There’s a Beauty Chapter 21

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Chapter 1.21 – Fourty Thousand

[Warning. Descriptions of child abuse.]

Seeing that the teen once again had avoided the thorny vines, the naked boy became anxious and stepped forward in order to push the other party.

You Shu felt a small hand pushing his butt about to force him forward, but it suddenly withdrew. Immediately after that, a miserable howl burst out. For an average person, it was difficult to hear the voice of ghosts. Therefore, Ah Da didn’t hear anything but You Shu couldn’t help but look back.

He saw the little boy’s hand, which he was using to push him, burning in purple fire. Even though it was a spirit body, the hand gradually burnt black, changing into a lump of smoke and dissipated. The boy obviously did not expect to receive such irredeemable harm, even though he already died, and was startled and frightened for a moment. He covered his broken hand and wailed, two tears of blood tainting his cheeks, looking extremely wretched. The little girl was very distressed, but she was afraid of the flame and didn’t dare to go forward. Only going to hug her younger brother after the flame had died out, crying together with him.

The corner of You Shu’s mouth twitched, suddenly feeling some sort of guilty feeling of bullying little children. Then he remembered that he really sucked Dragon Qi last night. In other words, before this mouthful of Dragon Qi dissipated, no ghosts could hurt him. What was more wonderful was that before they touched him, they didn’t perceive the existence of Dragon Qi one bit.

So, couldn’t I set up a trap to draw out the ghost and kill it? But right now, the main problem was dealing with these two little ghosts and ask them why they wanted to harm him. Thinking through this, You Shu raised his eyebrow towards the two hugging little ghosts.

The gazes of the two little ghosts crossed with his and they realized that he could see ghosts, seeing him asking questions with his eyes. Although they were worried and apprehensive in their hearts, they did not dare disobey and had no choice but to follow behind him into a little courtyard.

After finally finding an excuse to send away Ah Da, You Shu faintly spoke, “Speak, why did you want to harm me?”

“Daren, spare our lives! We siblings had no intention of harming daren, we’re actually saving daren!” The little girl pulled her younger brother behind her to shield him and kowtowed. Since the little boy knew that the other young boy could see ghosts, he used his only existing hand to cover his body that was wounded and scarred by cuts, his face filled with embarrassment.

“Save me? What do you mean?” You Shu did not lose his temper, his tone calm as usual. Although he had been pestered by that malicious ghost for 10 years and even almost getting killed repeatedly, he did not blindly hate ghosts. Although his three views was a little bit skewed, he was very principled in treating others. However others might treat him, he will not respond in any way. He wouldn’t fawn upon others and ingratiate himself, nor would he take the initiative to harm others.

Now, the little ghost had already received the punishment he deserved, he could calmly sit down and listen to their reasons.

The little girl stole glances at the young boy’s expression while anxiously explaining, “ Because daren embarrassed Wang jia brother and sister the other day, both of us are very grateful to daren. Only then, only then would we care about this matter. The matter was originally like this”, She cupped her hands and continued, “Because that Wang Tian You lost when competing poetic essays to daren, he kept harbouring a grudge in his heart, it so happened that the servant girl by his sided saw daren’s face looked familiar as if she had seen it somewhere before. So she reported it to Lin-shi after she returned, saying that daren is possibly Song-shi’s son. Daren, that Lin-shi is currently the female head of Wang jia. Song-shi was originally Wang Xianggan’s first wife, but she was calculated against and driven out by Lin-shi. The son she gave birth to 15 years ago was secretly taken away by two elder female servants. Wang Xianggan was not fond of the di son, so he told the people outside that he had already died of a sudden illness.”

You Shu nodded, indicating that he knew.

