Way of Transmigration Chapter 22

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two two – The special one

“You are a Seer?!”

In his heart, Yin Suye has tried to guess all kinds of answer and did all kinds of predictions before but when he finally heard Shui Ruoshan’s answer, he still felt quite incredible. The gap between Shui Ruoshan’s image and the profound mystery of a Seer was far too great.

Comparing to this hidden profession as an Incantation master which almost nobody knows, a Seer is a well-known and noble profession.

A Seer in the eyes of the people could be said almost synonymous with the word omnipotence. A Seer is well-versed in geography and astronomy, plus could look back into the past and gaze into the future. Other than that, a Seer could help people with life-threatening events to change their lives…

Unfortunately, people with prophetic gifts were like a handful in a million and people who could truly be a Seer were even lesser. Raising the level of a Seer is incomparable harsh, even one whole nation doesn’t have what it takes to cultivate a true Seer.

This is also the reason why a Seer would be worshipped and possesed high status.

“Correct, I am a Seer!”

Shui Ruoshan nodded with confirmation, not feeling guilty at all. His rank as an author is more advanced than a Seer no matter how you look at it!

“But as far as I know, Seers couldn’t see1 and on top of that, they shouldn’t be able to use other power ba?”

Yin Suye looked up and down over Shui Ruoshan with obvious doubts on his face.

Sightless and powerless; these two characteristics were the most basic requirements to be a Seer. Obviously, Shui Ruoshan didn’t meet any of the requirements.


Shui Ruoshan instantly understand what it means by ‘lifting a rock and hitting own feet’.

When he first drafted the story, he deliberately set the role of a Seer as a delicate and lovable ‘sister’ in order diversify the protagonist’s harem. After that, Shui Ruoshan ‘lost his marbles’ and ended up setting the requirements for this profession just like that.

“Because I’m special!”

Shui Ruoshan produced a new explanation after a moment of silence. At the same time, he gave his wit countless praises2 in his heart. He is a special case, naturally his existence would be different from the others.

As an author, he could make do if his other life skills were not full points. However, the ability to ‘say nonsense’ and ‘make things up out of nowhere’ must be full points ah! Then, he won’t be feeling any pressures when it comes to fool other people.

When he heard the word ‘Special’, Yin Suye’s eyes slightly narrowed to mask the changing emotions inside. In his past life, if the 3 words he hated were Huang.Bei.Chen, then the 1 word he abhorred the most would be Special.

He obviously was not any weaker than Huang Beichen, but because his(HBC) existence was unique, he(YSY) often lose to this ‘specialness’ of that man. This was a very shitty feeling for him.

He didn’t expect that after he reborn again, he has yet to meet Huang Beichen for him(HBC) show his specialness, and got to meet another special person instead. Could it be because he was defeated by something called ‘Special’ in his past life that Heaven decided to compensate him with a ‘Special’ called Shui Ruoshan?

This realization caused Yin Suye’s unpleasant mood to turn a little bit better. He no longer think the word special to be annoying anymore.

Seeing that Yin Suye didn’t show any reaction to his words after some time, Shui Ruoshan became nervous. Does that means Yin Suye believed in his theory or not ah? He doesn’t have the ability that enables him to see emotions from a deadpan face, so he have no idea what Yin Suye’s silence meant.

Yin Suye, it’s wrong to look expressionless all the time!

This image is actually not cool, awesome, wild, whatever at all!

In his(SRS) eyes, he(YSY) actually looked like a seriously ill patient who didn’t receive treatment for facial paralysis ah!

Don’t give up on treatment ah!

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11 thoughts on “Way of Transmigration Chapter 22

  1. I love how the MC treats facial paralysis like a serious disease in this case and is scolding himself for making the character be this way.

  2. Wow, the ML way of giving a reason as to why the MC is here is very egotistical and quite cute~ If it really is the reason why MC is here, then 100% I support it!!! Since the MC will turn the ML from destroying the world this way. And beside the ML probably really deserves this. I sometime can not help but feel bad for these sort of villains (to be misunderstood by many people, then just because others feel jealous of their capabilities, since after all they are the antagonist, they are schemed against, then forsaken by the world, due to more misunderstandings). Thanks for the chapter.

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