The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 — A Little Fox Riding On The Black Panther’s Back


Zi Yi, who was floating outside of the beast enclosure, watched as the pursuing Yun Ni Junzhu went in. Phoenix eyes flashed with a malicious glint as he slightly raised his finger. Not even thinking twice when it comes to attacking Yun Ni Junzhu.

Suddenly, Yun Ni Junzhu let out a terrible scream, as though she had seen a ghost. She rushed out looking like she had almost pissed herself. The sword fell off of her trembling fingers. Her complexion was as unsightly as a white sheet of paper, while her eyes were filled with panic, as if she had seen something truly horrendous.

Soon, Zi Yi found out just what that horrid thing Yun Ni Junzhu had seen.

A black panther vigorously ran out of the beast enclosure, following right behind of Yun Ni Junzhu. A snow white little fox was sitting on that black panther’s back.

It was as if the little fox controlled the black panther to chase after Yun Ni Junzhu.

This scene…

Zi Yi snorted and laughed, phoenix eyes glittered with mirth.

Qin Wen and the servants finally caught up and arrived only to see this scene. They were simply stupefied. Where else can you see Yun Ni Junzhu almost pissing herself? The servants too, almost pissed themselves…..

Qin Wen has been with Feng Lingran for many years and has gone to the beast enclosure countless times, but this scene still astonished Qin Wen. That little fox…… How did it manage to ride on Hei Feng’s back? And even more, to make it chase after the wildly running Yun Ni Junzhu?

Seeing the terrified witless Yun Ni Junzhu that had completely lost all of the brutality and willfulness that she had just a moment ago, Qin Wen cannot help but want to applaud the little fox.


Suddenly Yun Ni Junzhu tripped and fell to the ground. She fearfully gaped at the dreadful black panther as it came charging over and cried out in fright.

“Don’t eat me… Don’t eat me… Someone save me!”

The black panther ground to a halt in front of Yun Ni Junzhu. Its fore paw bumped Yun Ni Junzhu’s arm, frightening her to move straight back. She wept silently, for her voice was stuck in her throat.

The little fox sitting on the panther’s back took in the expression of Yun Ni Junzhu’s fearful and desperate eyes. Wasn’t she the one trying to kill this fox with a sword just a moment ago? Now taste the feeling of having one foot in the grave. This is called the karmic cycle giving you the appropriate retribution.

“Squeak squeak squeak……”

After a certain little fox finished squeaking, Hei Feng took a few steps forward, raised its clawed black furred fore paw and settled it on Yun Ni Junzhu’s shoulder.

Such a beast was directly in front. Even if it does nothing, it will still turn people pale with fright. What’s more, it was extending its claws towards you? Right now, Yun Ni Junzhu seems to be a “prey” being played around by Hei Feng. At any time, Hei Feng could easily take hold of this “prey”, tear it to shreds, and then swallow it into its stomach.

Yun Ni Junzhu was afraid of dying. Where else can anyone endure Hei Feng’s terrifying teasing? In the end, Yun Ni Junzhu was unable to bear the fright. Her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

By this time, Hei Feng was tired of playing, it opened its big mouth, facing the neck of Yun Ni Junzhu it went for the kill……

Upon seeing this, Qin Wen turned pale with fright and quickly ran. He shielded the unconscious Yun Ni Junzhu with his body. He looked at the little fox on the black panther’s back and urgently spoke, “If an accident happened to Junzhu inside the wangfu, Hei Feng and everyone here would suffer.”

Qin Wen does not know if the little fox understands his language, but he knew that the little fox was psychic and would surely understand what he meant.

The little fox tugged at the black panther’s fur. The big mouth of the panther, which was very close to Qin Wen, stopped. It slowly moved its mouth away, turned its head and looked at the little fox riding on it. With a shake of its body, a certain little fox went rolling down.

When the little fox was about to reach the ground, its front paws suddenly held onto Hei Feng’s paw, then by means of its own strength, it deftly flipped around and returned to Hei Feng’s back.

