There’s a Beauty Chapter 27

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Chapter 1.27 – Fourty Thousand; A Debt Collector’s Story

After the disciple disappeared into thin air, Xuan Ming was finally overthrown by great grief, staggered around the altar, and tears flowing from his eyes. The mental power that You Shu put into his eyes through the palms has not yet dissipated, so the current Bodhi Temple has a different look.

He looked down the steps with a stupefied expression. His surroundings were filled with people who were probably the most illustrious nobles in the Capital. Some held themselves aloft, some were graceful and elegant, and some were restrained and steady. They wore the brightest and most beautiful clothes and the most exquisite and expensive accessories, and they looked dignified.

Although Xuan Ming was broad-minded, good and righteous, he was not a naïve fool who only knew how to cultivate. He understood the hypocrisy of the world and naturally understands the sinister heart of people. In the past, he always took the responsibility for saving the people. Regardless of whether they were good or bad, if they were in danger, he was willing to lend a helping hand. He believed that human nature was innately good, and that people who have made mistakes will one day go back to the right path.

Now, however, he was sceptical of his previous philosophies. Seeing everyone in the audience, with the exception of the young child, almost every single one had a vengeful ghost behind them. They looked repulsive, had resentful expressions, some were even grinding teeth, softly sneering, or reaching out with their claws to carve out their enemy’s heart. However, their enemies are of extraordinary origins. Like clouds gathering around a mountain peak, they couldn’t help do anything to them with only a little bit of resentment. After waiting a long time, they often have only one ending, that is, for their souls to scatter into nothing, never to reincarnate.

The many ghosts came together and took the shape of a ball of thick black fog. From afar, the quiet and holy Bodhi Temple where Buddha’s light once shined on, turned into a thick field of malevolent ghosts full of ghost qi. Especially Wang Xianggan, with a twenty metre tall thousand-faced ghost attached to his back. Every face was twisted, snarling, roaring again and again, “Return my life” which echoed over the altar, like Hell reproduced.

It’s not difficult for Xuan Ming to imagine that these people were killed by Wang Xianggan. With the demon he created, it was already enough for him to fall to the lowest depths of Hell. With such a father, how could Wang Tian You be a good crop?

Xuan Ming turned around to see the culprit on the lotus platform. Unsurprisingly, there were two little ghosts behind him. They were covered all over with cuts and bruises, blood and tears and looked even more miserable than Miao Chen. It can be seen that Wang Tian You has long been addicted to murder and not even death can atone for it. Is it possible for there to be such a person? Can he really abandon evil and do good? He was not possessed at all. His behaviour and conduct were all innate. How can he turn over a new leaf?

If he saved him, then how could his disciple Miao Chen rest in peace? Xuan Ming hugged the small body in his arms, and laughed in distress, “Physical damage can be healed and moral deficiencies can be corrected, but if the human heart is broken, then how can it be made up by reading a few verses? This humble monk’s skills are too shallow. This humble monk is able to help people exorcise their demons but is unable to help a demon. This gongzi has already become a demon. This humble monk requests Wang – daren to find someone else better qualified.” 1

His head was bowed the whole time he was speaking. He did not look at the crowd off the stage and especially at Wang Xianggan, who was shrouded in heavy, black Ghost Qi. He thought he could overcome all the suffering in the world, but he didn’t expect that in the end, the ugliness of the world defeated him first. He had to admit that after all, he was just a man of flesh and blood, not a bodhisattva who was infinitely compassionate and merciful. It was impossible to not have grudges and resentment, and to treat everyone equally favourably.

He held the dead body of his disciple, and walked down the steps of the platform. When he was about to reach the door, he suddenly turned around to see You Shu and Ji Changye, revealing a little gratified smile. Compared with the nobles who are drowned in the sinister Ghost Qi, only those two are the cleanest, with the golden sunlight falling around them, and it seems that the place is bright and resplendent, warm and radiant.

This was probably the last piece of pure land in Bodhi Temple. With this in mind, Master Xuan Ming nodded slightly at the two, and resolutely walked out, “All disciples listen to my order, follow me to immediately head to the Capital to knock on the drum to appeal for the Emperor’s judgement!” 2

“Disciple will follow your orders!” Three hundred monks of the Bodhi Temple responded in unison, and the momentum shook the sky.

A moment later, the crowded temple became mostly empty. Only the worshippers who came to spectate the ritual were left and they helplessly looked at each other. They were at a loss and among them, the ones who had the ugliest face was the Wang family. Wang Xianggan vowed to report to the officials, not because he was convinced of his son’s conduct, but had contacts in the Imperial Court of Justice, the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, and the Inspectorate. He could safely control the situation in his palms and take the opportunity to remove certain obstacles.

But now, Master Xuan Ming actually directly brought Chen Miao’s corpse to go beat on the drums to appeal to the Emperor. Not only does he have an unparalleled position in the Ming Dynasty, he also had hundreds of thousands of followers in the Capital and they will not let the murderer off. He deliberately made the matter known to everyone in order to achieve the purpose of forbidding anyone to involve themselves and meddle in the matter. It was clear that he did not believe the Wang family’s words at all. Moreover, he also kept asserting that Wang Tian You was evil incarnate and could not be cleansed, but intentionally cut off Wang Tian You’s way out.

May I ask the Prime Minister how would this “evil incarnate” participate in the Imperial Examinations? How would he enter officialdom? How will he reach the highest official position? He didn’t show it on his face, but his scepticism and animosity towards the Wang family had been revealed by his actions. Although the Wang family had some face in front of the Crown Prince, they were replaceable. The Crown Prince is in a solid position and the Emperor was generous to his courtiers. He will favor whoever he wants and suppress whoever he wants without needing to worry at all. Previously, the Wang family had offended the An Hua Junzhu, and now Master Xuan Ming held animosity towards them. It is self-evident which side the Crown Prince will stand on.

