Way of Transmigration Chapter 121

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two one – Too lawless

“Shui Ruoshan, you are a demon. You are not qualified to stay beside Supreme King Yin, even more not qualified to take advantage of Supreme King Yin’s love for you, to act fearless!”

Weiyi stopped with the pleasantries and stated his thinking out loud to Shui Ruoshan. The hostility between the humans and demons has been around for a long time. Therefore, Weiyi disliked the demon Shui Ruoshan, especially when he acted so arrogantly that his attitude towards Shui Ruoshan became even worse.

“Do you have any qualifications to say this to me?”

At this point, Shui Ruoshan understood it. Weiyi being so hyped up and brought so many people with him, he(WY) was actually seeking trouble with him! With the opportunity to enter the inner compound of the secret base today, Weiyi was not in a hurry to do other things but instead, he chose to attack1 him the moment he saw him(SRS)! It seems that Weiyi isn’t very happy with his identity as a demon!

“I am the captain of the Supreme King’s personal guard team, naturally will have to think for the Supreme King’s welfare.”

Weiyi said it very righteously and apparently took pride in his own identity. Whether he is the captain of the personal guards or a member of the human race, he is qualified to doubt this demon, Shui Ruoshan.

“Wang Batian has been killed by Yin Suye 8 days ago. If you have to think about the ex-Supreme King Wang Batian, then please use the sword in your hand and swipe it against your neck. Then you can continue your allegiance to that Supreme King!”

Shui Ruoshan really doesn’t think he will lose to others in terms of bickering. If it wasn’t for the cold and aloof image he want to maintain in front of the outsiders, Shui Ruoshan follow his words with gestures and make a very exaggerated swipe at his own neck to encourage Weiyi to commit suicide.

“Don’t interpret the concept wrongly. I am loyal to the Supreme King, not Wang Batian!”

Weiyi didn’t seem to hear Shui Ruoshan’s deliberate taunt. Instead, he seriously corrected Shui Ruoshan’s sentence. “On the contrary, you are a demon. What is your real intention for sticking to Supreme King Yin?”

Obviously, demons are not any good people in Weiyi’s eyes. Now looking at Shui Ruoshan who fought for (Yin Suye’s) attention with him, he felt that this demon’s scheme is very deep. Because even before Supreme King Yin becomes the new Supreme King, he(SRS) has first obtained his trust, so Shui Ruoshan must have some unspeakable secrets. Weiyi viewed all of Shui Ruoshan’s behaviors like each of them were laced with conspiracy.

“You said that much, but why do I feel like this is just a nice excuse you used to cover up the fact that you are reluctant to die2?!”

Shui Ruoshan’s comeback was not only quick but also sharper. Since Weiyi thinks that he had a conspiracy, he could suspect Weiyi as well.

“When Wang Batian was still in-charge, you were loyal to him. After Wang Batian is dead, you will immediately turn to Yin Suye for allegiance.”

Although he knows that Weiyi has a proper 3 views and that his heart may be really thinking as he said, but they stood in different sides so he can only ‘reverse black and white’3.

“In order to gain Yin Suye’s trust, you cannot even tolerate me who can influence Yin Suye?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he(SRS) is not a young man with proper 3 views to start with, so he didn’t feel any pressure in verbally attacking Weiyi. People is bullying him over his head, he has no reason to swallow it down!

“Weiyi, you being such an opportunist who goes whichever way the wind blows, does your father and mother knows that4?”

Finally, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help using an online slang to conclude his offense. He has to admit that it’s a part of his habit when he ranted. If he don’t use such words, he will be uncomfortable.

“Don’t accuse people without evidence!”

Weiyi was angered by Shui Ruoshan’s accusation but he couldn’t explain it clearly, so he decided to disregard it. He believed that time will prove one’s innocence. Just that the last part Shui Ruoshan’s sentence, Weiyi clearly couldn’t comprehend his modern words. He felt that he could understand each individual words but he can’t really understand it when combined. All he knew was it is not any good words. Weiyi couldn’t help but wondered if Shui Ruoshan accidentally made a mistake from over-excitement? He really can’t understand the demon’s language!


Fox originally worried that Shui Ruoshan would be at a disadvantage, but seeing Weiyi with a stupid look and still unable to react, he couldn’t control himself and laughed out. It was a bit immoral of Shui Ruoshan for brazenly bullying Weiyi with these novel languages that he couldn’t understand! When people shifted their eyes on him, Fox immediately hid behind Shui Ruoshan, and generously he waved his hand, “You can continue, just pretend I don’t exist!” Then, Fox immediately acted like he is transparent.

