The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 7

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Chapter #7 — For it to be just, “provisional”. (仮、だなんて。)

A/N: The POV changes in the order of Isabella → Duke → Isabella.


After learning about Ursch-kun’s skill, Father and Mother entered the reception room.


“Mr Schneiver and son, Bella too, please forgive me for making you wait. I apologise for showing you an unsightly spectacle earlier.”


Father explained as he sat down on the sofa.

Unlike when he collapsed, he seems to have regained calmness, but his eyes and nose are red. I wonder if he cried… there’s no way, right?


“Fufu, this poor man, he kept crying and weeping about how ‘Bella has already brought her desired fiancé’. He even rejected the idea of meeting him! Just bringing him here was quite difficult.”


Mother admitted such while smiling beside father.

Even with that large build of yours, you hated the idea so much that you cried, Father? Please don’t pout and turn away, it’s not cute in the slightest.


“Hmph. I did no such thing.”


It seems that he doesn’t want to admit it. Even if it’s obvious no matter how you look at it. On the other hand, Father-in-law looks like he’s watching over something precious. Whether Father realised it or not, he took on a serious look and went straight to the main topic.


“Now then, I have summoned the two of you here to discuss about my youngest daughter, Bella, and her earlier declaration, furthermore, according to the servants’ reports, what is thought to be Bella’s unique skill…”


After saying all that, Father turned to me and asked with a serious expression.


“First, Bella. The boy over there whom you’ve said you wanted to get married to, is a merchant’s son and a commoner. Do you fully understand that?”


“Yes, I understand it well.”


As I nodded to my Father, he muttered, “Is that so”, then sighed deeply and continued his words.


“You are the daughter of a Duke, one in possession of a highly useful unique skill. In the future, you will doubtlessly receive countless marriage proposals of favourable conditions. At that time, you may come to regret your engagement with that boy there. Have you properly considered such a situation? ”


“Of course. I have no plans on marrying anyone other than Ursch-kun. No matter how good the conditions may be, I shall refuse them all.”


These feelings of mine have crossed the boundaries between worlds. There is only one condition that I wish from my marriage partner. That he must be Ursch-kun.


“Is that so. Mr Schneiver, as you have just heard, my daughter wishes to be engaged to your son.”


Father and Father-in-Law faced each other, ready to begin talks. Father with his steadfast face, and Father-in-Law with his business smile that betrayed no emotions. It seems that I wouldn’t be needed anymore. For what it’s worth, I did work on a plan to persuade them, though.


“That appears to be the case. From my family’s perspective, there is not a single reason to refuse such a request, thus I believe it best to leave everything henceforth to your discretion.”


Maintaining his business smile, Father-in-law innocuously replied.

Now that I think about it, when he acknowledged me as his son’s bride just now, it seemed that he was welcoming me, but there’s no way to say that in front of the Duke himself, is there?

Now then, what is Father going to do?

If for some reason he disapproves, I’ll have to put my persuasion plan into action. I’ve never done a presentation before, so I should start preparing myself so I don’t get too nervous.


“Hm. In my opinion, Bella would be better suited to marry someone of a more prestigious background. However… all of our family have wedded for true love, myself included. Given that, for this child to be the only one rejected of her desired partner… it would be too pitiful.”


For nobles, not being able to marry the person of your choice is the norm. However, the political might of my family was way too high, capable of destroying the power balance in the country, so there wasn’t any need to increase it any further with a political marriage.


“Be that as it may, Bella is still only a six-year-old child. Although she says this now, as children age, it’s commonplace that the person they’re in love with also changes. Therefore, I cannot permit her a marriage so soon. I do not wish to deprive her of her future options.”


Urk, I can’t really criticize his decision because he’s technically not wrong. It’s true that children often change their mind as they like, but I’m an adult at heart!! Well, just because one’s an adult, it’s not like the person they like will never change, but at the very least, mine won’t change!!


“Having said that, I’d like to instead designate your son, Ursch-kun, as one of Bella’s fiancé candidates. Would that be acceptable?”


“Yes, that’s perfectly fine. I’m very grateful that you even deemed my son worthy of a chance.”


“Bella, I’m sure you’re satisfied with it as well?”


Not at all.

I wanted to be engaged to Ursch-kun right away, before any annoying pests could attach themselves to him!!


I puffed up my cheeks and looked up at Father, silently conveying my dissatisfaction. The reason I didn’t put it into words was because I understood where my father was coming from, and that it would be too selfish of me to not compromise.





As my daughter silently puffed her cheeks in anger, I felt troubled. Her puffed cheeks made her look like a squirrel, and I felt that she was adorable.

However, I can’t keep my youngest child angry forever.

Because I might get hated that way.

As I looked around, thinking of a way to appease my daughter’s anger, my eyes met with her crush, Ursch-kun or what’s-his-name.


For a moment, chills ran down my spine.

Narrow eyes similar to his father, ones which leave you unsure of whether they’re open or not. From his eyes which I couldn’t see, I felt a cold, sharp gaze penetrate me. However, the expression plastered on his face was that of a harmless sheep’s.

For him to only be a 6-year-old child…


I see. Regardless of him being only six years old, his nature as a Schneiver is already showing.

He recognises Isabella as one of his own, as his “treasure”.

This is why I didn’t want to acknowledge my beloved daughter’s engagement with a family of merchants derided for being Fafnir’s kin.


Why was my Isabella caught by such a troublesome man?

If possible, I want Isabella to change her mind before the engagement is set in stone.


“Bella, it’s futile even if you make such a face. To begin with, engagement is too early at 6 years of age. Your siblings decided on their engagement partner during their schooling, it’s not something to be rushed. ”


“That’s right, Bella. Even if he’s only a fiancé candidate, should the both of you have feelings for each other, it would be as though having a provisional engagement. Provided those feelings remain the same, then the marriage would proceed as it is.”


Isabella increasingly puffed her cheeks at my statement, but as my wife followed up with a statement of her own, she realised that there was no use, and her shoulders drooped.

Please don’t be so depressed.

This is all for your sake, Bella.


“This can’t be… For it to be just, ‘provisional’.”





I saw Ursch-kun and Father-in-Law off to their carriage, letting out a huge sigh as they left.

A “provisional” engagement, huh.

Well, I guess there’s no helping it. I should just be happy that they weren’t completely opposed to the idea.


After that, Father, Mother, and Father-in-Law discussed the topic amongst themselves, and at the end decided that should my and Ursch-kun’s feelings remain the same, then our engagement would become official when we turned 15. Furthermore, as long as we don’t change our minds during the 3 years at the Magic Academy, we would be able to marry after graduation.


Nine years until the real engagement. It’s so long~.

Speaking of nine years later, that’s when the game officially starts.

The in-game Isabella could only stay at the Magic Academy for one year, but in order to get married to Ursch-kun, I have to somehow get through three years of school life and safely graduate.


For that sake, I definitely have to avoid getting engaged with the Second Prince.

My first goal is to enrol as Ursch-kun’s fianceé.


And after enrolling, I’d have to threaten everyone so that no pests would try to get closer to Ursch-kun. At the same time, I’d also need to avoid characters who appeared in the game, especially the heroine.

My second goal is to safely overcome the nightmarish first year.


Furthermore, I have to survive through the events (incidents) scheduled to occur in the second and third year together with Ursch-kun.

My last goal is to graduate with him.


With that settled, let’s have a “game review”.


※   Fafnir: A poison dragon obsessed with treasure (gold).


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