The female ghost explained the background clearly and then continued, “Because daren looked 80 – 90% similar to Song-shi and the age is the same, Lin-shi became suspiscious and regularly sent people to come spy. Last night, she made up her mind, whether or not daren was Wang jia’s di son, she wants your life. That Wang Tian You received his mother’s instructions. So he will plan to invite you out to an excursion today and then push you down a cliff. Daren does not seem to know, but there is a place not far from the temple called Tiger Jumping Cliff, there would be a few travellers falling to their deaths there every year, so it’s very famous. If you die there, other people would only say that daren was not careful and would not suspect him. Moreover, he would not take up the matter himself but would order the son of the Treasurer, Fang Yi, to wait for the opportunity to move. Fang Yi’s father is Wang Xianggan’s subordinate, so he would naturally follow Wang Tian You’s orders.”

You Shu nodded again, his face unchanging.

The female ghost saw that he neither frightened nor angry, so she was dazed for a moment, staring with a pair of bloody eyes.

The little boy hiding behind his sister’s back plucked up his courage and finally poked half a head out to fawn, “Therefore, we siblings put the Thorn Lotus on daren’s shoes, so that daren cannot go out because of injuries, avoiding this disaster.”

He did not expect that an evil spirit would also know how to do good deeds. However, it was not suprising since this sibling pair were still young and retained some innocence. Moreover, they were repearedly humiliated by the Wang jia brother and sister. Seeing them humiliated by You Shu in succession, they naturally held more favourably towards You Shu.

One person and two ghosts stood silently, the atmosphere was very odd. The sister and brother felt apprehensive in their hearts, faintly having the idea of escaping. At the moment they planned to drill into the ground, they heard the young man faintly speak, “Do you have hatred with Wang Tian You?”

“Hatred for taking lives.” The little girl hugged her little brother who was covered with cuts and bruises, and started to cry tears of blood.

“Tell me” You Shu picked up a piece of rice paper and slowly cut it into what looked like T-shirts and pants, then he painted a pair of shoes and continued cutting.

The two little ghosts couldn’t understand what he was doing but they didn’t dare to ask, so they spoke of the past, one sentence at a time. Originally, the two were sold to Wang jia as slaves by their parents who were trying to survive a famine. At first, they were servants under Wan Junxi, who was Wang Tian You’s blood-related sister and future Ce Fei of the Crown Prince. 1 Wang Junxi was extremely kind to the two, not only did she not let them work, she also fed them with delicious things to eat and drink everyday, waiting for them to grow white and plump. Pampering them spoilt, then sending them into her elder brother’s courtyard. The two of them originally thought that they had met a living Buddha, but only after tyrannized by Wang Tian You until they were half dead that evening did they realize that they had met a devil.

In his heart, Wang Tian You knew that this bad habit of abusing children must definitely not be let known to his father, but he couldn’t control it. If he couldn’t relieve his pressure for a long time, then he couldn’t read books, couldn’t finish writing words, his temper also became completely irritable, so he could only helplessly seek help from his mother. Wang Junxi posed herself as a complete person and helped Lin-shi manage the family affairs since she was 8 or 9 years old, so it was natural that she also knew. As a result, this mother daughter pair used every sort of pretence to look for little boys and girls for Wang Tian You, transferring them to his room after acquiring them.

Wang Tian You was repeatedly indulged, and his behaviour became even more savage. Previously, he only played with them until they were disabled. But through the past year, he had killed people. The siblings were met with this kind of misfortune and not even 3 days after they were sent into his courtyard, they had become two utterly broken corpses.

Telling thisis sad story, the two little ghosts hugged each other while bawling, tears of blood dripping down their faces, very pitifully.

You Shu waited on the side with a wooden face, only speaking after seeing that they had cried enough. “What are your names? How many Eight Characters?” 2

The ghost children didn’t dare to resist, but they were afraid to tell the truth. If they say it, then their souls will fly away and scatter, but if they don’t say it, then their souls will still fly away and scatter. They didn’t have any other choice and could only blame themselves for being too nosy in other people’s business.

You Shu nodded and then proceeded to write the little boy’s name and Eight Characters on the rice paper that was cut out, and then he threw into a brazier to burn. When the flame eventually went out, the little boy’s bare-naked body was wrapped in a set of clothes. Although it looked somewhat odd, it covered all the cruel and intolerable scars.

