Way of Transmigration Chapter 90

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine zero – Unconditional trust

“I want Shui Ruoshan!”

After Yin Wushuang said what he wanted the most, he became firmer with himself as he wanted to get Shui Ruoshan’s heart. Since Shui Ruoshan is an omnipotent incantation master in the legend, doesn’t that means as long as he could get him(SRS) in his hand, his injuries could be cured by incantation? Thinking of this, his obsessive gaze towards Shui Ruoshan instantly became more explicit. When he first saw Shui Ruoshan, he felt an unspeakable liking towards this child. Especially when he knew of his legendary identity, this feeling became even stronger. Yin Wushuang felt that only this extraordinary little person is worthy of him!


The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth strongly twitched, he was very speechless towards Yin Wushuang. He could understand it if Yin Wushuang wanted to seek revenge on Yin Suye, but he(YWS) suddenly looked for trouble with him(SRS); he cannot understand this. Is this the so-called ‘only pinch soft-looking persimmon’1?

The Hell! Yin Wushuang is really too much, alright?!

Judging from this, it seems that Yin Wushuang has yet to realize his(YWS) awkward identity. Instead of ‘tucking his tail to act’2 at this moment, he dared to seek trouble with him(SRS) without a shred of self-awareness, that’s just retarded!

“What is it?” Shui Ruoshan didn’t notice and bumped against Yin Suye. When he raised his head, he saw Yin Suye stopping all of a sudden and questioned him(YSY) with a confused expression.


When he heard Yin Wushuang said he wanted Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye couldn’t restrain the bloodthirstiness in his heart at all. No one can snatch the little guy from his hands! The little guy belongs to him, no one can touch him! Whoever dares to pursue him, kill!

Yin Suye only managed to react when the little guy bumped into him. He couldn’t control his emotions just now and almost hurt the little guy. Seeing that the little guy feeling painful from bumping into him, Yin Suye immediately restrained all his negative emotions. Bending down, he gently rubbed the little guy’s slightly red forehead. His focused and serious expression was as if he is treating a treasure with care. Yin Wushuang’s desire for the little guy let Yin Suye realize one thing. That is his feelings for the little guy may not be as simple as he imagined!

“Not leaving?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye helping to rub his forehead is a little ‘making a big fuss over a minor issue’. He just accidentally bumped into him(YSY), not seriously injured. He doesn’t need to be treated so carefully at all, a’ight?


They can leave after he finished off those unsightly ants. If Yin Wushuang didn’t target the little guy, he(YSY) might let him go but now, he just couldn’t wait to torn him to shreds. Those who dare to look at such a wonderful little guy with their filthy eyes, all of them deserve to die!


Shui Ruoshan nodded gently to express that he will follow his(YSY) arrangement. Actually, he knew that the moment Yin Wushuang opened his mouth, both of them won’t be able to leave indiscriminately anymore. They could only stay back to settle the trouble first.


Seeing that the little guy didn’t object, Yin Suye instantly disappeared from where he stands, then immediately returned back to Shui Ruoshan’s side the next second. The only thing different was Yin Suye’s hand is currently gripping tightly at Yin Wushuang’s neck.

“Let, let go!”

Yin Wushuang didn’t expect that with so many people surrounding him(YWS), Yin Suye still dared to mess with him. The panic in his heart has reached an extreme level. Feeling the hand on his neck tightening, he wanted to struggle but failed to. He could only feel the shadow of death is getting closer and closer to him…
At this moment, he was really scared and also regretful, he shouldn’t provoke Yin Suye this madman who doesn’t care about anything!

“Let him go!”

Although Huo Lingyun was furious at Yin Wushuang of his rude yelling at him earlier, he(YWS) is the child born from him and his most loved woman after all. He couldn’t watch him die and do nothing. Even though his action will acknowledge that he is Yin Wushuang’s father, he won’t silently watch Yin Suye kill his son! Other than that, he really couldn’t feel any goodwill towards Yin Suye so it’s fine for him to take the opportunity and teach him(YSY) a good lesson! Then, Huo Lingyun attacked Yin Suye…

“Humph!” Facing Huo Lingyun’s fierce attack, Yin Suye slightly tightened his grip on Yin Wushuang’s neck then flung him towards Huo Lingyun.

