The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 — Pawed by a Fox


Feng Lingran saw the expression on the face of the little fox and his inky eyes flashed. Its previously black little paws has been washed clean, its tender pink pads wet from the water was reflecting the light. Feng Lingran discarded the towel and walked towards the little fox.

Feng Lingran went to the edge of the pool, bent down, slender fingers went to pull the tender pink plum blossom shaped paws, a splash of water went up, Feng Lingran’s slender fingers changed their direction, and quickly covered his handsome face. The wide sleeves dangling above the little fox’s head ended up wet.

Handsome man truly moves fast.

The little fox looked up and saw the broad sleeve of Feng Lingran. Its black beady eyes circled around. Suddenly, it went into the sleeve of Feng Lingran. Just like that, its wet fur glide up his arm.

Handsome man’s skin is so smooth… like perfect white jade…

The little fox was drilling excitedly, its eyes shone with a cunning glint.

Feng Lingran’s whole arm was stiff and his black inky eyes seemed to also be fixed into something. The wet little thing left behind a cold trail along his arm until a certain fox’s head drilled into his chest from under his armpit. Feng Lingran’s eyelids twitched and his other arm press down on a certain little fox’s body.

“No drilling, come out.”

The little fox’s body was pinned by Feng Lingran’s arm, how can it possibly go out? It rubbed its head against his chest and kept drilling forward.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Feng Lingran, do you want to clamp this fox to death ah?

The little fox just came out of the water, it was wet and slippery like a loach. Its body kept sliding forward. Feng Lingran felt something slipped across his heart, causing him to shiver. His eyes turned cold. He stretched his left hand and reached into his robe. His big palm covered the little fox’s face and pulled it out of his lapel.

Suddenly, the little fox stretched out the soft tip of its tongue and licked Feng Lingran’s palm. His fingers shook. The little fox fell back into his robe and continued drilling down his chest towards his lower abdomen.

Feng Lingran’s heart shook violently. His black inky eyes flashed. This little indecent fox……

“Xi’er, don’t play around.”

Feng Lingran felt the fox’s head touching his lower abdomen. His long fingers immediately pressed down on his lower abdomen to keep the little fox from drilling deeper downwards……

If the little fox was to come up from Feng Lingran’s chest right now, it would have been surprised to find that Feng Lingran’s white jade-like handsome face was dusted with a very light reddish color.

Feng Lingran…… was blushing.

The little fox felt Feng Lingran’s body turned tense and hides in Feng Lingran’s robe laughing away in secret. Humph! Who told you to just throw this fox into the pool? Now are you aware of how powerful this fox is?

The little fox thought of slipping down Feng Lingran’s waist and following along his long leg, so that it could make him thoroughly wet.

But Feng Lingran did not give the little fox a chance to do so. His slender fingers ripped open his belt and the robe spread out. He caught the little fox whose tail was still swaying across his chest.

“Xi’er, are you even still a woman?”

Feng Lingran grabbed the little fox’s paws with both hands and lifted it up. His black inky eyes staring straight at the little fox’s black beady eyes. Only to be met with lecherous eyes, never had he seen such lewdness……

The little fox grinned at Feng Lingran and shook its plush head side to side.

It’s not a woman. It’s a fox now.

There were three black lines over Feng Lingran’s forehead, while on the other side a certain little fox had a triumphant expression plastered on its face. Feng Lingran purse up his thin lips, unable to return a word.

The little fox’s black beady eyes roamed from Feng Lingran’s matchless handsome face to his white jade neck and down to see the mouth watering jade chest. The little fox recalled the feeling of crawling around his body just a moment ago. That well toned body was very refreshing to the touch.

A certain little fox was sporting a silly grin with its white teeth shown wide. Its expression right now was looking extremely indecent……

Feng Lingran felt like he had been…… pawed by a little fox……

That’s right. He was pawed with……

The magnificent Regent of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, that could make clouds rain with the flip of a hand, able to sweep through everything in the battlefield, and feared by the enemies, but now he was…… molested by a little fox.

Feng Lingran’s ears were burning. He closed his robe, covering the alluring jade “beautiful scenery”, and deny the little fox’s lecherous eyes.

The little fox was carried to the room by Feng Lingran and thrown on the bed. He turned to leave and went to the door. He stopped and glanced back at the little fox on the bed who was staring at him.

“Ben Wang…… will go take a bath.”

Afterwards, Feng Lingran shifted his eyes, dodging the lewd gaze, he walked out of the door.

The little fox looked at Feng Lingran’s retreating back feeling stunned. It thought that he would leave overnight again. But what did he say? He’s going to take a bath? Hahaha… He told it, that he was going away to take a bath……

The little fox shook its fur and rolled on the bed in a good mood. Should it go take a peek at the handsome man’s bath?

How shameless……


About half an hour later, a certain little fox fell asleep. Feng Lingran finished bathing, when he entered the room, he saw a certain little fox lying spread eagled on his pillow……


In the dream world.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, where is your chaise lounge? Are you not sleeping tonight?

Zi Yi’s slender fingers touched his perfect chin, phoenix eyes flashed with a mischievous glint, and along with a mischievous smile, he said, “Little disciple’er, would it be good for master to teach you Light Footwork tonight?”

When a certain little fox heard, it opened its eyes wide and nodded fiercely as if it had been offered the best product.

Yes! Definitely good! It would be great to be able to do Light Footwork. Able to leap onto roofs, vault over walls, and glide on water. What should I do to be able to pull it off?

