There’s a Beauty Chapter 20

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Chapter 1.20 – Fourty Thousand

You Shu sucked in a mouthful but felt that it was not safe enough and still wanted to suck another few mouthfuls. He was worried that his movements just now was too large and would wake up the youth. Crouching by the pillow while controlling his breathing, he quietly whispered, “Master? Master? Are you awake?”

Ji Changye was completely awake but he didn’t dare to move at all. Currently he was in absolute turmoil. He originally thought that You Shu was wanting to do something that would let him down. He didn’t expect that he would steal a kiss from him. Why was he doing this? His mood rose and fell sharply. One moment he was sad, the next he was happy. Ji Changye was overwhelmed.

Feeling the carress of the boy’s scorching breath again, he turned over and pretended to murmur a few words, so that the other party would retreat. But to You Shu, the Dragon Qi was equivalent to life. If he can’t get it when Ji Changye was fast asleep, then he would have no choice but to forcefully kiss in broad daylight. And so, although he trembled in shock, he still didn’t give up. Rather, he quietly sneaked from the inside of the bed to the outside, he squat by the side of the bed and earnestly scrcutinized the youth’s sleeping face.

After about a quarter of an hour, the youth did not turn over again and his breathing was extrememly long and steady. You Shu lay down his worried heart and once again slowly approached, using the tip of his tongue to pry open the other’s teeth.

Ji Changye’s hand hidden in the bedding suddenly clenched into a fist, unable to endure this soft, sticky and creamy touch. He had never kissed anyone before and ever since he was framed, he viewed human relations as something extremely dangerous, it was better to avoid it. These years, the only person who could come close to him was You Shu. They were mutually dependent on each other, inseparable, perhaps it was precisely this intimacy that did not let other people step in that caused You Shu to go astray.

You Shu he, he was actually so pleased with me in his heart!

Thinking this, Ji Changye only felt his heart beating like a drum, his mind dizzy. While he was out of sorts, the boy’s tongue once again explored the entrance of his mouth, sucking the saliva in his mouth bit by bit. In the quiet night, in the empty room, the sticky and intimate sound of swallowing saliva made his body gradually start heating up.

This strange reaction forced him to think about some serious issues, such as: What if I suddenly wake up and sternly tell the boy ‘You have exceeded the rules’? But as soon as this idea popped up, Ji CHangye swiftly suppressed it. No good, this kind of method woud only scare You Shu and then make him feel too ashamed to show his face. He may force his way to the road and run away, or he may hide in the quilt and cry in embarrassment. Thinking of the boy’s misty, teary eyes, his panic-stricken appearance, he couldn’t bear it. In the end, he still couldn’t bear it.

Considering all kinds of possibilities in his mind again and again, Ji Changye finally chose not to move.

You Shu was still busy on his side and finish sucking the saliva. Seeing a line of silver on the corner of the youth’s mouth and jaw, he then gently and very carefully licked it clean. Finally feeling that he had sucked enough, he got into the inside from the corner of the bed, while gathering the quilt into his arms, he muttered, “It doesn’t taste strange at all, very sweet.” He spoke as if he was pondering about the aftertaste.

The boy did not know how to kiss at all, acting exactly like a puppy, only knowing how to lick here and there, suck and suck, as if he was eating. However, Ji Changye was extremely agitated and helpless by this disorderly kiss, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the boy’s pure and simple words. For a moment, all kinds of flavors were mixed together. Ji Changye stayed still until the boy lied down, covering himself with the quilt and his breathing evening out. Only then did he breathe a sigh, layers and layers of huge waves surface in his heart that was usually calm like water.

He turned over and stared at the boy’s quiet and loveable sleeping face. He heaved a deep sigh, “You Shu, how do I deal with you?”

Tonight, some people were destined to fall sound asleep and dream, and some people were doomed to toss and turn in bed, unable to sleep.