Huo Lingyun didn’t expect Yin Suye would return the person to him so easily so he recalled his attack despite the threat of possible counterattack, then changed his stance to catch the person instead.

“Wushuang, are you alright?”

A bad feeling rose in his heart the moment he caught Yin Wushuang. Yin Wushuang’s bloodless face and his weak breathing, plus his gradually cooling body…
No need to tell him that Yin Wushuang might not make it!

“I, I…”

Yin Wushuang opened his mouth wanting to say something but he could only muttered a few unintelligible words. Raising his head, he looked at the little person he longed for and realized that he(SRS) is firmly held on by his enemy Yin Suye. In Yin Wushuang’s eyes, there were unwillingness, unresigned and indignant…
In the end, he cannot change anything and could only close his eyes with resentment!

“You actually killed Wushuang?!”

Sensing that Yin Wushuang is gone, Huo Lingyun could feel his rationality nerve snapped. Although he didn’t interact with Yin Wushuang long enough time, he did see him as his son. But now, Yin Suye actually killed him?! How could him as the father bear it?!

“Dead?” When Yin Ming heard that, he suddenly felt complicated.

“Correct, he was killed by Yin Suye!” Comparing to Yin Ming’s confusion, Huo Lingyun was full of hatred for Yin Suye!


One side was Yin Wushuang, the fake son who he really pampered before this while the other side was Yin Suye, the real son who he never put in his eyes before. This caused Yin Ming to be at loss all of a sudden, not knowing what to do.

“Yin Wushuang deserves to die!”

Yin Suye’s tone was filled with undisguised malice towards Yin Wushuang.


If not for the little guy is here with him and he(YSY) doesn’t want to let him see bloody scenes, he has so many cruel torture methods that could make the person wish for death. He won’t use such a simple way to kill Yin Wushuang at all. He never place Huo Lingyun in his eyes, nor put Yin Ming’s indifference in his heart. At his side is the little guy who has always been supporting him, this is enough!

“You deserve to die!”

Huo Lingyun didn’t think Yin Suye would be so arrogant to this point, this undoubtedly succeeded in provoking his anger! As he said it, Huo Lingyun mobilized all of his spiritual power and attacked towards Yin Suye…
Not only he wanted to avenge Yin Wushuang, he also wants to complete his(YWS) last wish before death! Comparing to this direct murderer Yin Suye, Huo Lingyun hated even more the indirect murderer, Shui Ruoshan who revealed the truth. It could be said that this plan he has been arranging for years has completely wasted just because of one sentence from this child. He couldn’t even protect this son of his, plus both the Yin Family and Huo Family might start a feud over this incident, Huo Lingyun naturally hated Shui Ruoshan. Moreover, Wushuang wanted this child so he as the father will want to fulfil his son’s wish. So, let this child accompany his son to underworld ba!

Even in furious state, Huo Lingyun is still sober. In order to deal with Shui Ruoshan, it’s necessary to avoid Yin Suye’s protection for him! So his attack looked like it’s for Yin Suye but at the last minute, he shifted the direction towards Shui Ruoshan…


Shui Ruoshan was not flustered when he is facing with Huo Lingyun’s attack, he didn’t use any counterattack skill either. Because as long as Yin Suye is at his side, his current location is the safest place! This is his unconditional trust in Yin Suye! Just that ‘getting shot while lying down’ again, Shui Ruoshan really felt : How come it’s like this again? Very unamusing hey! Could it be the word ‘Very’ is written on his left cheek, while ‘Weak’ written on his right? That’s why everyone thought he is very weak? Else, why would everyone keep aiming for him? It’s not good to push people into a pit like this hey!

“Seeking death!”

Yin Suye immediately pulled the dazing child into his arms. If Huo Lingyun chose to deal with him, he won’t feel anything. But when his target is Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye’s heterochromatic eyes immediately dyed in thick blood red, the madness in his heart could no longer be contained…

To those who harms the little guy, they must die!

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