Way of Transmigration Chapter 120

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one two zero – I am arrogant

“Yiyi, Weiyi came again!”

When Qiqi entered the bedroom, he reported the situation to Fox in a concise manner. The reason why he used the word ‘again’ was because during this whole time their Master was unconscious, Weiyi brought people over to investigate almost every day.

“How many times have I said it, don’t call me Yiyi, call me Fox daren!” Fox leaned against the door and corrected the name Qiqi called him with a serious expression.

“Also, one more thing. Now you should report to Shui Ruoshan for everything, don’t come to me.”

Fox remembered very clearly that his Master told him to treat Shui Ruoshan like a Master, so he naturally did not dare to be sloppy. Moreover, Weiyi’s matter is more difficult. In case he(F) couldn’t handle the matter well and caused unnecessary war, he can’t afford the responsibility, so it’s better give it to Shui Ruoshan to figure it out! With Master being so good to Shui Ruoshan, even if Shui Ruoshan didn’t do anything well, he believed that after Master wakes up, he will definitely not mind helping Shui Ruoshan to clean up the mess.

“I am number seven, called Qiqi(77), you are the number one, naturally it is called Yiyi(11).”

Qiqi was also very persistent regarding this ranking matter, he didn’t look like he intends to compromise any time soon. However, he still heeded to the second half of Fox’s words and turned around. He looked at Shui Ruoshan seriously and asked: “Daren, what do you think should be done now?”

“The one I want you to call daren is me, not Shui Ruoshan!”

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to say anything yet, Fox immediately voiced his dissatisfaction towards Qiqi. He has been asking Qiqi to call him Fox daren for a long time but he never see Qiqi doing it. And now, Shui Ruoshan did not say anything but received that title straight away which triggered Fox in an instant.

“You are being rude to Daren!” Qiqi looked at Fox in confusion.

Fox clearly asked the secret guards to see Shui Ruoshan as their Master, naturally it is necessary to treat Shui Ruoshan respectfully like their Master. Fox is the abnormal one to be so rude like that!

“Qiqi is right. Fox, you are being rude, remember to call me Daren later!”

AdvertisementAlthough Shui Ruoshan felt that it’s more meaningful to call him(Q) Rabbit, but considering that Qiqi has just helped him to refute Fox, he called his(Q) name according to his wish instead. He thought back of how Fox had always deliberately mentioning his black history to aggravate him. Now, he finally have the chance to get back at Fox, he naturally has to ‘kick him while he’s down’ to ease his anger! Sure enough, only by building happiness on other people’s suffering can one truly maintain a happy mood!

“Rather than wasting the time to discuss the title here, isn’t it better to spend more time thinking how to send Weiyi away?”

Fox disdainfully tsk-ed, although he felt depressed in his heart, he displayed an aloof attitude on the surface like he don’t have time to be petty with lower ranking people. No other way, who ask Shui Ruoshan’s backer is his Master!

“Isn’t it fine to just drive him away?”

Obviously, Shui Ruoshan didn’t have much affection for Weiyi who would betray Yin Suye in the future. However, whenever he thought of the great turmoil and commotion caused by Wang Batian’s death in this 8 days Yin Suye was unconscious, and how Weiyi took his people to solve the problem, letting the chaos in the Capital to settle down, he(SRS) can’t muster up too much anger towards Weiyi.

“Weiyi said he won’t leave if he can’t see Master!” Qiqi faithfully conveyed Weiyi’s words.

“Then, let him wait in the living room!” Shui Ruoshan carelessly said.

Since Weiyi is not willing to go, then they’ll just let him wait. But he can’t guarantee how long he(WY) will have to wait.

“This method was used a few days ago. Weiyi probably won’t accept it.” Qiqi said with some distress.

Actually, if they can send those people away, they would have already done it. They will not need to specifically come over and ask what should be done.

“Actually, we have almost used all the reasons we can use in these past few days.”

This is why Fox thought the matter was difficult to handle and pushed it onto Shui Ruoshan. Because their Master is still unconscious, they can’t simply use any too harsh method on Weiyi who has a lot of power in hand. They can only use some excuses to stall Weiyi and prevent him from coming in to see Master. Weiyi most probably knows of Master being unconscious, but because he(WY) also afraid of any possible dissatisfaction Master may have after waking up, he doesn’t dare to be unruly1. It was precisely because they all have scruples that this has allowed both sides to reach a delicate balance. But as time went by, this balance gradually breaks down bit by bit. Because the reasons they can use have almost used up, and when they can no longer stop Weiyi from seeing Master, then it will be the time Weiyi gets the upper hand2. The current situation has undoubtedly put them in a very unfavorable position.