“Shui Ruoshan, if you still have self-consciousness, you should leave Supreme King Yin to save his name from being tainted!”

Weiyi knows that Fox is Supreme King Yin’s secret guard so he can’t say anything to him, he just followed Fox’s words and pretended like he(F) doesn’t exist and continued to criticize Shui Ruoshan.

“I dare you to say that again.”

Shui Ruoshan who was originally nonchalant; his expression sank and his aura changed when he heard what Weiyi said. Who did Weiyi think himself was? Even dare to control his(SRS) business?! Dare to ask him to leave Suye?!

“If a demon keep staying beside Supreme King Yin, it will damage his prestige as the Supreme King, so I hope you can take the initiative to leave so to maintain Supreme King Yin’s image in the human race!”

Weiyi clearly knows that Yin Suye liked this demon, that he bet his everything to initiate the Fate Substitution. Hence, he(WY) doesn’t dare to be too tough on Shui Ruoshan, and decided to use the truth to convince him. After all, Yin Suye is now the King of the humans, and he(SRS) is the demon following the Supreme King around, who is not in harmony with the humans. If this fact is used by any ill-intentioned people, the light consequence would be Yin Suye’s authority in the humans being affected. The heavy consequence would shake the roots of the humans. Therefore, the best way to do this is to take advantage of Yin Suye’s coma, make Shui Ruoshan understand the cause and effect and get him to choose to leave.

“What do you mean by asking me to leave for Yin Suye’s sake?”

Shui Ruoshan raised his eyes in disbelief. He thought that his brain hole was already very powerful(big), he never expect Weiyi’s to be more powerful(bigger). But one thing he didn’t understand was how did Weiyi managed to imagine this ‘leaving for the sake of someone else’ plot? Could it be Weiyi watched too much third-rate dog blood romance? He can’t remember since when his xuanhuan/fantasy novel [The Strongest King in History] suddenly became a romance story?

“Yes.” Weiyi nodded.

“Fc*k that! Who the Hell you are? You dared to control this Master’s business5?!”

Shui Ruoshan, who thinks himself as a cultivated person, can’t help breaking his facade at this moment and started scolding. He never really like Weiyi, and instantly felt that Weiyi is too annoying! Yin Suye never ask him to leave, but Weiyi wanted him to let go just like this?! In your dreams! So this Weiyi really thinks too high of himself? Or did he(SRS) looked like someone who is easily deceived ah?

Firstly, let’s not talk about how Weiyi doesn’t have the qualification to manage Yin Suye’s matter, he(WY) couldn’t even manage him(SRS), and he(SRS) is not someone who will obediently listen to others! In the end, which eyes did Weiyi used to see him(SRS) as some kind of random good people, someone who will compromise and make a perfect decision for the sake of justice ah?


“If you don’t want to leave, I don’t mind using force to do it!”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan is not listening to his words, Weiyi lost his patience. He deliberately brought the personal guards here today so that he could use force should he unable to achieve his goal smoothly.

“You dared to attack me here?!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t think that Weiyi would be so bold, daring to start fighting in Yin Suye’s territory and posing a threat like ‘if he don’t cooperate, then he will be using force’. This is really too lawless!

“If you don’t cooperate, I can only make the best decision!”

Although Weiyi didn’t want to see the situation developing to this but looking at the current development, they probably can’t reach a consensus peacefully.

“Weiyi, are you not afraid that Master will blame you when he wakes up?”

Fox has been watching Shui Ruoshan engaging in the verbal battle with Weiyi and saw Weiyi getting more and more unruly. So he went forward and stood in front of Shui Ruoshan, showing a protective stance, keeping Shui Ruoshan tightly inside his guard behind him. Don’t look at how casual was Fox’s attitude towards Shui Ruoshan usually, when Shui Ruoshan is in danger, he will be the first to stand up. Not only this was his Master’s order, part of the reason was because he regarded Shui Ruoshan as his own. This can only be said that the way Fox expresses his friendship is extraordinary.

“When the time comes, I will personally admit my wrongs to Supreme King Yin regarding this matter!”

Weiyi reached out and waved at the personal guards, gesturing to them to execute his order to force ‘that person’ away. Very obvious, Weiyi’s decision is to separate Shui Ruoshan from Yin Suye.

“Protect Shui Ruoshan!”

Seeing Weiyi has hardened his heart to take Shui Ruoshan away, Fox wasted no time instructing the secret guards to protect Shui Ruoshan. In an instant, the guards from both sides confronted each other in the secret base.

The war is going to start any moment now!


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