Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Scarlet Shrine Sect Master’s Murder Case (5)

TL: Entropy
TLC: –
ED: Adversary & KongoIsamu

Regardless of how she tossed and turned, Situ Xin couldn’t fall asleep as she kept thinking about what Xiao Yixuan said, and the reasons behind them. The Hundred Flower Needles were only being used by a select few within the sect. As she put on her outerwear, she walked out the door. She raised her head and looked at the sky, after a few hours the sky will turned bright. Situ Xin took out the a lighter from her sleeves to light the fireworks. The lit fireworks flew across the sky, creating a beautiful arc. It was a signal for Poppy.

“Poppy, what’s going on with the Hundred Flower Needle?” Situ Xin swiftly entered one of the forests that was located near the Scarlet Shrine Sect. She asked Poppy with an angry face. She had already asked Hai Tang, but Hai Tang hadn’t even left the Hundred Flower Sect during this period of time. Poppy was the only one that frequently visit the jianghu yet no one knew of her whereabouts.

Poppy lowered her head and expressionlessly said, “Sect Master, I will deal with this issue, there’s no need for you to intervene.”

“I am asking you about what’s taking place right now. Currently, all of the righteous sects in jianghu have their spearheads pointed towards the Hundred Flower Sect. They’re even talking about encircling the Hundred Flower Sect.” The Hundred Flower Sect’s style had always been both righteous and devilish. But never have we harmed innocent people before.

“That damned Luo Qi.” Poppy angrily cursed.”

As soon as Situ Xin heard that the issue did lie with Poppy, a murderous expression surfaced on her face as she grabbed Poppy’s arm. Only to see fair, glossy skin, “Where is your Cinnabar Mark[1]?” The Cinnabar Mark would only disappear after its owner has had sexual intercourse…. Don’t tell me that Poppy and Luo Ji……?[1](Cinnabar Mark is the proof of virginity that a female have on their skin. It is a mark that is placed on the upper arm of a female, once the female have sexual intercourse, the mark would fade away. To know more about it, google Cinnabar Mark and click on the first link.)

Poppy’s pain-filled eyes suddenly squeezed out two sparkling teardrops, “Sect Master, I was careless and wrong. I fell in love with Luo Qi. It was him who stole the Hundred Flower Needles from me. Truthfully, I was not informed of this.” She really didn’t know that Luo Qi would kill someone with the Hundred Flower Needles, “Sect Master, I beg of you, please don’t kill Luo Qi.” Then she kneeled and started imploring Situ Xin piteously.

Looking at Poppy in disbelief, her brows tightly wrinkled up for a long time, “You love Luo Qi.” For the past couple of years, she had always been antisocial, she disliked being in the presence of others. How in the world did she meet that despicable Luo Qi, someone who had no qualms about killing his own father.

“Yes, I love him, I plead sect master to show mercy, I will bring Luo Qi into the forests, and we will never appear within jianghu again.” Poppy’s face was filled with determination.

Situ Xin solemnly shook her head, “Luo Qi’s goal is the sect leader seat of the Scarlet Shrine Sect, so why would he go hide with you. Furthermore, he’s embracing you with one hand, while his other hand is in embrace with another woman.” Even though it was cruel, these were words that must be spoken.

“Impossible, Sect Leader don’t slander Luo Qi, he isn’t that kind of person. Luo Qi sincerely loves me.” Poppy looked at Situ Xin in discontent.

Situ Xin narrowed her eyes, “You think I am that kind of person?” She was infuriated, Poppy had already served her for more than 10 years, yet she seriously still doesn’t understand her personality?

“Sect Leader, Poppy didn’t mean it in that manner.” She felt her body turn stiff, her lip split as she strenuously spoke.

“I want you to go back to Hundred Flower Sect and stay there well-behaved. Without my order, you aren’t allowed to take a step off of the head altar.” Situ Xin spokely coldly, her stiff face not changing in the slightest.

Poppy’s face was full of pain as she stood up, “Yes, Poppy will follow your commands.” And then she quickly disappeared into the space between the trees.

Situ Xin suddenly felt tired, but all of a sudden she felt a warm sensation on her back.

“I was worried about you so I came to take a look. Don’t worry, why don’t you leave everything for me to resolve?” Inhaling the sweet scent Situ Xin was giving off, he couldn’t help but think that the Hundred Flower scent coming off of her was really intoxicating.

As she closed her eyes, she suddenly felt Xiao Yixuan’s hug to be very comfortable.

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