Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Jealousy of a Rival

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As the talking and laughing of the banquet finally came to an end, Xiao Yixuan brought his son and concubine back to the wangfu with a black face. In the end, he had to make Ye Ying arrange a comparatively remote, ‘Leaning Plum Pavilion’ for Han Yu to stay at. This was because he did not want to receive any unexpected trouble.

As the days passed one by one, the wangfu also sunk into a tranquil yet strange state. However, Situ Xin and Xiao Yan were completely unaffected by it, and were, as always, the same simple-minded people who took other people’s pain and suffering as their entertainment.

During these days, Xiao Yixuan always left early and returned late in order to avoid any contact with Han Yu.

“Xin’er, what kind of woman do you think wangye likes?” inquired Han Yu to Situ Xin, who was standing behind her. Han Yu had requested for this average looking maid at Xiao Yixuan’s side to attend to her.

At that time, she did not see how dark Xiao Yixuan’s face got. He was already in an extremely bad mood, but Situ Xin went ahead and agreed at once.

This made Xiao Yixuan even more unhappy, but he didn’t say anything.

Situ Xin meekly lowered her head as she responded, “Princess is so beautiful. Of course, Wangye will like you.” Although her mouth was praising Han Yu, her heart kept continuously cursing in rage at Xiao Yixuan. He truly was a man that was the source of calamity towards woman.

Han Yu satisfiedly glimpsed at Situ Xin. She truly had an ordinary looking face that could not be any more mediocre. Then, as she avoided Situ Xin’s face, she said, “If a woman is not somewhat beautiful, then they ought to adorn themselves some more. Look at yourself, what kind of man would you be able to catch the eye of?” Once she finished speaking, she opened her jewelry box and took out a white jade hairpin. “This is something bengongzhu bestows upon you. As long as you properly attend to bengongzhu, you will not be treated unfairly.” Now that her first step of entering the wangfu was complete, all she had to do now was to get Xiao Yixuan to fall in love with her.

“Thank you Princess.”

Receiving the hairpin with both hands, a glint of light flashed through her eyes. This hairpin isn’t cheap at all.

“Have you ever met the woman that wangye has taken a liking to?” As she asked with a look full of disdain, Han Yu looked at the servant girl, who was whole heartedly delighted.

Servants will be servants. Just casually giving them a few items and they’ll be bought.

Didn’t Xiao Yixuan say that the woman that he liked was her? It can’t be! The fake skin on Situ Xin’s face shuddered. If this Turkish Princess were to know, then she’d be done for it.

“Xin’er has never met her, but has heard wangye occasionally mention it a few times.” Situ Xin respectfully answered back.

“Oh?” Han Yu found this very doubtful, but she quickly brought her mind back. For now, she had to first settle that woman called Nalan Qing. “Accompany me for a walk.”

As they passed the garden, they saw Nalan Qing and Cui Hong walking towards them. It truly was as they said, enemies meet on a narrow road. Situ Xin hung her head as she said, “Xin’er pays respects to the concubine.” Although she said such words, her body was completely straight, not making any type of respectful movements.

Cui Hong grabbed hold of Situ Xin’s wrist, as she scolded, “You audacious maid! You’ve just met the concubine yet you don’t even greet her.” She then raised her large hand and swung downwards, but was stopped by Han Yu’s grab.

“You dare to touch Bengongzhu’s people?” Han Yu said with a loud voice as she walked forward with a pair of eyes filled with anger that could defy the heavens.

How could Han Yu not understand the idiom, killing the chicken to warn the monkeys.

Wishing to make a move against her people, then we’ll have to see if they have the ability to do so.

With a swing of her hand, Cui Hong flung aside Han Yu.

In a state of mutual hostility, the scene looked as if it was about to explode, so Situ Xin retreated to the side. As soon as she stood behind Han Yu, Situ Xin squinted her eyes like she was watching a play. In any case, this was free entertainment, so it would be stupid to not watch.

“No matter what Xin’er says, she is still one of wangfu’s people, so benfujin is only teaching a servants. Do I still need the Princess’s consent? Cui Hong, hit her.” Nalan Qing was already unhappy that Han Yu was living inside the wangfu, and now she wanted to prevent her from teaching this servant, really bullying her too much.

“You dare?” Han Yu effortlessly pushed the approaching Cui Hong to the ground. In Turkey, almost every female knew some type of self-protection skill.

It was distinctively clear that Cui Hong’s strength was no match for Han Yu’s.

Upon seeing this, the anger inside Nalan Qing’s chest burst out, and she grabbed for Han Yu’s Ivory Tiger Claw. Cui Hong had also gotten up from the ground, and the three of them entangled together

“What are all of you doing?” At that moment, Xiao Yixuan appeared and angrily stared at the three of them.

“Wangye, it was she who prevented me from teaching this servant girl a lesson.” Nalan Qing made the first move to gain an upper hand as she complained to Xiao Yixuan.

Xiao Yixuan shot a glance towards Situ Xin, whose head was lowered. Although her bangs covered her eyes, he could see the slight rise on Situ Xin’s lips. Then, with a frosty face he said, “Someone come. Take Cui Hong and give her 30 lashes with the large plank. Then send the concubine and Princess back to their residences.”

Cui Hong’s miserable screaming that sounded like a pig being slaughtering penetrated Situ Xin’s eardrum. Unable to bear it anymore, she massaged her ears as she quietly muttered, “How noisy.”

With an unwilling face, Nalan Qing twisted her charming butt and angrily glared quickly at Han Yu and Situ Xin.

Just as Nalan Qing was turning around to return to her residence, Situ Xin softly kicked the stone that was under her feet. The rock rapidly rolled underneath Nalan Qing’s foot.

“Aiya!” Nalan Qing tripped and fell flat onto her face.

“Which slave with no eyes dared to trip benfujin?” Nalan Qing got off the ground with great difficulty, while howling curses in every direction she looked. All of the surrounding servant girls were pursing their lips as they laughed into their sleeves.

“What are you laughing at? If you don’t believe me, then I’ll tear apart your mouths.”

Nalan Qing originally wanted to rush over and show off her authority, but once she saw Xiao Yixuan’s dark face, she instantly shut up. She then stood up and turned around and ran back to her residence.

Situ Xin softly pursed her lips and silently mouthed, “Serves you right.”

But from behind, she heard Xiao Yixuan’s quiet voice say, “Xin’er, you’re too naughty.”

How could she forget that this man not only has jug-sized ears but also has extremely discerning eyes.

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