The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 — Hugging Feng Lingran’s Thighs


Xiao Xi looked at the handsome face that was gradually getting closer, her breath stopped, staring with eyes wide, her mind had gone blank. She also forgot that at this moment, her chest was completely bare, until his thin lips fell on her delicate neck, Xiao Xi’s heart began to beat again, jumping frantically.

Feng Lingran’s fingers are clasped tightly, without any gaps, and with great strength. Xiao Xi was unable to struggle at all. She can only endure it in his arms under this forced position. To endure… this shameless man… drink blood.

“Hnn, truly fragrant.” Feng Lingran sucked the blood on her neck, black inky eyes squinted in satisfaction as he sighed in a low voice.

Xiao Xi’s entire face was red, even until the tip of her ears. There was no pain on her neck, rather it was just numb. Her body was gradually softening in his arms. What was this feeling? Xiao Xi’s eyes gradually blurred.

After an unknown amount of time has passed.

Feng Lingran stopped sucking blood, but his thin lips did not leave her neck. Instead, he stretched out the tip of his tongue and lightly licked her wound.

Xiao Xi was palpitating all over. Her blurred eyes gradually clear. She felt his thin lips move down and Xiao Xi’s heart trembled fiercely.

“Feng Lingran.” Suddenly she gave a loud cry.

Perhaps her scream helped. He stopped for a moment and slowly raised his handsome face and looked at Xiao Xi’s embarrassed and angry little face.

“You’ve sucked my blood. What else do you want to do to me?” Xiao Xi’s eyes watered, heart feeling wronged.

It would be perfectly fine if they were a couple of lovebirds. He was just looking at her blood, not her person, and now he is interested in her body and wants to do that to her. Right now she is completely sober, how can she accept it? Even if she liked him, she does not want such a bully.

Xiao Xi felt tears rolling out of her eyes, but still stubbornly looked at Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran saw the hot tears sliding down Xiao Xi’s eyes and felt a jolt in his brain. The mysterious light in his black inky eyes dispersed and he regained clarity. When he saw the little girl in his arms, the white and flawless body, in his arms, his hands tightly clasping her fingers, Feng Lingran immediately released her hands, avert his black inky eyes, and pulled up the quilt to cover Xiao Xi’s body.

What… How could this happen?

Xiao Xi saw Feng Lingran return to normal, the grievance in her heart, immediately like a broken dam it all flooded out, the beads tumbled down, still with this kind of expression she continues to look at Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran dared not look directly at Xiao Xi’s eyes and frowned fiercely, but he still turned his handsome face towards her.

“Xi’er, I will be responsible for you.”

Feng Lingran finished speaking and Xiao Xi was dumb struck. The tears also seemingly forgot how to flow. He…. he… he’s going to be responsible for her?

How is he going to be responsible? By marrying her?

Xiao Xi’s heart trembled, looked at Feng Lingran and hesitated. If he liked her and said these words to her passionately, maybe she would have agreed, but now… He said that because he saw her body, not because he liked her at all.

“No need, you didn’t really do anything to me, so you don’t have to be responsible.” She does not need this kind of responsibility.

Feng Lingran who just got refused by Xiao Xi, suddenly felt uncomfortable. When he thought of her wrongful tears just now, she seemed to be so unwilling to be embraced by him. Feng Lingran frowned and thought about what had happened in Nanling. He looked at Xiao Xi in front of him and had a strange idea in his heart.

Does she like Nan Gongyin?

“Ben Wang already saw your body… ruining your virtue. From now on, no other man will want you Xiao Xi. You’d better think about it and answer Ben Wang again.” Feng Lingran finished, thin lips pulled tight and face looking cold.

Xiao Xi frowned. No other man would want her? So she had to marry him?

“You don’t have to worry about it. I have my own plans.”

Feng Lingran’s frown grew deeper and deeper. She has her own plans… was she already prepared to go with Nan Gongyin?

“Ben Wang will give you some time to think about it and wait until you’ve figured it out.”

Feng Lingran gave her no time to refuse, immediately after he had finished, he got up and walked out of the room.

Xiao Xi feels that Feng Lingran’s words were strange. Before she could think further about it, she sees Feng Lingran walking out of the door. She cries out in a hurry, “Feng Lingran, get me a set of clothes from the next room. I have no clothes on me… to wear.”

“It will be delivered tomorrow.”

With that, the door was closed and Xiao Xi was left on the bed, thoroughly disheveled.

Some time passed after Feng Lingran left, Xiao Xi was not sleepy at all. She reached out and touched her neck. It seemed that she could not feel any wound there and it did not hurt in the slightest. She thought of Feng Lingran holding her and sucking blood from her neck. Her heart palpitated and her face turned red.

Xiao Xi held her hot little face in both hands and recalled that he was going to marry her. This made her heart race. For a long time, her palpitating heart could not calm down.

“Little disciple, What are you thinking about? Why is your little face so red?”

Suddenly the voice of Zi Yi came. Xiao Xi was shocked to see the same handsome face as Feng Lingran, her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

A moment later.

Xiao Xi took a few deep breaths before blushing, “Master, why are you here?”

