The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 71 Part 1

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Chapter 71 Part 1 — Was she a demoness?


There, was a fluffy white fox tail.

Because of this tail, Xiao Xi had almost cried. Change back, change back ah! Humans don’t have tails, if she looked like this, wouldn’t it clearly inform others that she was a demoness?

Watching as Feng Lingran got closer and closer, Xiao Xi’s feelings of trepidations resembled ants on a hot stove. Her black eyes swept across the room, and happen to spot a piece of white silk which hung off a wooden rack. Her eyes lit up, wanting to grab the white cloth.

Only… the rack was located in the same direction as Feng Lingran, if she ran over there, she would definitely be discovered.

What should she do?

Xiao Xi’s eyes flew to Zi Yi. She opened and closed her mouth, but didn’t make a sound.

At that moment.

Feng Lingran’s dark eyes studied the array in front of him. His handsome face void of emotion. He had never expected that Nanling who have such a complex formation that even he, would have difficulty in solving it. But who was the creator?

As Zi Yi had his back to Xiao Xi, he couldn’t see the formation breaking Feng Lingran, but after listening to his footsteps, his heart froze with horror. This type of formation normally required people at least half a year to solve. Even formation experts would take at least half a month, but seeing as Feng Lingran only need such a short amount of time to figure it out, Zi Yi grew worried for Xiao Xi’s sake.

That little fox… should have succeeded by now, right?

What Zi Yi didn’t know was that the little fox had transformed, but she was anxiously asking him to get her clothes.

Xiao Xi couldn’t get Zi Yi’s attention, her eyes flickered towards Feng Lingran, and bit her lips in frustration. She must not appear in front of Feng Lingran ah! She glanced at the white silk again, before closing her eyes and all of a sudden, she opened it and charged out.

Xiao Xi’s body had almost past Feng Lingran. Holding her breath, she didn’t hesitate to run as fast as she could.

Feng Lingran was still focusing on the array when suddenly a shadow flew by. His face turned cold and reached out to grab it, but all he could catch was a faint fragrance, his fingertips seem to slip through delicate skin. He frowned and turned around to chase after it.

Xiao Xi had also felt Feng Lingran’s touch on her arm, but there was no time to rejoice when she heard the incoming sounds of footsteps.

When Zi Yi heard Feng Lingran’s footsteps have changed, a flash of purple appeared on his hand before settling it in lamps. Feng Lingran’s formation structure had changed once again.

Feng Lingran’s face turned even colder, he was frustrated. Almost, he had almost caught the person who took his little fox, but again the person ran away. His patience was wearing thin. Clenching his fist, the pill bottles in front of him instantly chattered.

Xiao Xi quickly wrapped the white silk around her body, through her shoulders before tying a butterfly knot.

Zi Yi just happened to turned around, and witness this scene he saw this scene. The girl’s appearance was extremely delicate, her eyes clear like water, containing no trace of impurities. Her skin was fair like snow, and the silk wrapped around her body was like a seductive fairy. The white silk was draped behind her, displaying her charming clouds in the front. Zi Yi’s eyes darkened, before his face became a bit red and he turned away.

This girl… was really gorgeous.

How could have Xiao Xi known about Zi Yi’s current thoughts? Instead, the sound of porcelain bottles shattering caught her attention, frightening her. Turning around, Xiao Xi watched as Feng Lingran smashed pill bottle after pill bottle. With a trembling heart, she rushed to Zi Yi’s side.

“Master, Master, what should we do now ah?” Having to no longer squeak like a fox felt so nice, but Xiao Xi didn’t have the time to appreciate her human form.

Xiao Xi glanced at Feng Lingran then at herself. She then pointed to her back, what should she do with that tail ah?

Zi Yi’s dark eyes swept through her jade like fingers, then looked at her small anxious face, when he was about to open his mouth, he saw Feng Lingran quickly coming out. He knitted his eyebrows and said, “Little fox, Master shall send you out first, we’ll talk about this later.”


Xiao Xi’s large clear eyes widened. This was a crucial issue ah! If not cleared up, how will she see Feng Lingran in the future ah?

Zi Yi didn’t give Xiao Xi a chance to speak, he waved his sleeve and a purple arc appeared in the air. Xiao Xi with that arc, also left the Pill Pogoda.


Xiao Xi’s drawn out words reached Zi Yi’s ear, it felt as he was regarded as important in her life. His lips raised an angle, this type of feeling… wasn’t bad…

Xiao Xi fell to the ground, she crawled out and scanned her surroundings. When she saw the three words ‘Xin Chen Building’, she sucked in a breath.

Why did Zi Yi bring her here?

Saw a ghost ah!

= absurd/fantastic | also used sarcastically. Ik its awks but its necessary for next sentence.

Xiao turn to leave, but who would have thought that not even taking two steps, she would actually see a ‘ghost’.

“Halt, who are you?”

Leng Yuhan spotted a young girl leave from his Xing Chen tower, his twilight eyes darkened before vexingly questioning.

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