“This, this this this…….” The little boy pulled on the clothes, speaking incoherently in excitement. They originally thought that daren wanted their names and Eight Characters to send it to a Taoist priest to capture them, they didn’t anticipate that he would burn offerings for them. Although they’ve become evil spirits, the sense of shame in their hearts was still there, wandering around every day in such a miserable condition, how can he not feel sad? Wang jia not only concealed the news of their deaths, they even threw their bodies into a mass grave where they were gnawed and eaten by wild dogs. Don’t speak of receiving a memorial ceremony from their loved ones, even the hopes of being reincarnated was very slim.

The little boy was happy to the point of foolishness, but the little girl was very sensible and promptly pulled her brother to kneel, kowtowing to their benefactor.

You Shu moved sideways to avoid it and asked, “Do you want to take revenge?”

“Of course, but the Wang jia siblings secretly wear red sandalwood beads that were personally blessed by the living Buddha of the North. We siblings can’t deal with them.” The little girl ghost gnashed her teeth in anger.

You Shu nodded and muttered to himself. He originally didn’t intend to entangle with Wang jia much, but now, Lin-shi wanted to put him to death, not fighting back would be a shame.  Pondering this, he bit his fingertip and two drops of blood were shot into the sibling ghosts’ mouth.

The grievances in their bodies boiled over in an instant, causing the two little ghosts to be surprised. They looked down and saw that the floor they were stepping on was frosted over by their extremely cold Yin Qi, their expression became even more amazed. It should be known that this is the middle of summer where the bright sun was scorching, and it was almost wushi (11am -1pm), where Yang Qi was the most flourishing, the period when ghosts were the weakest. However, instead of feeling powerless, they were filled with surging strength from head to toe, even the little boy’s burnt hand was regrown.

An Outsider! They looked at each other and the siblings suddenly had an epiphany, but there was no greed in their eyes, only gratefulness.

You Shu watched them and felt very satisfied when he saw this scene. He gestured, “Go and take revenge.”

“Thanks to the benefactor for helping!” The two little ghosts kowtowed and banged their heads three times on the ground before immediately hiding underground.

You Shu dumped the ashes in the brazier and ran into the kitchen to cram two steamed buns into his bossom. Then he went to find his Master but was stopped on the way by a smiling Wang Tian You. He was surrounded by a group of gorgeously dressed youths, all talking at once to invite him. There were even some who came up to pull and push him, forcing You Shu to go to the back of the mountain to go on an excursion with them.

You Shu fixed his gaze and saw two little ghosts sitting on Wang Tian You’s shoulders, bowing at him with their hands held in front, “Benefactor need not be worried and just follow them, there will be a lively event to watch later.”

You Shu’s irritation slightly diminished and lightly responded. Wang Tian You immediately got people to sandwich him, fearing that he would try to run away. A group of people arrived laughing at the gate of the temple. There were already several carriages waiting on the side of the road. The last three carriages were the most gorgeous. In addition to the driver, there were also a servant girl for each of the carriages. It was obvious that these people also invited daughters of illustrious families.

“Young Miss, Eldest Young Master has come.” One of the servant girls moved closer to the door curtain to report.

“Since they’ve arrived, immediately set off, don’t delay the time.” A crisp, mellow voice unhurriedly flowed, attracting the admiring faces of the youths.

On the contrary, You Shu pursed his mouth. This pretenscious voice belonged to Wang Tian You’s younger sister, Wang Jun Xi, who was also the future Ce Fei of the Crown Prince.

There was a road to Heaven, but you chose not to walk it. Hell has no entrance, but you forced your way in. Very well, this is destiny. The eye-catching teenager looked up at the sky and pretended to sigh with worry.


BLU: Seriously, that Wang family really needs to be erased.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates. I thought I’d be free after assignment season ended or even during the 2 week break. Well, ha ha. Reality (viciously) slapped me in the face. But rest assured, I’m still alive and translating.

Edit: I’m gonna put this on hold for a bit to finish off the arc in my other project Sinister Ex-Girlfriend. After that, I’ll be taking a short break to wholly focus on translating this arc for There’s A Beauty. After that, I’ll do the same for SEG and the cycle repeats.
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