The Ultimate Student Chapter 1

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Chapter: 1(MTLed)

The sun in September was still hot, and people in the street, where the hot sunlight fell, were rushing, sweating, and did not want to stay outside even for a second.

However, for Ji Feng, this season was even colder than winter!

“Let’s break up!”

“Hui Hui, you, what did you just say?” Ji Feng asked with a trembling voice.

“I said, I want to break up with you!” The girl named Hui Hui said coldly. “And from now on, please don’t call me Hui Hui. My name is Hu Xuehui!”

“Why?” Ji Feng asked with a gray face, “Hui Hui, why?”

Ji Feng’s heart cramped and he almost stumbled.

Just two months ago, the two people have agreed to exchange solemn vows and pledged to never separate. However, after the last summer vacation, he actually heard the words of breaking up. How could he be convinced?

Ji Feng stared blankly at the beautiful girl in front of him, the pain in his heart was hard to bear.

Hu Xuehui and Ji Feng were both senior high school students in the Second Middle School of Suishi County, and they were classmates.

Ji Feng’s character was honest, and he was a man of few words, although his house was in Xian City, he, however, did not have the traits of those students from Xian City, just that his result was slightly lousier, and was considered to be below average in his class.

But Hu Xuehui was a beautiful girl and had a lively character. She liked to talk with people and was the vice squad leader in the class. Therefore, she was favored by male students. Some male students even fought for her.

In the end, however, Ji Feng, who was always quiet, got the girl’s heart.

Because two were the deskmate, so after a long time, they had a good impression of each other, that secretly developed into a romantic feeling.

However, Ji Feng did not think that as soon as the third year of school began, he would hear Hu Xuehui request for break up.

“Why?” Do you mean to ask me why? ” When Hu Xuehui heard him, her voice could not help but be raised a little, so the students who had passed turned their heads and glanced at them.

“What did I do wrong?” Ji Feng asked with a pale face, and with the impetuosity tone.

“Ji Feng, we cannot continue because we have different roads in the future!” Hu Xuehui said coldly and arrogantly: “Do you think that with your family conditions, can you support yourself to go to college? With your achievements, can you go to college? I want to go to college. If I go to the city and live with you, It will only ruin my future!”

“Family?” Ji Feng’s face suddenly became pale as he was stunned. He asked, “Didn’t I tell you long ago that my family was very poor. Why did you just break up now?”

“Why?” Hu Xuehui sneered, her tone was full of mockery. “Ji Feng, you know I spent the summer vacation in Jiangzhou in my sister’s home. Do you know how much my sister and brother-in-law house is worth? You just work hard all your life and can’t afford a toilet. Do you know how much my sister’s car is worth?”

Ji Feng shook his head with difficulty and said: “I will work hard to make money!”

Ji Feng had heard Hu Xuehui talked about her sister, and she said that her sister worked in Jiangzhou, how did she suddenly become a rich person, now?

“Huh, hard?” Hu Xuehui laughed sarcastically: “How many years have you been working on? Ten years, twenty years, or fifty years? I don’t want to be able to afford to live in a big city when you’re about to die. You only have the ability to drive a car. Ji Feng, later do not pester me again, I must go to college in Jiangzhou. In the future, we would not be the people of the same world!”

Ji Fengyan stared at her. Originally, Hu Xuehui face would always bloom with the most beautiful smile for him, but now this beautiful face was filled with pride. Those bright eyes are full of indifference.

“Okay, we broke up!” Ji Feng finally nodded. Hu Xuehui has already shown thousands of miles away indifference in resisting him. His efforts to retrieve their relation was also futile.

In this case, Ji Feng, who had a low self-esteem, chose to retain the last dignity for himself!

“Also, I’ve already requested the teacher for a different seat, and later we are no longer at the same table and have nothing to do with each other!” Hu Xuehui said indifferently and turned away proudly, and no longer looked at the Ji Feng.

A girl who had been waiting for Hu Xuehui for a long time, when saw that the talk between the two was over, she walked over and left with her.

“Xue Hui, what you just said seemed too harsh. Is that alright?” From a distant, the voice of the girl came.

“Oh, I’m polite to say this!” Hu Xuehui looked very angry. “He is just a city boy. His family was so poor that he was not even willing to buy a gift for me. I was really blind before. How could I have taken a liking to him?!”

“Xue Hui, you should speak quietly, don’t be heard by Ji Feng!” The girl seemed to feel a bit bad and advised her.

“Who are you afraid of hearing? That poor, illegitimate child…” Hu Xuehui said disdain.

Hung(Boom) ~~~!

Ji Feng, not far away, from hearing this sentence, seemed to be struck by lightning, his whole body stood on the spot, breathing rapidly, his face flushed, and his eyes almost burst out.

The illegitimate child … illegitimate child … Bast*rd …

Ji Feng’s teeth were crunched, on the forehead blue veins rose high, his whole body almost suffocated, his fists clenched, loosened, then clenched, and then loosened…

After Hu Xuehui and that girl went far, Ji Feng finally managed to calm down and smiled sadly: “The illegitimate child…Bast*rd…hehe…”

That’s right, Ji Feng is an illegitimate child, although, it’s hard to listen. A Bast*rd!

This secret, besides Hu Xuehui, he had never told anyone. Because Ji Feng was an illegitimate child, his mother was driven out of the house by her grandparents. If it wasn’t for good-hearted people, his mother and he would have already become streets beggars, or even starved to death on the streets.

The three words of ‘bast*rd’ became the best joke because of which other children laughed at him, accompanied by his entire childhood.

Because of his illegitimate child’s identity, Ji Feng became humble and introverted. Even if someone else had a mocking look, he could be ashamed to death.

Until he met Hu Xuehui, Ji Feng’s personality started to become a little cheerful. Because of this, he told Hu Xuehui his family and his identity.

However, he could never have imagined that his own poor family had become the reason why Hu Xuehui broke up. The identity of his illegitimate child became an object of mocking and disdain for her!

“Just, Just’…”

Ji Feng shook his head and walked out of the school with a loss of soul. He smiled blankly: “I’m an illegitimate child. I’m just an illegitimate…. illegitimate child. Even the one I loved most, unscrupulously taunted me…”


      In the hot September, almost no pedestrians were seen on the street, making Ji Feng more lonely. Only the TVs in the nearby shops were playing music and television programs, making this summer not so lonely.

“The latest broadcast shows that scientists recently observed a cluster of Crab-like nebulae in a space of 1 billion light-years away from the Solar System, releasing surprising gamma-ray flares. This is the first time that gamma has been observed in the cosmic nebula. According to scientists, gamma-ray flares are too far away to affect human life…”

The announcers who were playing this news did not know that, just outside the atmosphere, a beam of gamma-ray flares were coming towards the earth.

Ji Feng who had lost his soul was walking down the street, aimlessly. He was viciously ridiculed by his the beloved girl. She broke his heart as if there was no soul.

At this moment, the sun in the sky seemed to flicker. A beam of light, that was hard to see with the naked eye, hit Ji Feng’s head, causing him to collapse on the spot and lose his consciousness.

Note: Oops! Just noticed that there are chapters from 1 to 5 already translated. Since I am translating for fun only, so I won’t be translating as it takes a very long time…… You people have to search for those chapters yourself as the links in the NU is dead.  Good luck!!

There will be irregular releases(maybe a chapter a month) and do not expect too much from me in terms of quality and releases as I am a newbie MTlor…………………. Good day!!

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