Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.4

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.4

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.04 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

[Host… host-daren, killing people is illegal, you have to stay calm!!!!]’

Looking at Lin Zisheng’s dark expression, 001 knew that if it doesn’t persuade its male god, the situation will become bloody later!

#My male god wants to kill the protagonist of the world and collapse the world, what to do? Waiting online, urgent!#

However, God seemed to care for 001 because just as it couldn’t think of anything else to persuade Lin Zisheng, a sweet and pure voice attracted everyone’s attention away. It was a girl wearing a white dress, looking pure and adorable. Although her clothing seemed to be very cheap, she has a clean aura on her body. Her waist-length hair hung cooperatively from her back, giving people a sense of obedience. Her face can’t be considered pretty, at most one could say it’s delicate but that pair of eyes containing smile and shyness was particularly attractive. This person is Bai Wei. Looking at Su Mo who was standing beside Lin Zisheng, her eyes revealed hints of excitement.

“Ah Mo, so you are here. I have been looking for you all over.” Bai Wei pouted.

Her voice was soft, and one of her hand was placed on Su Mo’s arm. With a tone filled with intimacy, “Ah Mo, why are you not saying anything?”

She tilted her head. There was a childlike innocence in the eyes, so pure that it gave people a desire to destroy it.

Su Mo frowned when he saw this person pulling at him acting familiar. There was a look of disgust in his eyes because her gaze was very familiar. It was the same as those woman who wants to climb onto his bed. Although he is not picky, but at least don’t be so obvious about it. He could see what’s on the other person’s mind with just a glance.

“This young lady, do we know each other?”

Su Mo searched his own memory and he has indeed never seen this person before. That means this person is one of those who came to ‘sell’ themselves!


Bai Wei was stunned, her expression was a bit ugly. She forgot that in this lifetime, both Su Mo and her doesn’t know each other. What to do now?

“I came with Ah Sheng, so, so I know Young Master Su.”

“Oh? Really?”

Su Mo didn’t say much when he heard what Bai Wei said. Instead, he turned to Lin Zisheng and asked with a smiling but not smiling expression, “She is your friend, and you also told her about me?”

Although it was not obvious, Lin Zisheng could feel Su Mo’s anger. This puzzled him a bit, what is this person being angry for?

“I have only met Miss Bai Wei twice. She asked me to bring her to see ‘Ah Mo’ so I thought Miss Bai Wei is Young Master Su’s friend.”

Because he already completed his side mission (at BW side), as long as he could change Bai Wei’s fate not to die under his or Su Mo’s hand, his task would be completed so he is too lazy to waste time on Bai Wei now. Naturally, he told the truth as it is because he doesn’t want to provoke this dangerous man.

[DING DONG, notice from the system. Male Lead’s positive feeling + 5, current positive feeling 40. Comment – He doesn’t know that woman, felt a little happy.]’

Upon hearing the notice from system, the corner of Lin Zisheng’s mouth became crooked. What is this little feeling of shyness in the Male Lead’s comment?!

“Ah Sheng?”

Bai Wei stared at Lin Zisheng in disbelief. At this moment, isn’t he supposed to say that he brought her here then introduce her to Ah Mo? This way, the 3 of them would be able to stay together forever. Why did Ah Sheng has to ‘break her stage’ now?

“Miss Bai, please mind yourself.”

Seeing that Bai Wei reached out wanting to grab his arm, Lin Zisheng took a step back in disgust, “We only met twice. Calling me that way seemed a bit too intimate, I’m afraid it is not suitable.”

The atmosphere became awkward in an instant. Such a pure girl being ignored at a side by two people, it is really wasteful. Many people were eager to comfort the beauty but didn’t dare to act because they don’t know what kind of relationship between them three.

“Ah Sheng, are you angry with me? I didn’t…”

At this moment, Bai Wei then remembered that the moment she reached here, she threw Ah Sheng aside and went to search for Ah Mo herself. It’s logical for Ah Sheng to be angry.

Lin Zisheng stood there quietly, even took a glass of red wine from a passing waiter. He took a sip, then continued to watch Bai Wei’s performance.

“Miss Bai, why should I be angry at you? You are just someone irrelevant to me.” Lin Zisheng squinted, his whole body radiating a dangerous aura, “Miss Bai, I really don’t know you.”

“Lin Zisheng!”

Why is it like this? Why is everything so different from what she imagined? At a time like this, shouldn’t Lin Zisheng step out to protect her? Why is he standing there watching the whole thing with the cold eyes of a bystander?

Su Mo has completely lost his patience when he saw Bai Wei being like that. How could he not see what Bai Wei is trying to do, it’s just that he is too lazy to pay any attention to it. Although her appearance was not the type that he usually liked, she has a pure temperament so it’s still alright to play a bit with her. However, when Su Mo saw Bai Wei looking at him with an admiring gaze while being ambiguous with Lin Zisheng, he couldn’t bear it. That person… that person was someone even he doesn’t dare to profane.

Just as the atmosphere becomes very stiff and strained, the sound of light and graceful footsteps slowly resonated from upstairs. As if everyone’s hearts were linked as one, they looked up together to the direction of that person. What they saw was bright red color like flamenco, intense and bold. Red evening gown, red high heels and wine red big wavy long hair. All this set her whole appearance blazing like a flame, but there was a light smile on her face. Mild and tender, light and not thick, there seemed to be a kind of cold refreshing fragrance.These two different feelings strike everyone’s eyes, people can’t help but be mesmerized by the sight.

