The Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner Chapter 6

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Chapter #6 — I’ve memorised every word of every sentence without mistake. (一言一句、違わずに覚えているわよ。)


“Would it be alright if I were to confirm something, Isabella-sama?”


After recovering from his daze, Father-in-Law asked me with a smile. What an amazing smile. As though he was going to start rubbing his hands together, it was such a smile.


“I don’t mind. What would it be?”


“Would it be correct of me to assume that the items stored by this so-called ‘Space-Time Magic’ would follow the user wherever they go?”


“Certainly. It is indeed possible to withdraw the items regardless of how far the user has travelled from the place they first stored them.”


As a person with knowledge of the game from my previous life, furthermore being used to the game mechanics, ‘What obvious facts are you talking about…’ was what I thought but for them, it’s an unknown magic that they’ve never known about before. There are sure to be a lot of questions.


“I see. One more thing, earlier, you’ve mentioned that ‘while maintaining the quality of the item, it is stored in a space where time is stopped’. May I have more details regarding this matter?”


Now then, how should I go about explaining this?

“The items that are stored inside have their quality maintained, furthermore time is stopped for the item.”

If I were to prove as such, I could actually just hand over the piping hot “Giant Frog Toasted Sandwich” I had in store but… I’d be troubled if they asked, “Where did you get this?”.


Isn’t there anything else I have that wouldn’t be strange for a Duke’s daughter to possess?

I checked the contents of the 【Closet】 for something harmless and ordinary.


“Blue Rosereale in Ice” Hmm.

The fact that the ice remains unmelted proves that time had stopped, but…this would definitely raise even more questions of “where did you get this?”, wouldn’t it? It’s a rare gacha item after all, capable of full recovery of those within the set area… single-use though.

Why did Ursch-kun put an item like this in the gacha? It’s a mystery.


Isn’t there anything normal? You know, ordinary?

Ah!! There is!! “Iced lemonade” and “Hot lemonade”!! This is it!!

They recover the SAN (Sanity) stat by 3, but since you can’t tell that by just looking, this should be fine. I had a feeling that an otome game having a SAN stat might be odd, but since I didn’t know about any other otome games, I just stopped thinking about it.


In any case, I took out the aforementioned items and showed them to Father-in-law.


“Just like these, cold items will remain cold, and warm items will remain warm. It will be as if time has stopped for them. As such, they will not rot either.”


Father-in-law gingerly took the lemonade I offered. After also checking the second lemonade, he voiced his admiration.


“This is amazing!! With this magic, it would no longer be a dream to purchase large amounts of produce such as meat and seafood without any spoilage, furthermore herbs could be mass transported without them drying up!! How did you learn this magic?”


“I wonder? Ever since I can remember, I have always been able to use it.”


In truth, it only became available about 10 minutes ago.


“I see. Well, it’s a magic that I’ve neither seen nor heard of until now, so it may be a unique skill.”


So it’s a skill he’s never heard of, is it? In that case, it might be better to refrain from using it in public.


“But I must say, this drink has a very pleasant scent. What may this drink be? Even the cup is impressive. It makes one wonder which workshop made it. I would certainly like to do business with them. May I know where this cup was purchased? ”


In the end, I was still asked where I got it from!! As if I’d know something like that!! Ask your son!! I bought it with mini-game points from his store after all!! Even if it’s 9 years from now!!

(T/N: I think this means… Ursch now +9 years = merchant Ursch in-game)


“……In truth, I don’t even recall when I stored it away.”


“So it was stored away that long ago …”


No, not in the past, but rather in the future.


If the conversation kept going in this direction, I’d definitely say something I shouldn’t, so I needed to change the topic quickly. Come to think of it, the cargo was still in the middle of being transported.


“Well then, as the moving of the wares has not been completed, shall I finish transporting them to the wagons?”




After that, I moved everything out of my【Closet】and into the wagons, completing the transportation and scaring the driver in the process. The 3 wagons were then sent on their way back.


Ursch-kun and Father-in-law were notified by our servants to make their way to the reception room, thus remained in the manor.

While drinking tea in the reception room and waiting for my parents to arrive, the conversation topic shifted to the lemonade earlier. Really, I wish they’d just forget about that already.


Losing to Father-in-law’s intense curiosity, I presented the two of them with lemonade.


“Woow. This is really delicious~.”


Ursch-kun drank the lemonade without hesitation even when not knowing when or where it came from. You need to be a little more cautious… Ah, what a lovely smile. I’m getting healed.


“This is my first time drinking this, but it’s delicious. This ‘lemonade’ will definitely sell well.”


Ever the merchant, Father-in-law seems to view the lemonade as a merchandise with high potential. But, even if he asked for the recipe of the lemonade, I can’t answer since I don’t know it.


“Hmm~, but, I think the selling price would be an issue. This is made from high quality ingredients after all.”


Eh? Could it be that Ursch-kun figured out the ingredients just by drinking it? That’s amazing! He has the talent to be a chef!! By the way, I was given a sip too, but I still have no idea what was in it.


“Ursch, what ingredients do you need to make this?”


“First, it’s lemons right~. Then it’s sugar, and honey from the D-class monster, Honeybee. Then some hot water to dilute it. Oh, and also a pinch of salt.”


……Ursch-kun. Is it just me, or was a dangerous ingredient mentioned in the middle there? I think honey from an ordinary bee is good enough, you know?


“Indeed, Honeybee honey is quite expensive. Even if we substitute it with regular honey, the recipe contains sugar too, which would raise the price.”


That’s right. Regular honey is enough, isn’t it? Why would Ursch-kun specify honey from a monster called Honeybee or something?


“Yep, if we’re selling it normally, I think that’s fine. It’s just that, by using Honeybee honey, this lemonade gains the ability to cure status ailments, thus greatly raising its value.”


He can tell that much just by drinking it?! This isn’t a matter of having a good sense of taste anymore, is it? This is practically a type of skill now, isn’t it?


“Aah, I suppose we should tell your bride-to-be, Miss Isabella. Ursch was born with the【Appraisal】skill. It occasionally happens in our family bloodline. A child born with the【Appraisal】skill, that is.”


Father-in-law has approved me as the future bride~!! And I learned about Ursch-kun’s background, which wasn’t in the game. So that’s why he said, “I think I can make medicine out of them.”


“When I turn 15, I plan to enrol in the Rosereale Magic Academy’s Alchemy Department.”


I see, so that’s why he was selling his Magic Item creations to students. Though, I think he skipped the Alchemist level and created items of a Sage’s level.

Eh? It doesn’t necessarily mean that the items were created by Ursch-kun himself? No, it was definitely written at the top of Ursch-kun’s shop.


《Welcome. Here, I sell my Magic Item creations~. 》

《In this corner are the items I created in class~. You can exchange your points for them~. 》

《In this corner are the items I personally made~. You can buy them with eMoney~. 》


Heh. I came back so many times that I’ve memorised every word of every sentence without mistake.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Ursch-kun got permission from the school. Ursch-kun never had a specified position and was a wandering character of the school, so when I wanted an item, I had to search the entire school grounds for him.


Was it doing it illegally?…. Ursch-kun, with a bit of a bad side to him, is also wonderful.


winter: I just recently found out about this SAN stat thing when I played this game that involved serial killing. It was only towards the end that I realised it meant sanity so,, I raised mine too high oops. So when I was translating I was like: ??? Doesn’t SAN mean sanity?? Eh?? Otome games have those??

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