Way of Transmigration Chapter 42

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four two – Accepted

“So useless!”

At this moment, Yin Suye looked at the Persian cat in his hands. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Since Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want this Persian cat, then it would be useless to keep the cat and should be directly destroyed.


Sensing danger, the cat which was pretending to be dead was frightened senseless. It doesn’t dare to continue pretending and started pleading for mercy.

“Please have mercy for the cat ah!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that if he doesn’t say anything to express his stand, Yin Suye would likely proceed to destroy the cat! So, he must, absolutely rescue the cat!


Yin Suye shook the cat in his hands with disgust, and quietly waited for Shui Ruoshan’s decision.

“Actually, the Persian cat is quite useful. At the very least, it could help you treasure hunt.”

In Shui Ruoshan’s opinion, to communicate with people like Yin Suye who doesn’t like to talk much, he must not engage from the subjective point such as feelings. He must base his talk with objectives and practical interests.


The Persian cat called out happily and joyfully wagged its originally droopy tail. That energetic and spirited look seemed to give out the message that it is actually really capable, so don’t give up on it ah!


In this regard, Shui Ruoshan could only silently turn his head away. Although the Persian cat is very cute, and whatever it did will let people think that it’s very ‘meng’, but how come he still felt that the cat is stupidly incurable? Wagging tail is a dog’s stunt! So, dear Persian cat, you used the wrong trick to please people, do you know that?

“You want it?”

It was very obvious that Yin Suye, who was originated from this parallel world doesn’t understand Shui Ruoshan’s dissatisfaction1. He thought Shui Ruoshan was just trying to plan how to deal with this Persian cat.


Although Yin Suye’s words were asking if he(SRS) wanted the cat, but combining with his(YSY) tough-looking expression, it makes people think that it was not a question at all. It became an affirmative sentence of an order instead! Don’t be so strong in hard-selling ah!

Recalling back, Shui Ruoshan thought of the time when Yin Suye used the same hard-sell to stuff all the treasures in the cave to him. Using the same method to him right now, Yin Suye must have a different intention in doing this. Could it be he(YSY) wanted to use the Persian cat to please him, just that he(YSY) doesn’t know how to express it?

With this conclusion in his heart, Shui Ruoshan felt like Yin Suye’s upright figure looked like a false bravado the more he looked at it. Shui Ruoshan instantly realized the truth. Turns out Yin Suye was embarrassed ah!

“En, I will accept this silly cat.”

Shui Ruoshan nodded in confirmation. Since the Persian cat is a token of kindness to him(YSY), he would reluctantly accept it.

Just after he accepted the cat, Shui Ruoshan then only came to his senses. Did he just unconsciously robbed the protagonist of one of his golden fingers?! But if he didn’t express that he wanted the cat, the cat would definitely perish in Yin Suye’s hand judging from the fact that the villain is not in line with the protagonist. So by accepting the cat, he indirectly saved the cat’s life? On the other hand, the protagonist has a lot of golden fingers so it shouldn’t affect much if he has one cat lesser! With this thought, Shui Ruoshan don’t feel the psychological pressure anymore.

Hence, with a spirit of ‘saving a cat(life) is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda’, Shui Ruoshan reached out to the Persian cat, indicating to Yin Suye to hand the cat over to him.

“Form a contract first.”

This time, Yin Suye didn’t immediately hand the Persian cat to Shui Ruoshan and stated his requests first. Although the cat doesn’t has much offensive power, but before he could thoroughly confirmed that the cat is not dangerous, he won’t let even a slight threat to come close to Shui Ruoshan.


Contract? Again?

Yin Suye, how much do you love this contract-forming career?

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