Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 — The Imperial Study Room

TL: Entropy
TLC: Lilina
ED: KongoIsamu

Early in the morning, Xiao Yixuan was summoned to the palace by an inner palace eunuch. At the time, he was still unable to resolve the conflict between Xin’er and Yan’er, so even after he hastily made himself presentable and prepare to depart, he still didn’t feel at ease with leaving them like that, so in the end, he brought the two of them along.

From the inside of the Imperial Study room, a clear and bright laughter floated out, “Xuan, I still don’t understand, why is it that when beautiful girls see you, all they want to do is to stick by your side?” Xiao Hanman stared at Xiao Yixuan doubtfully, even though they were born from the same mother, why was the difference in treatment so large! Moreover, he was the ruler of the entire dynasty, with an unlimited power to call the wind and summon the rain. (TL: Btw, not literally call the wind and summon the rain, for those like me who take everything literally.)

Xiao Yixuan helplessly shook his head, and spoke coldly , “What a pity it is that every flower has their own meaning, yet the flow, the unending current of water is ever unfeeling.” [1] At the thought of Situ Xin, he felt a burst of bitterness, his forehead started to ache dully. He could see that the death of Poppy had affected her greatly, even though her appetite is the same, and occasionally gave a good beating to the troublemaking Xiao Yan, but he could still see a thread of desolation in her eyes.

“Oh? Is there a woman, who someone like Wangye, is unable to deal with? Could it be Yan’er’s mother?” Xiao Han’s face was full of interest, “I heard that you kept a maid called Xin’er by your side wherever you go, could it be that she’s the same woman?”

“En, she is Yan’er’s mother, Xin’er.” Xiao Yixuan nodded. Today he had brought both Yan’er and Xin’er with him to the palace, letting them stay in the temporary imperial residence to accompany Yun Shi, the Emperor’s seventh younger sister, hoping that they won’t cause any trouble.

As soon as Xiao Han heard his words, he knew he was talking about that normal looking maid, and his curiosity immediately disappeared. He frowned, “Her looks are ordinary, unworthy of occupying your heart, even your concubine is already a hundred- no, a thousand times better looking than that woman.” Thinking of the 3000 women in his royal harem, he estimated that even his personal maids looked more outstanding than her.

Xiao Yixuan looked at Xiao Han’s actions with an amused look. After all, he belonged in the imperial palace, accustomed to being surrounded by beautiful things. If one day he were to see the true face of Xin’er, he guessed that Xiao Han’s eyes would probably fall out. “You ah, you’re already the Emperor, yet still so childish. Speak, for what reason did you summoned me to the palace this time?”

Xiao Han helplessly shrugged his shoulders, “For the past couple of days, Princess Han Yu has been coming to bother me, saying that you had banished her from your wangfu. She stubbornly wants me to act as the intermediary, but I think you should avoid her. Coming up in a few days, the quinquennial meeting of heroes is about to be held, it is to find the next league leader of Wulin, and Lu Song will definitely think of every possible way to get the seat of the league leader. I want you to go.” Lu Song was one of the previous dynasty’s surviving members, and he wholeheartedly wished for is the restoration of the previous dynasty, but who knew if things were to change with the passage of time.

“En, that’s alright.”

“Let’s go see Yun Shi together, and see if Yan’er has grown taller.” Xiao Han really liked this nephew of his, Yan’er. Last time, when Yan’er entered the palace, he destroyed quite a lot of his treasured items, so now whenever the imperial concubines see this little guy, all of them can’t help but make strategic withdrawals.

Xiao Yixuan nodded as he accompanied Xiao Han to the temporary imperial residence.

[1] 可惜落花有意,流水無心: in a more accurate translation, would mean: one side is willing yet the other side is indifferent. (Basically Poppy + Luo Ji)

TLN: Man, this chapter is just another one of those times I just SERIOUSLY WISH THE MC WOULD SAY A SINGLE SENTENCE MORE TO CLARIFY THE SITUATION…………..………. But after all, dramatic irony is proven to be good at grabbing the attention of readers and watchers so………eh:

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