There’s a Beauty Chapter 28

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Chapter 1.28 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story


The Thousand-Faced ghost hesitated for a long time before flying down the beam, but did not dare to approach the teenager, only hiding in the corner far away, asking, “What deal?”

“Based on your skills, can you kill Wang Xianggan?” You Shu asked without answering.

The Thousand-Faced ghost who was shrouded in black fog started to get agitated. He whimpered a long time before asking, “Although my Violent Qi is very strong, Wang Xianggan had been on the battlefield and served as a general, killing millions of people. He is more ferocious than I am. I can only follow him and occasionally give him a nightmare. I am unable to kill him. ”

You Shu nodded and mumbled,” So it’s true that ghosts are afraid of evil people too. No wonder that debt-collecting ghost didn’t go to Wang Xianggan but insists on coming to me to collect the debt. Everyone loves to squeeze the pushover, even ghosts.” He bit his finger, squeezed out a drop of blood and continued, “I give you a drop of blood, you help me kill Wang Xianggan. Does this deal work?”

An Outsider’s flesh and blood was as good as ginseng for ghosts. The moment the Thousand-Faced ghost smelled this strong fragrance, his Violent Qi started to bubble. A thousand heads did not make him smart and he had lost even his ability to think independently. He soon forgot jis previous misfortune, and pounced over with fangs bared.  1

You Shu raised his hand again and gave him a slap in the face. The two little ghosts were furious, avoiding the burning purple flames, and devoured the Thousand-Faced ghost’s Violent Qi. There was a miserable sound in the room, and it took a moment for everything to calm down.

The Thousand-Faced ghost who had another face cut off again finally became well-behaved. Staring at the bead of blood on the youth’s fingertip, he spoke in a muffled voice, “Work, work, work, the previous deal works!” 2

Using his own blood for trade, You Shu was taking a big risk. However, he was not afraid when the Master is still present and shot the blood drop on his fingertip into the mouth of the Thousand-Faced ghost and dismissed it. After receiving a hundred years of cultivation, the evil ghost who was already 6 metres tall, suddenly leaped a few meters taller. It shrieked and dove through the crack of the door, obviously impatient for revenge.

The two little ghosts didn’t trust him and immediately followed, both making up their minds: If the other party is disobedient, they will eat him up after he kills Wang Tian You to avoid leaving any disasters towards daren.

Silence descended in the room. You Shu stared at his palm, lost in thought. He threw two slaps to Thousand-faced Ghosts. The first slap was full of flames, but the second slap only burst out a few sparks. It can be seen that the Dragon Qi in his body had almost disappeared. Counting the days, it only lasted for half a month.

“Seems like I have to absorb another mouthful tonight.” As he muttered, picking up pastry side sand nibbled it.


Nowadays, You Shu and Ji Changye had been sleeping in different rooms, and because the situation has changed in the Capital, Ji Changye was often busy and wouldn’t return home until midnight. On this day, he stepped into the courtyard under the moonlight, and saw a candle burning in his room, swaying left and right in the warm summer breeze.

“Why hasn’t You Shu fallen asleep?” His mouth tilted slightly higher, could not help but quickening his pace. At the beginning, when the two stayed in Kaiyuan Temple, You Shu also did the same thing. He would light a candle and quietly wait in the room. No matter how late, he would always say “You are back” the moment he stepped into the room, and it felt indescribably heart-warming.

However, Ji Changye hasn’t experienced such a treatment in a long time. He never thought deeply about it, but his heart was filled with a faint sense of loss, and it was only now that he suddenly realized that the missing piece was this.

He gently pushed open the door, to see a youth dressed in a robe, lying on the table, sleeping soundly. It was unknown what he dreamt of but his thin, pink lips kept opening and closing, his tongue sometimes stuck out and squirmed, bringing a little saliva out, he looked very foolish.

“He’s definitely gorging himself in the dream.” Ji Changye shaking his head laughing, stepped forward to wipe the saliva off of the youth while carefully carrying him to bed and covering him with a quilt.

Feeling that his body was hanging in the air, held and then fell, You Shu immediately opened his eyes. In his hazy gaze, he saw a slender silhouette that was bent down and staring at him. Because of the poor lighting, he couldn’t see his expression, except a pair of eyes revealing a deep, bottomless emotion.

“Master, you are back?” His hands shaped into a fist and forcefully rubbed his eyes.

“How many times have I told you to not rub your eyes.” Ji Changye pulled away his hands, then sitting on the bed, slowly spoke, “Pour and bring over a cup of tea.”

These words were not spoken to You Shu, but Ah Da and Ah Er who were standing at the door. Ah Da immediately poured a cup of herbal tea and offered it with both his hands. After Ji Changye took it, he fed it to the youth’s mouth and put one hand under You Shu’s jaw so as not to get his clothes wet.

You Shu sipped a small mouthful, licked his chapped lips and then sipped another small mouthful. Only after sipping for a long time, did he finish drinking the cup of tea.

Ji Changye didn’t feel the least bit tired and instead stared at the youth, his thoughts unknown.

After You Shu finished the tea, he saw that the young man didn’t move for a long time and couldn’t help but tug at the edge of his clothes, “Master, why did you only just come back?”

“Something came up in court.” Ji Changye stroked the youth’s smooth hair and slowly said, “You Shu, would you like to know Wang family’s current status?”

Regardless of whether it was big or small, the two ghosts would come and report about the Wang family every day, but You Shu was more willing to listen to the Master. He moved to the inside of the bed and patted the open space next to him, “Come up and talk.” This was a posture intended for a long talk.

