixuan decided to bring Situ Xin along with him towards Yangzhou. Even though she was very unwilling, the moment she heard him said, “If you come with me this time, I will be willing to fulfill one of your wishes.”, a flash of excitement went through her eyes. “Except for one thing, you’re not allowed to take Yan’er back to the Hundred Flower Sect with you.” The light in her eyes immediately dimmed down.

Situ Xin face was filled with reluctance as she got into the carriage. Ever since her fake skin started showing cracks again yesterday, she had decided to return to her luminous and elegant complexion. Immediately, the wangfu exploded like hot oil in a pot. There isn’t a single person who could stop themselves from staring at Situ Xin’s face and remark with shock written across their faces, “How could a woman with such other worldly beauty exist in this world”, “She’s the mother of the young master, no wonder they have such stunning looks………” All kinds of discussions followed behind, causing Situ Xin to feel uncomfortable, and regretful of her impulsive actions. Even more so, this loathsome man pulled her onto the horse carriage without a single word, not even telling her where they were going.

“Xiao Yixuan, where are we going? I’m not at ease with leaving Yan’er alone in the wangfu like that.” Situ Xin lifted the carriage’s curtain.

“I’ve sent Yan’er to the palace to accompany the imperial consort early in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about him.” He was seated on the horse and didn’t turn around when he replied.

Situ Xin wrung her lips into a frown as she muttered, “I’m more worried about the imperial consort.” No one is more clear of Yan’er’s explosiveness more than her. It is even more violent than his father. However, seeing that both Xiao Yixuan and Ye Ying were riding side by side, ‘how very carefree they are’, she thought to herself as she suddenly spoke up, “I also want to ride a horse.”

Xiao Yixuan pulled on the reins, causing his horse to stop its footsteps. He then leaned over to look at Situ Xin who had already gotten out of the carriage, grabbed onto the small hand extended towards him and pulled, embracing Situ Xin’s petite waist, “Xin’er, how come you never get fat despite eating so much?” He asked curiously as he took in the fragrance of hundreds of flowers her body emitted.

Situ Xin rolled her eyes, and turned her face, “Never you mind, why don’t you tell me where in the world are we going?”

“The Gathering of Heroes at Yangzhou.”

“Do you want to become the league head?” It seems that she has discovered the Zhanlu Sword Xiao Yixuan hung on his waist.

“That’s not it, the current Wulin league head, Song Zi Miao, invited me to go attend the ceremonies. To help him filter out candidates for the next alliance head.” He replied with a clear and simple answer to Situ Xin’s question.

Song Zi Miao? Senpai? Situ Xin’s face suddenly turned dark. So it seems the past couple of years she hasn’t been paying attention to worldly matters her father’s favorite disciple, Song Zi Miao had become the alliance head of the wulin community.

“Xin’er, save me!” Huo Yan suddenly appeared behind them, running towards them in a rush, as if there was a terrifying demon or ghost chasing behind him, his face full of panic.

Situ Xin narrowed her eyes at Huo Yan who was panting for air, and then at Bai Ying who was following behind him, “What are you guys doing”/It’s you guys?”

“We have no relations at all.”

“He is my fiancee.”

They spoke at nearly the same time, yet the meanings in their words were completely different, “Where are you guys going?” Situ Xin curiously asked as she stared at the two. Huo Yan seemed to be terrified of this woman called Bai Ying.

Huo Yan hid behind Situ Xin and Xiao Yixuan, and yelled out, “You guys go! I will go too! Also, I walk a different road from that woman.”

Bai Ying nodded towards Situ Xin and Xiao Yixuan, “Miss Xin’er really is a nation toppling beauty, it seems like the rumours amongst the public was true.”

What a sharp woman, to be able to see through her old disguise and see her true face. If she also knew of her true identity, she couldn’t help but like this intelligent woman, “Miss Bai is so intelligent and graceful, Xin’er admires you.”

“Miss and Wangye are both headed towards the gathering of heroes at Yangzhou, is it possible for Bai Ying to go together with you all?” She nodded slightly.

“Of course.” Situ Xin and Xiao Yixuan both nodded at the same time, only to incite a mournful wailing sound from Huo Yan.

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