“Because you have no choice left, so you want me to make a plan?” Shui Ruoshan first looked at Fox in contempt.He knew that Fox was deliberately pushing things onto him, it certainly doesn’t bode well!

“Do you have a way?” Fox nodded, acknowledging Shui Ruoshan’s assumption.

“I’m thinking!” Compare to Fox’s eagerness, Shui Ruoshan is much calmer.

In any case, Weiyi is also a character that he created, so he still knows a little bit about Weiyi’s character. Actually if one is to see from a fair point of view, Weiyi is a very good young man who is very capable and doesn’t has too much ambitions, at the same time has a normal 3 views too. Therefore, he is not worried of Weiyi doing something unfavorable to Yin Suye when he is still unconscious. But then again, it is because Weiyi is too straightforward that he can’t become someone in Yin Suye’s camp, and he bound to betray Yin Suye later on for other reason. That is to say, Weiyi’s views and thoughts in this lifetime are absolutely impossible to be in line with the already blackened Yin Suye, so their views are bound to be divided; the split between them two is quite predictable. Since they are not going to be in the same camp, then naturally there is no need to deepen any relationship with Weiyi.

A pity though, before Shui Ruoshan could display his ingenuity cleverness, the noise of a commotion outside the bedroom interrupted his thinking.

“Who?” Shui Ruoshan remembers telling everyone to be quiet around here. Who is the guy who didn’t get the message?

“It’s me, Weiyi.” The person outside the room apparently heard Shui Ruoshan’s question.

“Who allowed you to come here?”

Turns out it was the Weiyi who they were discussing about, and Shui Ruoshan’s mood became not very good all of a sudden. Opening the door of the room, he saw Weiyi with a group of people in the yard outside the room, and they were staring face to face with the secret guards.


The secret guards outside the room saw Shui Ruoshan coming out and wanted to kneel to plead guilty for not able stop Weiyi and his group of people.

“It’s not your fault!”

Shui Ruoshan waved his hand before those guards could kneel down, indicating that it was not their responsibility. Not to mention starting a battle here will destroy Yin Suye’s secret base camp, just by the fact that Yin Suye is still sleeping in the bedroom, the secret guards doesn’t dare to fight so easily. They were not afraid that the commotion from the battle will wake up Yin Suye, but fear that any attacks will accidentally hurt the Yin Suye who couldn’t resist anything at the moment.

Advertisement“Weiyi, ‘coming over without being asked’, this is a thief’s behavior!”

Shui Ruoshan did not expect that Weiyi would directly bring his people in when he didn’t receive any updates! Weiyi’s courage is really not small!

“This matter, I will plead the Supreme King Yin for forgiveness. Right now, I just want to see Supreme King Yin!”

In order to distinguish the difference between Wang Batian and Yin Suye, Weiyi added Yin Suye’s surname in the address as an honor.

“Yin Suye is still in a coma and can’t come to see you!” Shui Ruoshan replied realistically. There is no need to hide this point, because he can’t hide it even if he wanted to.

“You should be very clear about this matter, or you will not dare to be so arrogant here now!” Shui Ruoshan’s voice suddenly cooled down. Even if Yin Suye can’t back him now, he is not someone who people can randomly bully!

“I brought the priest3 with me!” Weiyi did not seem to hear Shui Ruoshan’s warning, and gestured to the priest behind him to come forward.

“No need! I don’t think Yin Suye is so poor that he can’t even afford to invite the priest himself!”

Before Weiyi’s priest can come forward, Shui Ruoshan has shot Weiyi’s request down without mercy.

“Shui Ruoshan, you are a demon, aren’t you being too arrogant in meddling with the human affairs?” Being ridiculed twice by Shui Ruoshan, Weiyi was obviously angered.

“I am arrogant, so what?”

Shui Ruoshan gently raised his eyebrow, and his attitude seemed even more difficult to handle. Seeing Weiyi’s face changing colors because of his words, Shui Ruoshan felt very pleased all of a sudden. Even if Weiyi is a good young man, but daring to find trouble with him and discriminate his identity as a demon, he will make him pay one by one! ‘Zhuang 13’ or whatnot, it’s what he do best!

[Banana note: 13 is actually B4, so Zhuang B is an online slang one used to mock other people, looking down on them, etc. I can’t translate it straight away or the entire slang will disappear :v ]

Raw Word Count : 2827


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    1. Weiyi was the one who picked YSY from the Yin residence and saw how SRS got blocked at the Forbidden City’s gate.

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