Thinking of this, Wang Xianggan’s expression couldn’t help but sink. He turned his head to stare at You Shu with monstrous killing intent billowing in his eyes because he thought that everything was done by You Shu.

“Bring this unfilial son back!” He flared up and just waved his hand, letting the guards carry Wang Tian You down from the platform, then immediately returned to the Capital with the family. He wanted to catch up with Master Xuan Ming and enter the palace to beg for forgiveness before he could sound the drum. The son’s future can be ruined but his own career must not be.

In the blink of an eye, a big wave of people left and Bodhi Temple finally restored its peace. You Shu originally wanted to ask Master Xuan Ming how long the spiritual power could be preserved but he did not expect that he would be that decisive and directly brought the corpse away.

Fine, they can meet in the future. With a small sigh, he hurried to the Master and habitually hugged his waist. Everything that Master Xuan Ming sees, he can naturally see. This ghost-ridden world is even more dangerous than the end of the world. At least zombies are physical things and can be wiped out, but ghosts were incorporeal and cannot be touched. How could they resist them?

If he didn’t meet Master by luck and get his protection, You Shu believed that he would already have become a vengeful ghost. In this world full of dangerous ghosts, the Master is his only opportunity to live and the only pure land. How can he not be attached?

His heart twisting and turning, You Shu stuck his cheek on the young man’s back and slightly hooked his lips.

Ji Changye couldn’t see the youth’s expression and also could not guess his thoughts, but he could feel the deep attachment from You Shu tightening his arms. Feeling distressed and faintly ecstatic, but right after that he was frightened and pressed down the inexplicable joy into his heart, painstakingly trying to forget it.

Gently patted the back of the youth’s hand, he said, “You Shu, don’t be afraid. I’m here.” As long as I am here, I will not let anyone hurt you.

You Shu shook his head, muffled, “I am not afraid.” As long as you are here, I’m not afraid of anything.


Master Xuan Ming and Wang Xianggan returned to the Capital after one another. The political chessboard in the Capital might change so Ji Changye did not dare to delay and immediately led them down the mountain. His hurried behavior did not incur anyone’s suspicion. With such a horrible thing taking place here, no one wants to spend more time in Bodhi Temple. They cleared away their things as fast as possible and ran back as if their asses were on fire.

After returning to the Capital, Ji Changye was suddenly busy, often disappearing for up to 3 to 5 days. For the sake of revenge, the two little ghosts also followed Wang Tian You back to Wang family’s fu. You Shu had no choice but to sigh at his fortune. Luckily, he learnt how to absorb Dragon Qi at a critical moment. Otherwise, he would have been eaten by the debt-collecting ghost.

Wang Xianggan was occupied with the aftermath of his son’s actions, but You Shu could not forget his murderous eyes. Rather than waiting for the other side to assassinate him, it is better to start first. He thought about it and decided to kill Wang Xianggan off first.

Taking advantage of the gap when Master went out handle affairs, he had the two little ghosts bring back the Thousand-face ghost that was attached to Wang Xianggan’s back. The two little ghosts were fed with two drops of blood and their ability had already exceeded a 200 year old ghost’s. Although the Thousand-faced ghosts were fused and devoured by thousands of vengeful spirits, they were very strong, but they were not the little ghosts’ rivals. They were easily taken into the room and pressed onto the floor.

Thousands of resentment were gathered and they only knew revenge. They were incapable of independent thought. He did not dare to resist the little ghosts, and when he saw the young man sitting above him, he suddenly broke into a rage, with thousands of mouths uttering a sharp shout. You Shu did not run away but ruthlessly threw out a slap when it came near.


The Thousand-faced ghost went flying several feet. A hand print with purple flames was branded on the Thousand-faced ghost’s cheek, and gradually spread. His arrogance suddenly disappeared and started sorrowfully digging into the ground, but was pulled out by his ankles by the two little ghosts.

“What are you howling for? daren, have something to ask you.” The boy ghosts also threw a crisp slap and the Thousand-faced ghost was knocked to the ground. Then, an evil wind was brandished, cutting off that face.

After losing a face, the Thousand-Faced ghost really became more well-behaved, curling himself into a ball, and hiding shivering in the rafters. This young mortal was scarier than any ghosts.

You Shu stepped forward, raised his head and spoke, “Do you want revenge?” After he spoke, he realised that he seemed to be really fond of saying this phase lately.

The two little ghosts knowing that he and Wang had disputes, immediately spoke in earnest, “Daren, there’s no need to trouble this little ghost if you want to kill Wang Xianggan. We can do it for you.”

“For every grievance, someone is responsible. And for every debt, there is a debtor. You only have to bother dealing with Wang Tian You. When the revenge is over and your wish is fulfilled, you should go reincarnate. You don’t need to be under my control, and you don’t need to commit evils for me.” You Shu did not like to order ghosts around like slaves. He prefers them to leave the world with peace of mind, just like the little novice monk. He didn’t owe others nor let others owe him.

Tears surged up in the two little ghosts’ eyes and emotion filled their hearts, more and more willing to lay down their life for the youth. Just when they wanted to express their loyalty again, the Thousand-Faced ghost crouching on the beam growled, “Want, want revenge!” He stubbornly wanted to pull Wang Xianggan down to Hell!

Millions of echoes reverberated throughout the room echoed like thunder. The two little ghosts were slightly uncomfortable, but You Shu was not affected. Instead, his lips up turned upwards and he beckoned, “Then come over here and make a deal with me.”


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