Killed the White Lotus Chapter 1.12

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那些年我们弄死的白莲花 Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus – Chapter 1.12

Female Lead – Bai Wei
Male Lead 1 – Su Mo
Male Lead 2 – Lin Zisheng (our MC)

1.12 Rebirth of the blackened white lotus

Bai Wei laughed after she finished all the things she wanted to do. Now, it’s no use even if Lin Zisheng is unwilling to give up (on Su Mo). If his appearance like ‘that’ is seen by Ah Mo, will he still have the face to appear (in front of Su Mo anymore)? Bai Wei’s smile was unnaturally malicious. She felt like she is going to get what she wanted very soon, but what she doesn’t know is everything that happened just now has already been seen by 2 pairs of eyes. And that two person have already passed the words out about what they saw.

“Big brother, it’s me.”

Watching the scene just now, Lin Zihui retrained his emotions while remaining on his seat, “That woman has taken action. Second brother has been taken away, not sure where he went.”

Although he already know that his Second brother came prepared, but seeing that scene just now Lin Zihui still couldn’t calm himself down. After the phone call, he stood up to find Lin Zisheng. He knew that he has no way to help him but the two person beside him can.

“Third Young master, you cannot move now. The Family head has given the word that he will personally handle everything when he arrived.”

Looking at Lin Zihui’s movement, both people could already guess what he is thinking. But the Family head has already ordered that they absolutely cannot let the Third Young master get entangled in this matter.

“But my Second brother will be in danger!”

Lin Zihui doesn’t understand. Why can’t he help out at this moment? What to do if something really happened to Second brother?

Both men looked at each other, then one of them slowly said, “The Second Young master has already guessed that this might happen. So, that means the Second Young master did that on purpose. Other than that, Third Young master need to believe in Second Young master’s skills.”

Upon saying the last sentence, both men’s eyes shone in worship. Whether it’s the Family head or the Second Young master, they are all their idols. They obviously should be those pampered young masters, but their martial skills were a lot better than them who have specially trained for it. So how can they not admire them?

Speaking of this, Lin Zihui also knew that him going there won’t affect anything at all. He probably would add even more chaos, so he stopped insisting to help Lin Zisheng. However, he still felt very worried in his heart.

5 mins later, Lin Zifeng reached the bar, and Su Mo came with him as well.

Seeing that Su Mo has arrived, Bai Wei’s eyes lit up. With a gentle smile on her face, and a faint ‘determined to win’ light in her eyes, “Ah Mo…”

“Where’s Zisheng?!” He is really lazy to talk nonsense with this woman. He just wants to know whether Lin Zisheng is safe or not!

Zisheng, Zisheng, it’s Zisheng again! Is there nothing else in his eyes except Lin Zisheng?!

“Ah Mo, what are you saying? I… don’t understand.”

Bai Wei’s expression was full of innocence. If they didn’t know of this person’s real nature earlier, several of them in the scene might even believe her.

“Su Mo, don’t ask her1. I know where is Little Second, his phone has GPS.” Since Lin Zisheng has guessed what Bai Wei would do, he naturally won’t come unprepared.

Lin Zifeng’s words stunned Bai Wei, but she immediately relaxed again. Even if Lin Zisheng is found now, so what? 10 minutes are not long but not short either, a lot of things can be done2. Later, after they have seen Lin Zisheng’s appearance, Bai Wei won’t believe that Su Mo could still accept him! The fickle the person is, the more they wanted their partner to be unique and unmatched. If today’s matter is heard by Su Mo, he probably won’t have that much of a reaction, but it won’t be the same if Su Mo saw it with his own eyes. Right now, she even wanted to thank Lin Zisheng for being skeptical!

“This is the room.”

Lin Zifeng arrived to a door and gestured to his subordinates behind him to open it but was pushed aside by Su Mo who ruthless kicked open the locked door.

The moment when the door opens, Su Mo closed his eyes. From what Luo Yan told him on the phone, he is sure that Lin Zisheng’s current situation won’t be very good now. The treasure that he has been carefully cared for in the middle of his palm has been harmed right now, how could he bear to see it?

“No, this is impossible. How can you be fine?!”

Just as Su Mo is mentally preparing himself, a shrill female voice sounded behind him causing him to open his eyes. Things were different from what he imagined, there were nothing NSFW/indecent in the room, only Lin Zisheng half-leaning lazily on the sofa and a stout-looking man being tied up on the floor. Lin Zisheng didn’t look at the man at all, and just stepping on his head. Whenever the man has any movements, he will mercilessly step on him.

“Why can’t I be fine?”

Lin Zisheng looked at Bai Wei with a bit of ridicule in his voice, “Do you think you could drug me with just that bit of drugs you have?”

Due to the special nature of the Lin Family, 3 Lin brothers always encounter more incidents than an average person. Therefore, all Lin family members know martial arts, the same goes to the Lin Zisheng who has been sent out of City A (previously).

“Are you really fine?” Although Lin Zisheng looked fine to him, Lin Zifeng still couldn’t be assured.

“I’m fine, father and mother didn’t forget to give me medication training when I was in City S.”

The reason why he left City A was because he was kidnapped before. In order to protect him, his parents sent him away. So even in City S, Father Lin and Mother Lin’s concern for Lin Zisheng has never been any lesser.
A bad feeling suddenly appeared when Bai Wei heard what the two people said.