Zi Yi saw the little fox in high spirits. His slender fingers fell from his chin and went down to hold the little fox into his arms. The purple figure flashed and disappeared with the little fox.

The night sky was woven with an array of stars and the moon appears like a fantasy as everything sleeps.

Zi Yi stood on top of a cliff with the little fox. The night wind blew, tussling his silky black hair, and fluttered his light purple robe, making the garment move like a blossoming flower.

The little fox looked at the deep bottomless cliff and then to the mischievous phoenix eyes of Zi Yi. Suddenly, it had a bad feeling in its heart.

It suddenly does not want to practise Light Footwork. Can it just go back to sleep?

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, you’re not going to throw disciple’er down, are you?

The little fox felt its right eyelid twitching, then its left eyelid was twitching, and back again its right eyelid was twitching. It was a disaster ah!

Zi Yi looked down at the little fox in his arms. His slender fingers gently went down through the snow-white fur on its head and his mischievous smile became slightly softer.

“Little disciple’er, don’t be afraid. Master will protect you and won’t let you die horribly.”

The little fox was alarmed in its heart. It was still truly afraid. Just what is going to happen next?

The little fox shook its head fiercely at Zi Yi. No, no, no, this fox should not learn Light Footwork. This fox is sleepy, this fox should sleep…… Let’s go back to bed.

Zi Yi positioned his hand that was holding the little fox above the cliff’s opening and his fingers loosened. The little fox’s claws held onto Zi Yi’s fingers desperately and shook its head in fear.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, don’t do it, don’t do it, fox don’t want to learn Light Footwork, so let’s not do it okay?

Zi Yi’s thin lips spit out two words… No way.

Zi Yi’s other hand grabbed the little fox’s claw that was holding on to his finger and gave it a soft flick, so a certain little fox fell down sadly.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Zi Yi, you’re not my master anymore……

Hearing the squeaks of the little fox, Zi Yi’s thin lips stretched wider. He watched as a certain little fox plummet with four feet facing straight down. After a while, Zi Yi spread out his arms and like a gorgeous purple bird, he dived down.

Zi Yi fell twice as fast as the little fox, and soon he caught up with the little fox. He noticed that a certain little fox had its eyes shut tight in fear as the wind rushed madly past its snow-white fur, and proceed to give a gentle poke to the little fox’s cheek with his finger.

The little fox shook its head, refusing to open its eyes.

Zi Yi let out an inaudible sigh and opened his thin lips, “Little disciple’er, open your eyes.”

The little fox’s ears twitched, it opened its eyes a crack, and saw its hateful master. In a flash, the little fox’s eyes opened wide with its front claws fiercely slashing at Zi Yi.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Bad Master! Do you want to kill fox ah?!

Zi Yi’s mischievous smile returned, “How could master want your life? Master still wants his sleeping companion, which is you. Little disciple’er, master will now pass on to you the mind scripture, you must follow them earnestly.”

Mind scripture?

What mind scripture?

The little fox blinked its eyes. The wind was whistling loudly past its ears and its eyes were starting to hurt.

The voice of Zi Yi articulating the mind scripture was transmitted directly into the little fox’s ears. It immediately followed along silently. After refining a paragraph of the mind scripture, the little fox felt that the speed of its descent got slower. The little fox was amazed and simply could not believe.

Zi Yi continued with the second paragraph of the mind scripture and this time the little fox could clearly feel its descent slowing down.

After Zi Yi completed the third paragraph of the mind scripture, the little fox felt its body floating lightly like a balloon. Its heart was full of excitement, which was hard to control.

“Squeak squeak squeak……” Master, I seem to have learned to do Light Footwork!

Right after the little fox said that, its body fell sharply and smashed onto the ground. The little fox’s jubilation flipped into sorrow.

Zi Yi picked up the little fox from the ground and pats away the dust from its fur. When he saw the little fox’s closed eyes, looking like it had fell to death, he flicked his finger at the little fox’s nose.

“Don’t pretend to be dead, your soul won’t die.”

The little fox suddenly opened its eyes. Huh? It almost forgot that this was in a dream, not reality, so it cannot fall to death……

“Little disciple’er, remember the mind scripture that master taught you? If you practice hard, you will soon be able to leap onto roofs and vault over walls.”

Zi Yi patted the head of the little fox encouragingly. Holding a certain little fox, he once again took to the sky. The little fox looked at Zi Yi’s handsome like a deity face, and then to the sky above. Zi Yi is very powerful ah! Is this meant to bring it straight to the sky?

Who would have expected!

Zi Yi took it up the cliff and threw it down again…

On that night, the little fox was thrown repeatedly by Zi Yi. In the end, the fear it felt originally was gone. Instead, it felt numb. Right, only numbness.

When the little fox woke up, it could still hear Zi Yi’s voice floating in its mind.

“After a night of practicing Light Footwork, the courage of master’s little disciple’er has gotten bigger.”

Its courage got bigger, well… How the f*** can it stay the same after going through such torture?!

The little fox woke up feeling weak all over. This feeling…… was worse than not sleeping at all.

The little fox gasped for breath. As it wanted to get up, it discovered that the room was still dark. The sky outside has yet to break into dawn. Suddenly, the little fox noticed someone lying on the other side of the pillow, breathing shallowly, with an arm situated right next to its paws.

The little fox’s heart thumped heavily. This is… this is…



Light Footwork = Qing Gong 

Might as well turn it into an english name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sellychi: I usually try to avoid using informal words, but it’s just so convenient that the english verb “paw” had another meaning~

It’s always nice to see a hot guy being “pawed” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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