Wangye’s Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 14

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Attending a Banquet Part 2

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TL: Entropy
TLC: Mteng, (I don’t know) Rabbit
ED: Adversary

Xiao Han squinted his eyes, as he watched this person who possessed a rare beauty that couldn’t be described, “Who are you?”

“Turkish Princess Han Yu greets the Tian Chao Emperor.” Han Yu raised her cheeks in confidence. With her curved eyebrows that were above a pair of soul-stealing eyes, and her sexy and slender lips following suit, slightly rising up as she emitted a stifling aura.

“So it’s the turkish Princess, Han Yu. It’s no wonder that you’re so beautifully charming.”

“Simply akin to a fairy/angel that has descended from the heavens.”
Han Yu’s appearance had caused all of the seated minister to pay closer attention towards her as well as appreciating her beauty, while one after another sending their envious gazes towards Xiao Yixuan.

“Princess, why is that you only have eyes for Xiao Wangye?” Xiao Han asked doubtfully. It is within reason to say that they were comparable in appearance, their statuses weren’t all that different, he had really hit the jackpot this time.

EzoicBut when he looked down, he saw that Xiao Yan, who was still in his embrace, had picked up a piece of lotus cake and stuffed it into his mouth, his hands constantly rubbing Xiao Han’s emperor’s robe as he did so.

Princess Han Yu was smiling as she nodded. She looked at Xiao Yixuan who was dressed completely in silk, whilst being unable to conceal the respectful aura she had around Xiao Yixuan. “It was a few years ago when Han Yu had followed Imperial Father to Tian Chao to pay their respects. I accidentally lost my footing and fell into the Lotus Pond. Wangye was the one who had saved me then. It was from then on, that Han Yu vowed to become Wangye’s wife.

Situ Xin felt her head turning dizzy, so it was because Xiao Yixuan was a hero and saved the beauty. So now the beauty has completely devoted her heart to him. To this playboy of a loathsome man.

“Eh? So this was how things were. But this matter must still be decided by my Imperial Brother, I cannot make any decisions on his behalf.” Xiao Yan looked as if something had dawned upon him, he then threw a look towards Xiao Yixuan as if saying, “You little playboy” But in the end, he could only sigh to himself. The beauty didn’t like his face, what a travesty he was.

Xiao Yixuan’s forehead was aching dully, this matter that had happened so long ago that even he forgot. But he still refused politely, “Thank you Princess for your love, but benwang truly already possesses someone that he loves.”

Xiao Yan, who had been quiet the entire time suddenly spoke in a soft but immature voice, “Yeah, my father only loves my mother! Sister princess, how about you wait for when Yan’er grows old enough and let him marry you? Can you not steal my father?”

EzoicImmediately everyone bursted out laughing on site.

All of the ministers present suddenly looked at this six year old imp in a new light. They all nodded their heads as they gave their newfound appraisals of Xiao Yan, in the future he would definitely be someone who had achieved great things.

Princess Han Yu’s face turned black, holding back her anger as she asked, “I don’t know if the woman that wangye has set his eyes on is as beautiful as Han Yu.” If you were to ask around, , you would not be able to find anyone that was more beautiful than Han Yu within the turkish plains.

Xiao Yixuan looked at the ministers, whose faces had all been turned towards Han Yu, staring at her with envy. Probably, even Elder Brother Emperor’s heart had also been moved, “Princess, you really are beautiful, but benwang’s heart lacks the capacity for any one else.”

He was extremely elated about Situ Xin wearing the fake skin so that others wouldn’t see her beauty. Otherwise, he can’t guarantee he won’t dig into those lustful eyes.

“Then why did wangye take a concubine?” Princess Han Yu continued to press the matter.

Nalan Qing, who had been listening in from the side this entire time had ceased caring about being the image of a young lady from a prestigious family long ago. She angrily slapped the table in front of her, “Obviously wangye married me because he likes me.”

She had found this turkish princess to be unpleasing to her eye from the start. Despite Nalan Qing’s beauty already being considered famous, here she was, with her face that was even more cute and beautiful than her’s.

Now, this princess even dares to find her plot of crops.

“Oh! So you’re the concubine. I heard that the concubine was prettier than a flower, but it seems like you’re only average.” Disdain was fluttering all over Han Yu’s face.

Situ Xin, whose soul had been wandering outside was suddenly woken up by Nalan Qing’s table slap. She opened her drowsy eyes and pursed her lips, muttering in a low voice, “How detestable.”

She caught sight of Xiao Yixuan, who was smiling at her. Could it be that he heard her again?

“You?” Nalan Qing’s anger quickly made her face grow red, but it left as quickly as it came, as her face returned to a calm expression, “Princess truly is erudite and talented, you don’t even know the definition of common etiquette. You’re only so-so.”

Xiao Yixuan suddenly berated after not talking for a long time, “Wife, watch your words.” He knew that his son and Situ Xin’s eyes were most definitely glowing right now, happily enjoying the two women fighting over his affections.

“Yes, wangye.” Nalan Qing spoke softly, resignedly returned to her seat.

“Wangye, I wish to use my status as a visitor to stay a few more days in your mansion. When the time comes, wangye will know that I am the person most fit to be wangye’s wife.” Han Yu made a proposal to Xiao Yixuan before leaving.

Seeing that Xiao Yixuan didn’t share his standings for a long time, Xiao Han waved his hand, “Then we will go according to Princess Han Yu’s proposal. Let the banquet resume.” Xiao Han’s line of sight veered to the table, and was astonished to find that all of the pastries on the table had been swept clean by Xiao Yan.

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