Zi Yi awkwardly coughed twice, “Today I’ve overslept, noticing that you were late to find master, master came to you, but did not expect, that you had an early transformation, or…”

Xiao Xi saw Zi Yi suddenly stopped talking. She asked, “What is it?”

Suddenly Zi Yi floated over, bent down and looked carefully at Xiao Xi’s delicate little face.

His action, made Xiao Xi wrapped herself tighter in the quilt and move backwards. Facing the same handsome face as Feng Lingran, Xiao Xi’s heart still feels inexplicable worries.

“What are you doing hiding from master? Master won’t eat you.”

Zi Yi stretched out his hand to catch Xiao Xi. Unfortunately, Xiao Xi could not be touched by his fingers and they passed through her delicate cheek.

Xiao Xi could not feel the temperature of his fingers, but when he reached over, she avoided it instinctively.

“Master, You haven’t answered me yet!”

Zi Yi retracts his hand and raised it slightly. A bronze mirror appeared in Xiao Xi’s eyes.

“Little disciple, look at the face in the bronze mirror, doesn’t it look a little younger than you were last time?”

Xiao Xi looked at the delicate face in the bronze mirror, and did not find much difference from last time. In the previous transformation she did not observe herself carefully at all.

“Master, I can’t see it.”

Zi Yi sighed and said, “Little disciple, did you not notice that something has changed in your body, specifically in a certain place?”


Xiao Xi saw Zi Yi’s line of sight moving towards her chest. She blushed and raised her hand to cover his eyes, “Pervert, don’t look around.”

Xiao Xi’s hand could not touch Zi Yi. His existence is a void, floating in this space.

But when Xiao Xi reached out with her little hand, Zi Yi still closed his eyes as if he could smell her palm… an enchanting fragrance.

“Little disciple, the quilt wraps around you so tightly, what can master see?”

Zi Yi opened his eyes again, thin lips raised in a mischievous smile.

Xiao Xi looked down. The quilt was indeed really tight. She took back her hands and her delicate face turned red.

Zi Yi saw the little disciple looking bashful and tense, Phoenix eyes flashed with a glint, and he said, “Little disciple, from master’s memory, did you get smaller in some parts of your body?”

Xiao Xi immediately thought of her chest. Although she could not see it, she knew from Feng Lingran’s ridicule that….. it was small.

Xiao Xi blushed and nodded.

Zi Yi sighed and said slowly, “Master also did not expect, that the Jindan you took has been tampered with.”

Xiao Xi heard the words and was shocked. What? The Jindan was tampered with?

Will she die?

Zi Yi saw Xiao Xi’s anxious look, and continued, “Little disciple, don’t worry. Although this Jindan has been tampered with, it will not kill you, but it will make you grow backwards.”

“Reverse growth? Master, what does that mean?” Xiao Xi’s heart had not yet had time to breathe a sigh of relief, and her heart was alarmed once again.

“Life goes against its flow. Simply put, every time you swallow Jindan, you get younger.”

Ten thousand grass-mud horses roared by Xiao Xi’s heart. The bigger others were, the smaller she will be.

This… This… Wouldn’t this make her easy to be find out?

Xiao Xi was anxious, “Master, my good master, do you have any way to help me? I don’t want to get smaller.”

“Little disciple, my good little disciple, if there is a way to help you, master will help you, master does not want you to become smaller and smaller either.”

Zi Yi floated in front of Xiao Xi staring with those beautiful and enchanting phoenix eyes, as his words was said numbly.

Xiao Xi slightly drew the corner of her mouth, “What should I do then? Master can’t help me either?”

Zi Yi stated firmly, “There is no other way, it just needs time. Little disciple, you need to get along with Feng Lingran and wait for master to find the soul grass that can help stabilize your human form.”

After a pause, Zi Yi continued, “Little disciple, remember that you are now in an unstable shape and need the refuge of Feng Lingran, especially when you are far from master. Do you understand what master is trying to say?”

Xiao Xi looked at Zi Yi. How could she not understand what he meant?

Xiao Xi thought of what Feng Lingran had said to her, drooping her long eyelashes slightly, “Feng Lingran said that he would be responsible for the little disciple.”

Zi Yi was a little stunned, seeing a slight blush on Xiao Xi’s cheeks, he dully said, “Feng Lingran is a gentleman.”

Xiao Xi was silent.

For a moment, Xiao Xi thought of the little snow wolf.

“Master, the little snow wolf had also swallowed Jindan. Wouldn’t he reverse grow too?” Little snow wolf is not big. He is only six or seven years old. If he becomes three or four years old, it would be too obvious.

“Master forgot to tell you that although Jindan had been tampered, one was a primary dan, but you gave it to the little snow wolf. So only you will be one year younger every time you swallow Jindan. Now you can’t see it. But, when you swallow the rest three Jindan’s and reduce the number of years by three, you will be found out. Little disciple, you don’t have to hide this matter from Feng Lingran, go and tell him, it will be of great help to you in the future.”

Zi Yi means… Let her take the initiative to hug Feng Lingran’s thighs?


Sellychi: We all know that FLR is a jelly type of person~

Also let’s not think that she will get younger, please for the love of…. … Damn those Jin Dan! *Sigh* Yeah this will take a while…

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