The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 — You Smell Really Good


Hand… It was her hand… then slender fingers spread open, like the blooming of a flower.


Another sound of disjointed bones, and the other fluffy paw of the little fox turned into a white slender woman’s arm.

Xiao Xi’s body ached like it was on fire. She clenched her teeth and hoped that the transformation will finish quickly. It has been a while since Feng Lingran had gone to the bathroom, surely he would return to his room soon. She did not want to be seen by Feng Lingran as she was now. Not just because of that, she also feels terrible right now.

Two more “clacks” later.

The little fox’s fluffy hind legs turned into slender females’ legs, even and white. The white fur on the little fox’s face was gradually burned away and revealed a beautiful jade like skin underneath. Finally all the fur on the body had disappeared and Xiao Xi felt the pain in her body gradually fade away. She floated in mid-air, a white supple jade like beauty, behind which three snow-white fox tails were swaying slowly in the air, like a beautiful little fox demon, carelessly falling into the mundane world.

This image was exquisite, demonic and heavenly, but not in a repulsive sense, as if she was naturally this way.

A moment passed.

Floating in mid-air, Xiao Xi slowly landed on the bed. Flawless white skin, touched the silk quilt, and she lets out a comfortable sigh. It was so tiring, as if she had experienced a life or death calamity, and now she returned to the world. This feeling of lying on the bed is just… blissful.

Xiao Xi’s beautiful little face nuzzled the silky brocade quilt. Her long slender eyelashes were like feathers, a small flutter exudes a myriad of elegance. She lay tired on the bed and those feather like eyelashes gradually droops.

All of a sudden.

There was a sound of the door being pushed open.

In an instant, Xiao Xi’s drooping eyelashes rose. Her heart raced, thinking that she almost forgot that this is Feng Lingran’s room, three fluffy tails rapidly drilled into the quilt, and her fingers lifted the quilt over herself.

Xiao Xi’s heart was thumping wildly, as if it was about to jump out of her chest. She slowly moves her sight forward and arrived at a pair of black leather boots, cloud patterns was embroidered onto it with gold thread, displaying its outstanding honour.

Oh no, Feng Lingran came in. Did he see?

Xiao Xi’s plush tails started quivering inside of the brocade quilt. She felt as if she had been caught by Feng Lingran’s hands and that her original shape had been unquestionably exposed in front of him.

Xiao Xi’s eyes dare not move up, her heart just could not endure the guilt. She was afraid to see the look of disgust on Feng Lingran’s exquisite face, and was absolutely terrified with the thought of being abandoned by Feng Lingran.

It felt as if a century had passed.

Suddenly, those black leather boots moved and steadily approaches her position.

Xiao Xi’s heart immediately beats faster. Thump, thump, the black leather boots drew closer, further accelerating her running pulse.

Xiao Xi swallowed her saliva and slipped deeper into the quilt. She managed to cover her neck, but fell short from covering her entire head.

Xiao Xi saw the black boots stopped in front of the bed, and his long fingers were right in front of her eyes.

What should she do?

Xiao Xi’s fingers clenched nervously inside the quilt and ended up unconsciously grasping the material tightly.

Feng Lingran did not say a word from entering the room until reaching the bedside, but Xiao Xi could feel that his intense line of sight had never left her face. She felt like she was a sinner that could not hide from his gaze nor escape from the palm of his hand.

This notion… is absurd… but strangely realistic.

Seeing Feng Lingran standing at the bedside, unmoving. Her thoughts ran wild. Slightly pursing her pink lips, she slowly raised her head and moved her eyesight from his long body to his exquisite face.

Four eyes intersects.

Xiao Xi’s heart gave a jolt.

“F-Feng…… Lingran.”

Xiao Xi spat out the words with a slight stutter, it really was not because she was afraid of him, but because… right now… underneath the quilt, she was completely naked. Even more so, she was also hiding three fluffy fox tails. Under these circumstances, Xiao Xi felt weak in front of Feng Lingran. With just one slight move of his finger he can lift the quilt and her everything would be exposed, undeniably she would then be unable to show her face.

Feng Lingran’s deep inky eyes stared at the little girl lying on his bed. Delicate and flawless face with a pair of flustered watery eyes. Feng Lingran’s black eyes flashed a mysterious light, he then took a seat next to the little girl.

Xiao Xi saw him suddenly approaching and like a frightened deer she pulled herself deeper inside to hide. With this movement, her beautiful lotus root arm was exposed from within the brocade quilt.

Being a person with a modern way of thinking, she thought nothing of showing off her bare arm. She grabbed the brocade quilt with her fingers and tucked it in. She was way more afraid of her nude body being exposed to Feng Lingran’s eyes.

“Feng Lingran…….Can you help me get a set of clothes from my room?” Her room is right next to his and there are several new clothes that had been recently delivered by Qin Wen.

Currently, Xiao Xi could not go to her room so casually. She could only count on Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran did not immediately promise Xiao Xi, nor did he say anything.

Xiao Xi’s heart became anxious. What does this mean? He should be fully aware that she was the little fox after seeing her transformation in such a calm and collected manner. But why won’t he get her clothes now? Does he want her to sleep in his bed naked?