“Squeak squeak squeak……”

The little fox swiped its claw at Hei Feng’s head, as if it was reprimanding Hei Feng for shaking it down.

Hei Feng was being beaten, but did not return even a paw to the little fox. It just stood there quietly. This obviously mighty black panther, in front of the little fox, was acting like a mere punching bag.

The people watching were simply perplexed.

The little fox knows in its heart that Hei Feng owes it. Back then, Feng Lingran and it performed a good play in the beast enclosure.


Before the little fox and Zi Yi left the wangfu, the little fox specifically went to the dining room to pick up a chicken leg. Now in the dining room, when the servants saw it, they all knew that the little fox was Feng Lingran’s favorite pet and that it liked to eat meat. Before the little fox had time to look for it, aunt Wang presented some meat and chicken leg, holding them out politely with both hands and smiling right before the little fox’s eyes.

The little fox glanced at aunt Wang. Bluntly, It took hold of the chicken leg, turned around, and left.


In a cave at the outskirts.

When the little boy saw the little fox coming in, his beautiful eyes glowed a surreal brilliance. He came running like a wolf with hands and feet on the ground. He noticed the chicken leg in the mouth of the little fox and swallowed his saliva. He opened his mouth, begging much like a child, for the little fox to give him the chicken leg. The little fox put the chicken leg on the ground.

The little boy did not know how to take it by hand. So he ate it directly from the ground with his mouth. After eating the chicken leg, his mouth and cheeks were dirty.

Upon seeing this, the little fox remained silent. Suddenly, the little fox stood up on its hind legs, stretched out its paws, and helped the little boy wipe clean his mouth and cheeks. Afterwards, the little fox looked at its paws in disgust. Forget about it, when it goes back to the Regent’s Palace it will go to the bath to wash itself clean!

The little boy probably thought that the little fox’s action was interesting. So he imitates it and stood up.

After seeing the little boy stand up, the little fox’s eyes lit up.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, the little snow wolf stood up!

Zi Yi floated beside the little fox, his phoenix eyes looked at the little boy who stood up, and a mischievous smile graced his lips, “Not bad, looks like he’s a fast learner. Little disciple’er, you must strike the iron while it’s hot and teach him to walk like a human.”

After hearing what he said, the little fox stood up, front paws was set on both sides of the body, and it started walking in that manner.

The little boy once again imitates the little fox’s walking appearance. His delicate face was smiling brightly and his beautiful eyes were shining with excitement.

Zi Yi observed the little boy’s walking posture and gave a satisfied nod. He then glanced at the little fox walking comically on its hind legs, his shoulders shook as he tried his best to suppress his laughter.

The little fox walked around the cave and the little boy followed it. The little fox pointed at the little boy with its fore paw, and said an “ao ao” for a while. Seemingly to ask him, from now on you need to walk like this, understand?

The little boy gave a nod of his head. His small fair hand imitates the little fox’s action and pointed back at the little fox. After doing so, his beautiful eyes looked curiously at his own hand, eagerly inspecting it.

Suddenly the little fox’s gaze floated to Zi Yi, his shoulders were shaking and a sleeve was in front of his mouth, muffling his laughter.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, are you laughing at me?”

Oops, looks like it was discovered…

The shoulders of Zi Yi stopped shaking and he said with a deadpan expression, “Little disciple’er, you have taught the little snow wolf, now let’s go back!”

The little fox nodded its head and put down its front paws. For animals, it was okay to walk on their hind legs for a while, but if it gets too long, it starts to feel unbearable.

Who was to know, that right after the little fox put down its fore paws, the little boy’s hands were back on the ground.

“Ao ao ao!”

The little fox forcefully swatted on the back of the little boy’s hand and let out some harsh “ao” sounds. The little boy immediately stood back up, his beautiful and innocent eyes stared at the little fox, as if acknowledging that without the approval of the little fox, he will no longer dare to put his hands on the ground.