The next day, You Shu habitually woke up at chenshi (7-9 am), but found that the Master had already dressed neatly and was preparing to go out. He had already long forgotten that he had already sucked in Dragon Qi. As soon as he got up, he quickly put on his robes and blindly followed suit.

Ji Changye hurriedly glanced at the boy and suddenly remembered the scene when the two met for the first time. At that time, he was still immature and was about 3 feet high with sallow skin and emaciated body, seeming like he would be blown away by a gust of wind. And now, he was tall and grew up. When he was cheerful, he still looked like how he was in the past, in addition to the bright and charming light in his eyes, there was no trace of impurities.

After all, this child was someone he personally raised, he watched him grow up from a little baby to an elegant and smart young man. Although they were primarily a Master and servant, they were actually no different from father and son. He had fed him before, helped him wear his clothes before, and even hummed a folksong until he could sleep on a night with thunder and lightning. Whatever the case, he never thought that that once the child grew up, he would actually have such a beautiful idea towards himself.

The road of Longyang (male homosexual) goes against the Heavens, he could not just watch on as his child walked further and further on this road. However, speaking frankly is something that absolutely cannot be done. You Shu’s self-esteem was very strong, he may do something stupid. The best way was to secretly guide him, letting him shift his attention from himself to somewhere else.

Ji Changye thought long and hard but never realised that except feeling shock and worry towards the kiss last night, he did not feel a shred of conflict at all and was also not even a little bit disgusted in his heart.

The two walked without speaking and stepped into the courtyard where Wei Shizi was temporarily living. Since the appointment was made yesterday, Wei Shizi was sitting under a bodhi tree, various kinds of breakfast was set on the stone table in front of him. The fragrance slowly fluttered along with the morning wind, very refreshing and invigorating.

You Shu did a bad thing last night, so although he didn’t mind it in his heart, his nerves were tensed for a long time and in the end reveal some tiredness, he hung his head as he followed behind, his eyes only shining when he smelled the fragrant food and quickly walked a few steps. Seeing the boy impatiently rushing forward, Ji Changye also came to his senses and laughed while nodding towards Wei Shizi, “Lin Tao, long time no see, I trust that you’ve been well since we last met.”

“Wei Lin Tao has seen the Third Prince, please take a seat.” Wei Shizi immediately advanced and saluted. After sitting down, he was itching to ask how his close friend had lived these past 10 years. The two people did not move their chopsticks for a long time and You Shu was faced with a table, full of delicious breakfast, being only able to look on. His tongue poked out a little and were clamped between the thin and beautiful upper and lower lips, revealing a little pink tip. He seamlessly licked his lips. A short while later, he licked his lips again, his clear eyes revealing a longing that couldn’t be suppressed.

The young boy originally looked elegant and quick-witted, his literary talent even more exceptional and peerless. How could Wei Shizi overlook him? Seeing him revealing this look, he did not feel that it was rude, instead, he really liked it. He hasn’t seen such a person who didn’t know how to conceal his feelings for a long time. Whatever the other was thinking could practically be seen at a glance. Being in such a place with this kind of person was undoubtedly extremely relaxing and pleasant.

“You Shu, are you hungry? Blame me for being so preoccupied with talking till I actually forgot to treat a guest. Come, eat a bean paste bun.” Wei Shizi smiled and picked up a dish for the boy.

You Shu was someone from the end of the world, he was highly vigilant. Don’t just look at his greediness, he wants to eat everything but would never simply eat food that a stranger hands over. He squeezed a small dimple towards Wei Shizi to show his thanks and then looked at the Master, silently asking, “Can I eat?”

Such an attitude was completely like the most loyal puppy, pitiful, but very cute. Wei Shizi did not think that he was disobedient but was a little bit more fond towards the boy, he couldn’t help but to reach out and pet his soft, black hair.

Ji CHangye didn’t know why, but he quickly brushed away his good friend’s hand and then nodded, “Let’s eat.”