“Medication training, what is that?”

Her words let everyone in the room to shift their gaze onto her. Lin Zisheng’s disdain, Su Mo’s hatred, Luo Yan’s ridicule, and Lin Zifeng plus Lin Zihui’s anger. Everyone’s eyes were focused on her, giving her a feeling of fear. At this moment, she felt like she is not facing a group of human beings but a group of carnivorous beasts instead!

“Bai Wei, you should know the consequences of doing something like this today ba,” Su Mo slowly walked up to Bai Wei and lifting her up by her collar, “I can give you a chance to choose how you want to die.”

Su Mo’s eyes were red, obviously looking like he is on the verge of exploding. If he has a knife in his hand right now, he probably would stab her in her heart right away!
“Ah Mo, don’t do this. You are just charmed by him, so you forgot that the person you love is me.
I am the person you love right from the beginning, it has never been Lin Zisheng!”

These words were screamed out by Bai Wei; why is everything so different from what she remembered?!

Hearing what she said, Su Mo finally snapped. This Bai Wei is really unrepentant, still spouting nonsense at times like this. Love her? How could he love such a thing! Su Mo’s hand has crept up to Bai Wei’s neck. He just have to apply a little force and this person will disappear, forever…

Just that before Su Mo do so, Lin Zisheng’s hand has been placed on the back of his hand, gently patting, “Just let go.”

“You want me to let her go!? Have you forgotten what she has done?”

Right now, Su Mo really don’t understand why he would be so tolerant to Bai Wei. So what if this kind of people is killed? He has 10,000 ways to make her disappear without causing anyone to doubt anything!

“Send me back first, I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

Although he did went through medication training and Bai Wei’s drug is not that effective, but he was not completely unaffected, at least he is feeling powerless all over his body at the moment.

Seeing that Lin Zisheng really looked uncomfortable, Su Mo took a deep breath and let go of his hand; Zisheng is more important than other matter!

“Big brother, I’ll leave Bai Wei to you. Help me to properly ‘chat’ with her.”

After saying this, Lin Zisheng pulled Su Mo to leave. It’s none of their business after this.

Watching his younger brother leave, Lin Zifeng sent away Lin Zihui as well, then sat in front of Bai Wei.

“Miss Bai is really courageous. There are really not many people who dare to act against my Lin Family in City A. Miss Bai is the first one, so I will definitely entertain Miss Bai.”

Lin Zifeng’s face carried a smile and there’s no threatening aura around his body but Bai Wei felt a chill from her back.

“You can’t do this to me, we are living in a society ruled by law. If you dare to do anything, I will definitely sue you! ”

Bai Wei shouted sharply but the fear in her heart became bigger and bigger. At this moment, a soft knock sounded on the door. After Lin Zifeng said “Come in”, a young man came in carrying a transparent cup in his hand. It was a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, the orange color was especially beautiful.

“As long as Miss Bai finish this glass of orange juice, everything will be written off just like. Don’t you think… it’s good?”

Lin Zifeng nodded to the man then looked at Bai Wei with a gentle gaze.

“No, I won’t drink it! It must be drugged, I won’t drink!”

Bai Wei screamed and wanted to run away, but how could she be the opponent of those big muscled men? She only managed to struggle a few times, then was forced to drink the whole cup of orange juice.

Lin Zifeng just sat there quietly while watching Bai Wei’s changes, a deep mocking expression on his face. Until she started to gasp out sweetly, he then ordered his people to throw her out.

“Remember to record everything today, then send it to her university.”

Dared to act against the Lin Family, he want this person to have no more standing place in City A. Just like this, Lin Zifeng waited for more than an hour in the room until his subordinate returned with a report. On his way out, he saw a lot of men and women entangled together. Looking at those human-like beasts’ unrestrained madness, Lin zifeng disdainfully snorted. Finally, just as he is about to leave the bar, Lin Zifeng saw Bai Wei’s figure. She was entangled in the middle of a group of men, her whole body is a mess and her original pure and charming eyes are now spiritless and unfocused. The man on top of her suddenly gave a low roar, and Lin Zifeng could clearly see Bai Wei’s body slightly trembled before emitting a quick gasp.

Heh, this is the price to pay for making a move on the Lin Family. Just that this is not the end but a start instead, hope Bai Wei can endure his methods!

On the other side.

Although he was very worried of Lin Zisheng, Su Mo still felt extremely dissatisfied towards him for preventing him from taking actions. If not for Lin Zisheng has gone through a medication training before, he would have been taken advantages by that damned man, plus he might get tortured to death too. Thinking of that possible scene, Su Mo couldn’t help feeling extremely irritable!

“Why didn’t you let me take action, that woman deserves to die!”

Lin Zisheng silently looked at Su Mo. Of course, he knows that Bai Wei deserved to die but she can’t die in their hands.

“I didn’t say that I forgive her, Big Brother will settle today’s matter well.”

Lowering his eyes and covered the hatred within it, Lin Zisheng’s voice seemed to be lower than usual, “Remember, no matter what Bai Wei did, we cannot personally take action. Remember, cannot ‘personally’ take action.”

Naturally, they could borrow other people’s hand to kill someone, just like today.

Raw word count : 3382


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