“Little disciple’er, well done. This little snow wolf must be taught strictly, for it needs to learn quickly in order to enter the Regent’s Palace as a human being.”

Zi Yi justified the little fox’s action, saying that it was necessary. After the little snow wolf have learned human manners, it would find a way to let the little snow wolf enter the Regent’s Palace and let him stay by its side again.


Back to the Regent’s Palace.

The little fox soon saw Feng Lingran. It blinks its eyes. Didn’t Feng Lingran say that he has a lot of official business to deal with these days? Why did he return so early today?

Could it be……

The little fox thought of the unconscious Yun Ni Junzhu, and its heart gave a thump. Could it be that because of Yun Ni Junzhu he came back early?

It scratched the face of Yun Ni Junzhu and bit her neck. But it was unlikely that Feng Lingran would return to put it in trouble, would he?

After all, she was a Junzhu, and it was just a fox.

As the little fox approached Feng Lingran, he reached out to hold it, but the little fox stepped back to avoid his hands.

Feng Lingran frowned slightly, using the tips of his foot, he lifted the belly of the little fox and threw it up. Where will the little fox ever think that Feng Lingran would pick it up by the belly with the tip of his foot? What’s more, it was thrown up in the air just like that.

The little fox resembled a flying fox in the air.

It felt…… nauseating.

Just when the little fox thought it was going to fall down, Feng Lingran’s slender fingers caught it and held the little fox in his arms.

The little fox raised its plush head and was met with black inky eyes, like an ice-cold lake, it was clear that he was displeased.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Yun Ni Junzhu can’t blame this fox. It was her that moved against this fox first.

If it weren’t for Yun Ni Junzhu going too far, it would not have done that. Later on, Yun Ni Junzhu chased it like a madman while wielding a sword. The little fox deeply resented Yun Ni Junzhu in its heart. If Qin Wen had not blocked Hei Feng, perhaps Yun Ni Junzhu would be dead right now. Dying under the mouth of Hei Feng and becoming a delicious meal for it.

The little fox was afraid that Feng Lingran could not understand its squeaking, and so used its  little paw to write it down in the palm of Feng Lingran’s hand. When the little fox finished, it saw that Feng Lingran’s previously clean palm was dirtied by its paw. The little fox froze. It forgot that it was using dirty paws that were utilized to wipe the mouth and cheeks of the little snow wolf.

Feng Lingran droop down his feathery eyelashes like a black sparrow’s plume, his deep tranquil inky eyes looked at his now dirty palm. His eyes moved slightly and saw the black sticky paws of the little fox. Feng Lingran’s hands trembled, almost throwing out the filthy little fox in his arms.

Feng Lingran, with his cold handsome face, did not say a word. He took the little fox to the bathing room and threw the little fox directly into the pool.

There was a splash sound and a burst of water sprinkled the surrounding. The little fox sank to the bottom of the pool. It quickly doggy paddled its way back up and floated on the water’s surface. It saw Feng Lingran washing his hands in a golden bronze basin. From that the little fox knew that Feng Lingran’s mysophobia was relapsing.

The little fox deliberately slapped the water’s surface to express its discontent with Feng Lingran.

Just throw it into the pool without any consideration? Not even a bit ah?!

Feng Lingran frowned and washed his hands thoroughly several times with soap. Once he felt that his palms were not as uncomfortable anymore, he wiped them with a towel and turned his eyes to see the little fox pawing the water in the pool. Feng Lingran’s frown did not loosen but tightened instead.

“Xi’er, wash them clean and then come up.”

A certain little fox doggy paddled to the edge of the jade pool, presented its paws in front of Feng Lingran, and grinned, showing a hint of a girl’s bashfulness.



Changed the way the endearing term of “er” is added, from ” -er ” into ” ‘er ”

Sellychi: With FLR’s temper it’s already incredibly nice of him not to chop the little fox’s paws off for making his palm dirty, but ofc our little fox is special he would never do that    (´・ω・`) ノ ︵ (v º  ºv)

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