Way of Transmigration Chapter 114

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one four – Earthquake

After Shui Ruoshan gave out his instructions, he counted away the time in the secret base while waiting for news. He waited from morning until noon, noon until evening, then from evening until the night… Until the early morning of the next day when Yin Suye’s Fate Substitution is finished, Shui Ruoshan finally couldn’t sit still to wait anymore.

“Fox, we should be able to go to look for Yin Suye now.” Not able to get any news by sitting in the base, Shui Ruoshan looked up and suggested to Fox.

Before this, considering that they only have one day of preparation time and the time is quite pressing, he has already told the secret guards who he sent out to carry out some task, to not return to the base upon completing their task but head directly to Yin Suye’s location. So that after Yin Suye completed his Fate Substitution, they can take orders from Yin Suye. He knew that Yin Suye has decided to start a fight with Wang Batian immediately after his trial. That’s why he became worried from not getting any updates from outside.

“But Master doesn’t want you to take any risks.”

Fox remembered that time when they left the dungeon, that Yin Suye specifically ordered him to protect Shui Ruoshan. So he shook his head, not agreeing with Shui Ruoshan’s suggestion.

“I will take good care of myself.”

Obviously, Shui Ruoshan also just remembered that he gave his promise to Yin Suye. But in this tense moment when the war is about to begin, he can’t just not help Yin Suye because of a few vague guarantees he made.

“Not only you can’t help Master in anything, you will also drag Master’s hind leg if you insisted to go out!” Fox realistically said.

Fox has learned a lot through the recent series of things and is very clear of how much does his Master care for Shui Ruoshan. As long as he can protect Shui Ruoshan well, he could help his Master solve his worries to a certain extent.

“The battle between Master and the Supreme King is a fight between humans. If you as a demon randomly rushed into the fight, you will only cause Master’s position to become very awkward!”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan didn’t listen to his words, Fox continued to persuade him. No matter how intense is the fighting between the human race, it can only be regarded as infighting. But if an outsider suddenly joined one party, then it is possible to become a fight between races instead. The worst outcome might be the party with an outsider will become the public enemy of all mankind.


Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect Fox would be so strict and determined this time. Although he doesn’t want to say it, he has to admit that Fox’s analysis is right. He was worried of Yin Suye, that’s why he wanted to go to the scene to see the situation, but he forgot that he is no longer a human being, but a demon who is not in good terms with human beings.There might be some ill-intentioned people holding onto Yin Suye’s weakness which is covering a demon, and then smear Yin Suye’s name by saying he colluded with the demons to go against humanity. Not only this will ruin Yin Suye’s reputation, it will also make Yin Suye a public enemy of all mankind. Fox’s words were the reason why he didn’t take any action despite clearly having a way to bypass Fox to go straight to Yin Suye.

At the same time, Shui Ruoshan also understood why Yin Suye waited until he completed Fate Substitution before dealing with Wang Batian. As long as he(SRS) didn’t actively ‘looking for death’ and get himself involved in the war between humans, no one can coerce Yin Suye using his(SRS) identity as a demon. Understood the reason for his(YSY) decision, he could only wait in the secret base for the news.

“How about I get you the mirror that can display the situation of the Capital? So that you can see what is Master’s current situation.”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan finally understood what was going on and no longer insisted to help Yin Suye, Fox became a little bit relieved. But upon seeing Shui Ruoshan’s mood became very low, Fox immediately thought of the mirror. Actually, he is afraid for his master to come back and find that he has not taken care good care of him(SRS) and felt that his master will never let him go just like that. So even if that mirror is the treasure here in the base, and generally cannot be moved about anywhere, he must treat Shui Ruoshan like an ancestor for the sake of his future happy life!


Towards Fox’s suggestion, Shui Ruoshan only responded in low spirit. It’s better than nothing! In fact, he has done what he can do, even if he goes to the scene to help Yin Suye, he can’t play any important role. After all, he is not very good at fighting.

“Wait for a moment!” As soon as he got Shu Ruoshan’s affirmation, Fox turned to get the mirror.