When Bai Wei saw this person, her face turned red and her expression became twisted. It’s her! So it turned out to be her! This damned woman actually appeared again, and she is still so shameless to keep sticking to her Ah Mo! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

At the side, Lin Zisheng saw Bai Wei’s reaction and instantly understood the identity of the incoming person – Luo Yan, Su Mo’s fiancee in name, his childhood little sister, Su Mo’s most pampered person and also the one Bai Wei held the most hatred to. Thinking of the scenes written in the novel whenever both people met each other, Lin Zisheng suddenly become interested. In the past life, Luo Yan pressured Bai Wei under her everywhere they met. If not for Bai Wei knowing some local ruffians, one doesn’t know if Bai Wei still could continue the ‘love and hate’ relationship to the end with Su Mo. After all, Luo Yan has noticed something wrong with Bai Wei.

“Ah Mo, this young lady is?”

Bai Wen’s brain short-circuited itself the moment she saw Luo Yan. At the moment, she has completely forgotten that she(BW) and Su Mo are still strangers who don’t know each other, forgotten that she doesn’t has the qualification to ask that question. All she can think of in her mind was – drive away this shameless damned woman from Ah Mo’s side.

Lin Zisheng almost laughed out loud when he heard what Bai Wei said. Is there only water in her brain now? (Is her brain flooded with water?) Since she has reborn with her past life’s memories, she should know how much importance Su Mo placed on Luo Yan. Ain’t she seeking to be abused by trying to ‘declare her ownership’ right now?

Meanwhile, other people looked at Bai Wei with either weird or ridiculing look. There must be problems with this person’s brain. She was getting angry at Young Master Lin a moment ago, and now she entangles herself with Young Master Su. She really thinks she is ‘as beautiful as a flower’ where anyone who saw her will take liking to her?

Luo Yan didn’t give any reactions towards this action in showing off ownership. She just checked Bai Wei out from top to the bottom, then looked at Su Mo, “Mo gege, is this your new flame?”

[Banana : Gege means older brother, I’m using Gege as it give more feeling in the dialogue.]

Luo Yan’s voice slowly sounded, it was quite similar with Bai Wei’s tone. The same gentleness, but Luo Yan’s voice carried an elegance of a daughter from wealthy family. It doesn’t make people feeling pitiful for her but gave a feeling that seeks equal respect (from the listener).

All of a sudden, those people who originally took liking to Bai Wei disappeared without a trace. Such a woman so quick to switch sides and doesn’t know her limits will only give themselves more trouble even if they managed to get their hand on her!

“I don’t know her.”

Mockingly looking at Bai Wei, Su Mo’s impression for Bai Wei at the moment has fallen to the very bottom. If not for the possibility that she might really be brought in by Lin Zisheng, he really wanted to throw her out right away!

“Ah Mo…”

Bai Wei felt wronged, why would Ah Mo say that? Didn’t he fell for her at first sight in her past life? Why did he become so cold to her in this life, and also humiliates her in front of so many people? Other than that, the most unacceptable thing to her was this damned woman is here as well.

“Miss, can I ask if you have an invitation?”

Luo Yan immediately understood the disgust in Su Mo’s eyes. So with a face full of smiles, she slowly walked to Bai Wei, elegantly and reasonably explained, “Today’s party is a private event. If Miss doesn’t has an invitation, I’m afraid you cannot stay here anymore.”

Luo Yan’s tone carried a superior aura, causing Bai Wei’s expression to look uglier. She looked at Lin Zisheng with a helpless gaze, hoping he could say something to get her out of the pinch. She didn’t know by doing that, it caused Su Mo to become even angrier and more determined to drive her away.

Luo Yan grew up together with Su Mo, it can be said that she is the person who understand Su Mo the most in this world. Although she doesn’t understand why, she could sense that Su Mo has been on the edge of erupting right from the start. And the one who caused him to be in this state, naturally is this girl with a ‘anyone who sees me will fall for me’ face in front of them.

“This gentleman, sorry …”

Looking at Lin Zisheng, Luo Yan’s voice carried a sincere tone letting people to get a good impression easily.

“Miss Luo is too polite, my surname is Lin.”

In response to Luo Yan’s words, Lin Zisheng nodded politely then introduced himself.

“En, Mr.Lin. My apologies because we didn’t inform guests in advance that they cannot bring a partner to join the party, so do you mind accommodating to this request?”

Luo Yan’s words were not said straightforwardly, but everyone in the scene is aware that she is hoping that Lin Zisheng could agree with the request to drive ‘that person’ out. Of course, this is also Su Mo’s intention.

“Miss Luo don’t have to consult me, as I’m not familiar with Miss Bai. I brought her here because she said she wanted to see Young Master Su so I thought she is Young Master Su’s friend.”

After the side mission is completed, Bai Wei’s positive feeling is no longer important so Lin Zisheng has no reason to keep this person around to disgust himself.

“If that’s the case, thank you Mr. Lin.”

After she said that, Luo Yan smiled once more to Lin Zisheng, then stepped forward to face Bai Wei and looked down at her with an aloof attitude, “Miss Bai, this way please.”

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