Way of Transmigration Chapter 41

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero four one – Gifted talent

“Say, why do you think this Persian cat want to attack me?”

Although the beast has been identified, Shui Ruoshan still couldn’t fathom why it would appear at the lake in advance and also sneak-attacked him. The Persian cat is also known as Persian cat in this world. Mainly because he was too lazy to make up some names for the spiritual beasts in the novel, he went ahead and reused the name Persian cat from earth.

“Because of the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus?”

Yin Suye was quite uncertain with his guess as well.


Lowering down his head, Shui Ruoshan saw the lotus almost getting deformed from his grip and immediately loosened his hand. He was busy looking at the fight scene earlier and forgot about the lotus in his hand. The lotus was almost destroyed in his hand.

It seemed that he has just gotten ahold of the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus when the Persian cat attacked him. Now that he carefully observed the cat’s line of sight, he realized that it was looking at lotus all the while and not at him. Furthermore, the Persian cat in his novel was not specialized in pretending to be obedient or selling ‘meng'(moe) but treasure-seeking. In other words, the Persian cat is actually a treasure radar.

Shui Ruoshan has already thought of the advertisement’s caption.

Have a Persian cat? Where there are treasures, it would be where one go. One would no longer need to worry they couldn’t find any treasures and lag behind other people!

So, no matter how the Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus looked exactly like a normal lotus, the Persian cat still could rely on its powerful talent to search for Nine-turn Petal Jade Lotus, just from detecting the slight difference in scent after being plucked out?

“Give you.”

With a look of disgust, Yin Suye handed this Persian cat which only knows how to sell ‘meng’ directly to Shui Ruoshan.


Shui Ruoshan was stunned speechless from Yin Suye’s action. His heart was full of helplessness and it caused to him to forget to react for a moment. The Persian cat was one of the important golden fingers that he specially arranged for the protagonist. Not only it helped the protagonist to accumulate wealth, it also helped the protagonist to please the beauties.

But now, he disrupted the setting of his novel in order to help Yin Suye. Due to the fact that they plucked the lotus 5 years ahead of schedule, the Persian cat followed suit and appeared in advance as well. Whenever he thought about the Persian cat now falling into the hands of the villain Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan somehow felt the development was very strange ah!

“Don’t like it?”

Yin Suye originally thought that both children and female like soft furry creatures, that’s why he gave the cat to Shui Ruoshan. But he don’t see any reaction from the other parry after a long while. Thinking that he has guessed wrongly, Yin Suye looked down at the cat in his hand and a touch of cruelty unconsciously flashed through his eyes.

At first, he thought if this pet that belonged to Huang Beichen from his past life could be used to please Shui Ruoshan, he doesn’t mind sparing its life. After all, its treasure hunting ability was not bad. It was also the reason why Yin Suye didn’t ruthlessly attacked it at the beginning.

“Don’t know!”

Shui Ruoshan shook his head. This sad feeling of having all kinds of jumbled thoughts but no one could understand, he couldn’t talk to anyone at all! Just that his emotions were not directed to the Persian cat but the plotlines.

“Or do you prefer to eat roasted cat meat?”

Very obvious, Yin Suye has misunderstood the expression on Shui Ruoshan’s face. If Shui Ruoshan doesn’t like this Persian cat, then there is no need for the cat to continue existing.

“It is said that cat’s meat is sour!”

Shui Ruoshan refuted Yin Suye’s words with a very serious tone. For the first time, he felt that Yin Suye is not so omnipotent anymore. At the very least, he doesn’t know the common sense that cat’s meat is not good to eat! Instantly, he felt immensely proud of himself, what to do? But at the same time, he was reminded of Yin Suye’s ruthlessness again. To actually wanted to put his hand on this Persian cat which has the exact heterochromia eyes like his(YSY) eyes, how cruel can this man be ah?


Seemed to feel a thick feeling of malice from its surroundings, the Persian cat which was held by Yin Suye in midair trembled. It curled up its body, wanted to seek a little sense of security from its action. After a while, it seemed to realize that its action didn’t help to reduce the cold pressure but became colder instead. The Persian cat knew that if it doesn’t take any actions to save itself, this scary human would really roast it. So, the cat immediately closed its eyes and became motionless, pretending to be dead.


Shui Ruoshan watched as the cat tries its best to stiffen in the air to indicate that it is dead.
That moe silly look, one just couldn’t bear to look straight at it.

Let’s not talk about how this kind of act couldn’t fool anyone at all, just the method of pretending itself is already wrong. Could it be the Persian cat doesn’t know, that only by being dead that it would meet the first requirement to be roasted? If it didn’t pretend to be dead, then it won’t die ah!

Shui Ruoshan really wanted to roar at the Persian cat : “You come out here to sell ‘meng'(moe), not sell ‘stupidness’!”

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