Just that the moment Fox turned around, a burst of rumbling sounds can be heard; so loud that even the deaf can hear! Next, the whole ground shook. At this point, Fox couldn’t bother with the mirror anymore. He stepped back, immediately stood in front of Shui Ruoshan and entered a high alert mode.

“Was that an earthquake?” Shui Ruoshan covered his ear and asked Fox after he managed to stabilize himself.

“No.” Fox’s sensitivity to danger was significantly more powerful than Shui Ruoshan’s crisis-free sense.

“This shock should be the aftermath from a battle between strong fighters.” Fox gave his inference about this vibration.

“It won’t be Yin Suye, right?!” At this moment, Yin Suye is the first person Shui Ruoshan could think of as soon as he heard the words strong fighters.

“It seems to be an aftershock from Master’s power, and it’s over there!” Fox closed his eyes and quietly traced it before pointing out the specific direction of the battle.

Shui Ruoshan applied his spiritual power onto his eyes, and perked his ears, looking at the direction pointed by Fox…

He saw that the direction being point was where Yin Suye was previously locked, the light was blinding and the dust was scattering in the air…
The smoke and the fire rendered a few brilliant colors in the sky…

The two sources of dazzling energy are clashing against each other fiercely. Every time they collided, they took down many buildings and created countless dusty clouds…

Shui Ruoshan increased his spiritual power on his eyes. Then he could see it clearly, in the middle of the energy source was two grappling people! Is that Yin Suye and Wang Batian?!

He didn’t expect the two of them would start fighting so soon. They didn’t even test/probe each other out, just fighting right away! That was what caused the shaking just now.

Seeing Yin Suye, who is temporarily tied with Wang Batian, Shui Ruoshan knows that the Fate Substitution shouldn’t inflict too much damage to Yin Suye. Or, he secretly treated his injuries before coming out. Although Yin Suye is still wearing his ragged cloth, it couldn’t hide Yin Suye’s peerless style.

His slender body, his flying blond hair, his temperament as cold as ice, and his pair of deep eyes that carried a madness like he wanted to drag the whole world down the abyss. That delicate face that makes people sigh now revealed an expression like a demon, and his eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty aura. The contrast is even more obvious especially when an old-fashioned old man like Wang Batian is Yin Suye’s opponent. This is absolutely perfect to display Yin Suye’s cool and handsome image! It can’t be any better!

As the battle between Yin Suye and Wang Batian grew bigger, the sleeping citizens in the Capital gradually woke up. After a while, the Capital which was originally shrouded in the night has started to become brighter…
Very obvious, the people in the Capital have been woken up by this huge battle.

Some people choose to nervously pay attention to the situation at home.
Some people wore their outdoor clothes and moved towards the battle scene.
Some people huddled up and comforted each other…

Just that when those who originally wanted to go to the scene to watch the battle at close range gets nearer to the periphery, they were thrown out by a huge energy afterglow erected around the area…
In other words, the area within Yin Suye and Wang Batian’s fighting ground has become a restricted area forbidding others to step into it.

Shui Ruoshan was somewhat glad that Fox stopped him from coming out earlier. Else, with his current strength, he probably will end up the same ending with those people. The power of Supreme Kings can’t be measured by common sense indeed! At the same time, Shui Ruoshan also saw the secret guards with animal masks hiding away from the crowd and suddenly felt relieved. The secret guards he sent out should have completed their task, and successfully meet up with Yin Suye. With this, Yin Suye’s odds are a bit higher now. He has considered that Yin Suye’s current strength may not be Wang Batian’s opponent. In order to make up for the power gap, he used the plot he knew to open a backdoor for Yin Suye.

This kind of BUG-like cheating style, shouldn’t really get too used to it!

This was one of the reasons why he could stay quietly in the base and not feeling extremely worried for Yin Suye.

After scrutinizing the surrounding situation, Shui Ruoshan decided he didn’t miss out any necessary details and felt a little bit of relief. So, he put all of his attention onto Yin Suye who is fighting with Wang Batian…

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