Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 — Two Drunk Women

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina
ED: KongoIsamu

Inside the temporary imperial residence, two women and a child were standing in front of a table, their eyes were wide open as they stared at each other.

Both Situ Xin and Yun Shi had their hands by their waists, while Xiao Yan was standing on a chair, pulling a face, his eyes stuck in place. “Puchi.” Both Situ Xin and Yun Shi burst out laughing.

Haha, both of you have lost. Come, first, drink a cup as a penalty then answer my question.” Xiao Yan’s face was filled with joy as he jumped onto the table, his clumsy actions causing others to unable to restrain a smile at the sight.

Situ Xin and Yun Shi both had a sour expression on their faces as they grudgingly lifted their wine cups and downed the contents with one gulp. The two of them have already lost a few times, this kid was simply too good at this, as no matter how much they teased him, his eyes doesn’t blink, even causing them burst out laughing.

“Aunty Yun Shi, let me ask you first, who is your sweetheart?” His soft and immature voice greatly contrasted with his emperor-like stance.

“Stinky brat, you’re still so young. Why do you like to pry into others personal matters so much?” Yun Shi playfully cursed her nephew. Whether it was because of the wine or her embarrassment, her face was completely red.

“Stop dilly dallying. If you agree to the bet, you must be willing to accept your loss.” Xiao Yan acted like a mini adult; recently his father had been teaching him quite a lot of Chinese idioms.

Yun Shi dawdled for a moment before speaking in a small voice, “General Luwen Lu.” She then covered her bright red face in embarrassment.

“Ehhhh.” He pulled the final syllable for a long time, indicating that he understood it. Then his small face turned towards Situ Xin, “Hey hey, Xin’er, it’s your turn now. Where is your secret cache?” If he were to run away from home next time, at least he’ll have some capital to bring along with him.

Slightly drunk, Situ Xin stared absentmindedly at her son, his single form turned double, then tripled. Then suddenly, she pounced over and snatched Xiao Yan’s ears, “You’re doing this on purpose right? Getting me drunk, and then try to have an advantage over me.”

“Xin’er, if you agree to the bet, you must be willing to accept your loss.” Suddenly, he felt a jolt of pain go through his ear, and for a while couldn’t think of any other idiom to say, so he kept on repeating ‘if you agree to the bet, you must be willing to accept your loss.’, his delicate and pretty face instantly fell.

“Accept my loss my ass! I don’t accept this.” She kept on muttering under her breath, and then lay down limply on the table. She dreamt of Yan’er facing her with a cute smile on his face. She reached out and waved her hands, trying to disperse the illusion in front of her. There’s no way her son could be that cute.

“Xin’er, you can’t fall asleep, Aunty Yun Shi, hurry up and wake up.” Small, plump hands shook the two completely drunk women.

Xiao Yixuan and Xiao Han walked into the temporary imperial residence, shock was written all over their faces as they gazed at the scene in front of them. They then looked at Xiao Yan as if they’ve seen a monster, “Yan’er, what’s going on here?”

“Dad, look at Xin’er and Aunty Yun Shi, they’re both drunk. No matter how much I call out to them, they just won’t wake up.” Xiao Yan trotted over to Xiao Yixuan with his small radish feet, his face shining with innocence.

“Yun Shi normally doesn’t drink much alcohol, why is she in such a state today?” Xiao Han’s face was filled with doubt.

Xiao Yixuan picked up Situ Xin who was sprawled on the table. Her forehead was covered in her fragrant sweat, which in turn caused her fake skin to have cracks in it, leaking out her gorgeous complexion. He couldn’t help but scrunch his eyebrows, “Imperial Brother, I’ll bring Xin’er back with me first.” He then used his gaze to indicate his son to follow him.

For a long time, Xiao Han was unable to regain his spirits. So, as it turns out, that maid has a beauty that is capable of causing a downfall to a state, no wonder Xuan would look so hurt and worried.

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