You Shu immediately picked up the bean paste bun and ate it. His table manners were very unique. When he came across foods like bean paste buns, meat buns, vegetable buns and so on, he would first nibble on the semicircular outside layer of the bun, leaving only the bottom layer behind with the stuffing on it. After that he would open his mouth wide, his cheeks bulging as he chewed. Because his swallowing action was too bold and uninhibited, his mood too urgent. He would also unconsciously let out sounds of aowu aowu, looking like a tiger cub that had been hungry for half a year.

Ji Changye has long been accustomed to his demeanor. But Wei Shizi was seeing this for the first time and so, while speaking with his good friend, he couldn’t help but look over and stare at the boy, his eyes filled with fondness. As a son of a Shizu he had seen many who put on acts and speak differently from their thoughts, he had never seen such a frank and sincere person. 1

“This kind of vegetarian bun is also unique to Bodhi Temple. Quickly have a taste, You Shu.” Seeing that the boy had finished eating, he quickly picked up another one. Looking after him very attentively and thoughtfully.

“Thank you, Wei Shizi.” You Shu politely expressed his thanks and then nibbled bit by bit off the bun’s outside layer again.

Looking at the sweet pink lips of the boy covered with sweetened red bean paste, Ji Changye’s heart slightly stirred. When he then looked at how his friend was unable to take his eyes off him, he felt oddly irritated. After You Shu finished eating the vegetable bun, he picked up a glutinous rice cake and passed it over, and instructed. “Shizi and I have things to discuss, if you are full then go and play by yourself outside. Ask Ah Da to follow you and don’t run all over the place.”

When he said this, he was worried that the boy would tangle himself around him unwilling to let go as usual and had already thought of a few hundred excuses to refuse. While guiding the boy back to the right path, he must slowly alienate him and let him know that he (JCY) was not his whole life.

But this time, he was wrong. You Shu was initially a tad unwilling but suddenly remembered the “good deed” he did last night. He immediately stuffed pastries into his pockets and eagerly ran away. He was eager to see whether this Dragon saliva had the effect of exorcising evil spirits.

Looking at the boy who threw off all restraint and merrily left, Wei Shizi smiled and sighed, “Innocent and simple.”, Ji Changye couldn’t return to his senses for quite a while. He didn’t expect that You Shu would simply just leave. Shouldn’t he have clambered onto his body and softly plead like how he used to? Shouldn’t he have hugged his waist tight, unwilling to leave? Shouldn’t he have called him Master while looking at him with his damp eyes?

He very quickly ran away just like that, never turning his head back from start to finish. To be honest, Ji Changye was very unused to such a You Shu. A hard-to-describe loneliness and desolate feeling gradually rose in his heart. But he very quickly adjusted and continued talking with Wei Shizi.

Worried that he didn’t suck enough Dragon Qi or that he was deceived by the female ghost, You Shu didn’t dare to run far and only walked around the courtyard of Wei Shizi. Supposing that the malicious spirit appeared, he could use his quickest speed to run back to Master’s side. However, what came wasn’t the malicious spirit but the two little ghosts who always hung around the Wang jia siblings. They quietly pulled some green vines onto the road that You Shu must pass and then crouch and waited in the underbush at the side.

This kind of vine was called Thorn Lotus, just as its name implies, sharp thorns naturally grew all over the vine and could prick the sole of a shoe, it also carried toxin which could briefly paralyse people. The two little ghosts thought You Shu was an ordinary person and couldn’t see what they were doing, so they were very daring and audacious.

There is no enmity or grievance between them and I, why do they want to secretly harm me? You Shu had doubts in his heart but he didn’t let it show on his face and very naturally avoided the thorny vines.

The little ghosts sighed in disappointment but were unwilling to give up and ran ahead of him, and slowly pulled a few vines without leaving a trace. Both sides of the trail were filled with lush vegetation, when a gentle breeze would blow from time to time, there would be rustling sounds, so the actions of theirs were not noticeable.

You Shu pursed his lips, preparing to cross over again, talking to himself in his heart that he had sucked Dragon Qi for nothing, These two little ghosts are not scared of me at all.

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