Way of Transmigration Chapter 91

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine one – Realized it too late

Yin Suye enveloped Shui Ruoshan completely in his arms. The thick killing intent in his heart could no longer be contained. Deep in the pair of icy eyes, bloody red gaze was revealed, just like a demon walking out from the Hell-like sea of blood! His eyes were sharp and cold, and killing intent were emitted from his body. Like a sharp blade of blood, it is as if everything could be cut down from where the edge is pointing at.

Huo Lingyun didn’t expect Yin Suye’s reaction to be that fast, so he need to reorder the sequence of his revenge. He need to finish Yin Suye first, then proceed to Shui Ruoshan next.

Facing Huo Lingyun’s merciless moves, the aura from Yin Suye’s body suddenly changed; the power pressure belonged to a Supreme King were instantly released towards Huo Lingyun!

Huo Lingyun’s moves have not even reach Yin Suye yet when he felt his strength been suppressed all of a sudden; he got restrained in an instant! Not only his strength were suppressed, his spiritual power were forced back as well! This enormous pressure was so strong that one would feel despair, prevented Huo Lingyun from moving even one step forward, like a pause button has been pressed!

Huo Lingyun quickly raised his head and looked at the man standing arrogantly over there. With just a glance, he could sense the danger that could cause people to tremble with fear! At this moment, he realized that no matter it’s the angle of his(YSY) standing posture, his hand placement or the movement of his body…
Is always at the best offensive and defensive state! What even more frightening was his movements were not stiff at all! This habit and instinct was as if it has already been carved into his bones! But this is also the part where Huo Lingyun couldn’t figure out. With just the age of 22, what kind of experience did he encountered to be able to show such flowing and smooth fighting skill?

It’s a pity that Yin Suye didn’t give any time for Huo Lingyun to be surprised. Those who threatens the little guys, he has always been merciless to them. That pair of bloody red eyes carried a supreme majesty, and the corner of his lips curved up to a slight arch. His empty hand simply stretched out, and flung an enormous force at Huo Lingyun…

Facing a life-threatening danger, Huo Lingyun broke out with a strong sense of survival. In a flash, he freed himself from the horrifying pressure suppressing him, then used his whole energy to go against Yin Suye’s seemingly casual but carried a hidden killing intent strong move. At the same time, due to the clashing forces from both of them, he was forced to retreat tens of meters away. A huge pit instantly appeared at the place he is standing. This kind of force caused Huo Lingyun to shudder from the depths of his soul. He couldn’t remain standing at all, his body was unstable causing him to fell on the ground inside the pit. At this moment, his gaze at Yin Suye were filled with disbelief. He watched as Yin Suye carried the little guy up and stood there while slightly looking up. With an aloof arrogance, he looked down at him(HLY) like he is looking at a small ant. Huo Lingyun felt like a mountain that can never be crossed standing right in front of him. This is not some power that human beings should have, it should be powers only god could possessed! Because even from the current Supreme King, he has never felt such a strong sense of pressure before. But such terrible powers, how did Yin Suye get it?

Unfortunately, Huo Lingyun simply don’t have any free time to think about it because Yin Suye’s attack immediately followed behind!


Yin Suye doesn’t care about exposing his real strength at all. The moment his words fell, a powerful force several times more powerful than before burst out from his body…
With him as the center, the surrounding air pressure rotated around him quickly. In an instant, everyone seemed to feel that a storm is brewing, thunder roared and lighting cackled, the sky became dark…
Yin Suye focused all the pressure at one point, the intensity is as strong as it is, like a giant hatchet covering the sky. It smashed towards the Huo Lingyun who is in the deep pit…

Right until he lose his consciousness, Huo Lingyun still couldn’t believe it; he actually couldn’t fight back even a bit in front of Yin Suye? In an instant, Huo Lingyun realized who has killed the level 9 Imperial stage ancestor from the Yin Family! Unfortunately, he realized it too late, there’s no second chance for everything anymore!

“Family Head!”

People from the Huo Family saw their family head battling with Yin Suye, who then suddenly fell to the ground. So, immediately someone went to check the situation. They helped Huo Lingyun up from the ground and tried to call him out a few times. Seeing that he has his eyes closed and not reacting, someone reached out to test his breath. The moment he found out that he(HLY) is not breathing, he was shocked out of his wits.