Ji Changye smiled, casually washed his face and rinsed his mouth, took off his palace robes and shoes, and then climbed onto the bed, habitually hugging the youth into his bosom.

“Master Xuan Ming led three hundred monks to sit quietly at the city gate, only agreeing to leave after the Emperor has received the results of the investigation. Many of the passerbys were also his believers, so when they saw this they also joined in and in just half a day, more than ten thousand people were blocking the city’s gate. The Emperor was furious and ordered the three departments to investigate the matter strictly. On the same day, an imperial notice was put up asking for clues.” Ji Changye stopped here and reached out for a teacup.

You Shu was quick-witted and immediately crossed over to take the teapot first, put the spout close to the young man’s lips while asking, “Then what? Have they found a clue?” Wang Xianggan is the high official of the Ministry of War and the Crown Prince’s confidant. There should be a way to smooth this matter out.

But he forgot about his Master. Ji Changye originally intended to destroy Wang Xianggan, so that he could insert his manpower into the Ministry of War. Would he miss such an excellent opportunity? He had ordered people to bribe the relatives of the victims and let them report.

On the other side, An Hua Junzhu originally thought that Wang Tian You had been possessed and did not want to make too much noise about it, but she didn’t expect to hear about Miao Chen’s death. Only then did she discover that she almost had one foot in the gates of Hell. New hatred piled onto old and suddenly gushed out. She immediately entered the Palace to vent her grievances to Xiao Guifei. This caused Xiao Guifei and the Crown Prince to hate the Wang family, and scolded Wang Xianggan who had come to plead for forgiveness and drive him out.

The ministers of the Imperial Court were used to assessing the situation. Seeing that Wang Xianggan lost his backing, they threw hit Wang Xianggan when he was down one after the other. Not only did they impeach him for not educating his son strictly, many old cases were also pulled out. For example, embezzlement, dereliction of duty, injuring colleagues and so on.

The Emperor’s ears went soft. On one side, there was Xiao Guifei’s pillow talk, and on the other, the ministers were raising reports. He very quickly sent down a decree ordering for Wang Xianggan to be temporarily relieved of his post for self-reflection. At this moment, Wang Xianggan can hardly protect himself. Where can he spare the effort to save his son?

Ji Changye recounted the inside story and sighed, “Now, the case has already been investigated and it was ascertained that that younger shu brother of yours was truly deranged. He not only killed Chen Miao, but also abused 7 to 8 children, while they were still alive, until their deaths. What’s more, his birth mother and sister also knew of this, and not only did they not stop him, they helped him to find his prey. The minister of the Imperial Court of Justice explained the situation to the Emperor, and the Emperor issued a decree that ruled that Wang Tian You be revoked and to never be employed. He would be sent into exile 3,000 miles away after 50 strikes, and will be escorted to the south tomorrow morning, unable to return in this life. Lin-shi did not educate her children properly and took the side of an evil-doer. She has been demoted from being the main wife to a lowly concubine. Wang Junxi’s marriage with the Crown Prince had also been cancelled. If no one helps them, the Wang family’s status was sure to decline, falling apart. ”

Her son and daughter destroyed everything overnight and her painstaking efforts to finally take over the position of being the wife for herself has also been erased. You Shu could imagine what kind of mood Lin-shi is in right now. This kind of poisonous woman like her who was even unwilling to let go of the babies is unworthy of sympathy. God was watching. Isn’t the suffering she and her children were experiencing right now retribution for their past evils?

You Shu’s face was expressionless, but the dimple on his small cheeks deepened. It can be seen that his mood was quite good.

Of course, the reason Ji Changye spoke so much was to please the youth in his arms. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but reach out his hand to poke the little dimple.

You Shu did not avoid but even moved over a little, making it more convenient for the young man. He blinked his big, clear eyes and asked, “Then what about Wang Xianggan?”

“Wang Xianggan has been removed from his post and confined at home.” A radiant light streaked across Ji Changye’s eyes. In order to compete for the post vacated by Wang Xianggan, there was now internal strife between his former subordinates and the Crown Prince, giving him a chance. After being busy for half a month, he had finally achieved something.

You Shu nodded and did not pursue any further. As the saying goes–when someone is ill, kill them. 3Wang Xianggan is at the lowest point of his life, and he was bound to be devastated. It should be very easy for the Thousand-Faced Ghost to play his hand at this time. Maybe soon, the Wang family would have to deal with funeral arrangements.

You Shu finally calm down, cover your mouth and yawned.

Seeing him drowsy, Ji Changye hurriedly held him and lay down flat, whispering, “Go to sleep.”

You Shu vaguely answered and eyes closed for a moment but suddenly woke up. This isn’t right, he listened to gossip till he forgot what he came here for. He had to take a mouthful tonight. He pinched his thigh and drove his sleepiness away. When the young man’s breathing evened out, he quietly got up and sat cross-legged next to the other party. He unblinkingly stared at those beautiful thin lips with his bright black eyes.

“Master, Master? Are you asleep yet?” He wiped off the sweat in his palm and whispered.

Ji Changye seemed to be deep asleep, but in reality long ago woke. This time, he was not surprised, but his mood was more tense than the last time. He guessed what the teenager wanted to do almost immediately, and his heart stopped beating. As the scorching hot breath drew nearer, he tried to tell himself to turn his away, but couldn’t do it anyway. He thought he would desperately resist, but in fact, every nerve, every pore, every thought was like a lightning bolt expressing his desire.

He even involuntarily opened lips, in order to meet this upcoming kiss.


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