The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!! (WN)

[The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!!]


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Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Translator: winter

The villainess wants to be a commoner!! is an ongoing web novel written by 杏亭リコ and currently consists of 135 chapters in syosetsu.


After reincarnating, I found myself as the Villainess in an Otome game I often played. A prince, a knight, a magician…to these high-spec love interests I say ‘no thank you’! I’ll beat down all the destruction flags in my way with all my might to get happily married with my beloved character, the “Commoner”!



Reincarnating with cheats and the game’s background settings (チート転生と、ゲームの裏事情あれこれ)

Chapter #1 on NU!

Chapter #2 — We! Are getting married!! (私達!結婚しますわ!!)

Chapter #3 — Settings and chances of victory (設定と勝算)

Chapter #4 — Ah… this is the so-called, “Cheat Reincarnation”. (あ・・・。これは世に言う、チート系の転生だわ。)

Chapter #5 — It’s the magic that merchants envy the most~ (商人が一番羨む魔法だねぇ~)

Chapter #6 — I’ve memorised every word of every sentence without mistake. (一言一句、違わずに覚えているわよ。)

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