“Family head is dead?!”

The person who went to check the Family head nearly flung away the body in his hand. The people from the Huo Family disregarded everything and immediately surrounded Huo Lingyun to check his condition when they heard that.

“You actually killed Huo Lingyun?!”

Yin Ming’s reaction was slower than the Huo Family’s people. At first he didn’t intervene in the battle between the two because he knew Yin Suye’s strength so he is not worried that Yin Suye will die in Huo Lingyun’s hand. But he didn’t expect that Yin Suye managed to kill Huo Lingyun in such a short period?! He didn’t even have enough time to stop it! Bastard, it’s too unreasonable to act like this! At that moment, the shock in Yin Ming’s heart was impossible to describe in words!

It’s not like Yin Ming has a good relationship with Huo Lingyun, he wanted to save him because Huo Lingyun cannot die! Huo Lingyun possessed a certain degree of power in the Capital, and his position is equals to him(YM). Their identity represents the upper class of the Capital. If either one of them has an accident or something else, the entire Capital will be shaken as well. The most important thing is they are loyal to the current Supreme King. That means one blatantly kills without any valid reasons in the Capital, it equals to hitting the Supreme King’s face and going against him. It also means going against the whole Capital, and the whole human world! That’s why he tolerated it when he found out that Huo Lingyun was scheming against him, preparing to take this revenge in later days.

Yin Suye didn’t pay attention to Yin Ming’s internal turmoil at all, and acted as if he is transparent. Just that when he lowered down his head to look at Shui Ruoshan, the pair of cold eyes gradually warmed up. After he confirmed that Shui Ruoshan didn’t get hurt from the battle just now, he carried him and turned around, leaving this scene filled with bloody scents.

“Yin Suye, stop right there!”

Seeing Yin Suye ignoring him, Yin Ming almost couldn’t breathe. Here he is worried to death for this unfilial son, but he(YSY) acted like nothing is wrong and didn’t care about what is happening. This really angered him to death. Yin Suye murdered the Yin Family’s ancestor before this, he still could use his identity as the Family head to handle it, pressuring others to close the case. After all, ancestors are the guardians of the family and the matter belonged to a family’s internal affair so the Capital’s upper class won’t do anything. But Huo Lingyun is different, so Yin Suye killing him will absolutely alarms the Supreme King! If not for him(YSY) being his only son and also looked promising, he(YM) will definitely not worry for Yin Suye’s safety!

“You don’t have the right to order me!”

Yin Suye’s gaze at Yin Ming was cold and there was no trace of affection. This expressionless gaze was as if he(YSY) is looking at a stranger, so he don’t have any feelings for him. Because in this life, he has placed all his feeling into this treasure in his arms that belongs to him alone!


Being looked at by Yin Suye like this, Yin Ming stood rooted in place. No matter how many hundreds of reasons he has in his heart, he couldn’t say anything at all under that gaze. Like just now, Yin Ming finally realized that his only son Yin Suye doesn’t have any father-son feelings towards him at all!

“Not allowed to leave!”

Comparing to Yin Ming being speechless, the people from the Huo Family were looking at Yin Suye with red eyes like they are looking at their arch enemy. Especially when they saw the murderer Yin Suye casually leaving the scene after the murder, they subconsciously stood up and blocked his path. They want to avenge Huo Lingyun, and let Yin Suye pay with his life!

“All of you want to die?”

The red color in Yin Suye eyes has yet to fade completely. He only faintly glanced at them and that alone gave the people an absolute pressure.


Even masters couldn’t maintain their calm under Yin Suye’s pressure, these people from Huo Family were not that strong so it is even more impossible for them to seek death with him. At this moment, don’t even mention about going forward to stop Yin Suye, it’s already amazing if they didn’t get scared to the point of trembling and went soft on to the ground. They are very clear that Yin Suye’s words were definitely not empty threats. If they really dare to stop him, Yin Suye will absolutely take action. After all, he already killed Huo Lingyun, so he wouldn’t mind killing a few more people! In the end, they could only watch as Yin Suye walk past them…

Just that, after walking a short distance, Yin Suye stopped moving.
He raised his head to look at the direction of the Imperial City, and his gaze was deep and sharp…

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