Thinking about this.

Xiao Xi’s delicate face blushed a deep red, like a peach blossom in March, beautiful and charming.

Xiao Xi pursed her lips and her eyes flickered with anxiety. She stretched out her delicate fingers and entangle them on Feng Lingran’s robe, pulling at them lightly. She fluttered her eyelashes, and said, “Would you do me a favor, Feng Lingran?”

Feng Lingran looked at the beautiful girl on the bed with drooping eyelashes and a trembling voice trying to make an appeal. His slender fingers moved and placed itself on the back of her hand. He felt the small hand on his palm tremble slightly. His thin lips raised a fleeting smile, and in the twinkling of an eye it disappeared. His slender fingers moved slowly along her hand, caressing Xiao Xi’s white and smooth skin, inch by inch.

Xiao Xi watched as Feng Lingran ran his slender fingers along her arm, every inch of skin he touched, gave a shiver which subsides into numbness. Xiao Xi was somewhat stunned, her heart trembled, it was as if her body had been acupunctured and rendered stationary.

“Feng…… Feng Lingran…… you…….”

Before Xiao Xi’s trembling voice could finish its sentence. Feng Lingran’s fingers had come up to her shoulder. Suddenly, he bent down, close to her face, with the tip of his nose against her shoulder, and murmured, “You… smell really good. “

Xiao Xi’s brain exploded.

It was a bolt from the blue.

Feng Lingran is not going to suck her blood again, right?

Xiao Xi thought of what Feng Lingran did to her in the bathtub last time. Suddenly, she realized that her current position now, hiding under the quilt, was similar to the situation in the bathtub at that time. If Feng Lingran did to her as he did before… How could she run away?

“I don’t want to!” Xiao Xi tried to reason desperately, “Feng Lingran, did your brain get watered down after taking a bath? Have you not wake up? Can’t you be slightly more civil? Sit down and talk properly.”

Feng Lingran whispered a laugh in her ear, deep and low, Xiao Xi’s heart shook, she wanted to stay away from Feng Lingran. Like so, wrapped in quilt, she suddenly moved off the bed.

With Xiao Xi moving so suddenly like this, Feng Lingran put some pressure on his grip on her shoulder. Xiao Xi felt as if her shoulder was about to be dislocated by Feng Lingran and cried out in pain. She dared not move any more. Raising her delicate little face, she looked at Feng Lingran’s cold handsome face.

“Feng Lingran, let go.”

“Xi’er, your foolish behavior makes Ben Wang a little unhappy.”

Feng Lingran’s feather like eyelashes drooped, black inky eyes, mysterious and ever changing, quietly stares at Xiao Xi. His thin lips then spits out some words with indifference.

“You’ve gone too far.”

So far, Xiao Xi has always been with Feng Lingran, it could even be said that she was constantly being held in his hands. When had she ever been faced with such an indifferent attitude from him? Xiao Xi suddenly felt her heart clench. Another white and flawless arm stretched out off the quilt and fiercely beat against his arm which was holding her shoulder tightly.

“Let go! let go of me!” She growled at him.

Feng Lingran watched her thump her small fist on his arm, gradually her movements become  large, revealing the smooth white back under the brocade quilt, his black inky eyes turned deep.

His arms were like iron rods. Xiao Xi’s fists hurts, but he did not feel much at all.

Xiao Xi looked at her little red fist and felt angry. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and bit into his arm. When her teeth were about to pierce into Feng Lingran’s arm, Xiao Xi hesitated as she recalled her promise to Feng Lingran, leaving her in a dilemma.

The brocade quilt slides lower down her white flawless back, Xiao Xi was unaware of the situation, entirely absorbed in her inner conflict, to bite? Or not to bite?

Feng Lingran gazed attentively at her back, his black inky eyes stirred, and his adam’s apple gave a slight roll. He seemed to be smelling more of that enchanting fragrance. That fragrance that made him unable to stop himself. Never before had he wanted to get something this much…  almost as if it was enticing his very soul.

While Xiao Xi was still hesitating, she suddenly felt a weight on her back… A hand was wandering, her stomach went cold, yet her body was burning up.

Xiao Xi was shocked. She hurriedly removed her mouth from his arm, just when she was about to stop Feng Lingran, the hand on her shoulder moved to her arm, and pulled. Xiao Xi felt her head spin, her body slipped out of the quilt and fell into his arms.

In a princess carry.

Xiao Xi’s hands quickly covered her chest, but then she heard his low mocking voice, “There’s nothing to see, what is there to cover?”

Xiao Xi’s face was painted with a deep red, that hateful Feng Lingran, what does he mean? Is he saying that she has a wall for a chest, is that it?

“Don’t look, it’s indecent, Feng Lingran. You said it yourself, or is it possible that you yourself forgot?”

Xiao Xi glared at Feng Lingran fuming with anger and embarrassment. A small hand went to pull the quilt on her stomach. But she did not think that before she could pull the quilt up, Feng Lingran grabbed her hands, push them on the bed and bent down close to her face…..



Sellychi: Oh my FLR how bold~

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