The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 71 Part 2

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Chapter 71 Part 2 — 


Xiao Xi raised her head only to see Leng Yuhan, it was the ghostly adulterer again.

Leng Yuhan studied the girl’s appearance. She was exquisite unlike any human, instead like an immortal fairy who had accidently entered this part of the world. His eyes darkened before striding over to Xiao Xi. Coldly, he said, “State your purpose in coming here.”

Was this adulterer delusional? She never wanted to come here in the first place, okay?

Xiao Xi smiled at Leng Yuhan:” I say you’re delusional right? I’m merely lost.”

The girl’s smile was like blooming peach blossom, beautiful and pure.

“Delusional?” Leng Yuhan frowned

“That’s right! If you aren’t hallucinating, why would you think a weak lady like me would have some sort of intention coming here? Besides… adulter- cough cough, Gong Zi, I don’t even know you.” Xiao Xi had nearly called him adulterer.

Leng YuHan stared at her for a moment before grabbing her wrists, and with dark eyes he said, “Wearing so little, one look can already tell that you’re not some pure girl. Don’t think that you can seduce me with this.”

Xiao Xi was dumbfounded, this adulterer thought she was seducing him? This imagination of his… was too good right?

“Hey hey hey… let go… I’m not what you think at all. Besides, what do you have to make me want to seduce you, your appearance is only so so, plus…”

“Plus what?”

“Plus… your temper is bad.”

His temper was bad? This was the first time someone ever said that about him.

Leng Yuhan’s finger pressed onto Xiao Xi’s pulse, when he didn’t find any internal force in her, he’d suddenly released her.

Xiao Xi almost fell on the ground, and she ruthlessly glared at Leng Yuhan, “Are you crazy? You-”

Leng Yuhan’s eyes turned cold, he approached Xiao Xi and said, “You dare say it again?”

Xiao Xi retreated back a step, and bit her lip, “You you you… have issues… ah~ save me ah! There’s a flower thief ah! A pervert ah! A rogue ah!

Leng Yuhan never expected that Xiao Xi would suddenly shout. He still had important things to do tonight, he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

“Shut up.” Leng Yuhan whispered, and used his hand to cover her mouth.

The unique fragrance of the girl’s drove into his nose, the softness and warmth of her mouth on his palm slightly stunned Leng Yuhan, but soon, pain erupted from his palm. Frowning, he released the girl’s mouth to discover his hand was red with blood.

A trail of blood leaked from the corners of Xiao Xi’s mouth, she hurriedly turned and ran away.

Leng Yuhan stared at Xiao Xi’s retreating figure, how could this women and that little fox be so similar?

Glancing at the blood on his hand, Leng Yuhan gently pinched it close. He would find that women’s origin, and teach her some lessons.

Leng Yuhan walked back into Xin Chen Tower…


After Xiao Xi ran away, she subconsciously walked all the way back to Feng Lingran’s courtyard entrance. When she found someone inside, her heart trembled a little. Did Feng Lingran come back?

Xiao Xi peeked inside discovered that inside was not Feng Lingran, but a woman. She immediately remembered Nan Gongyin’s words. The Old Emperor wanted to give Minister Yun’s daughter to Feng Lingran. That women was Minister Yun’s daughter!

“Where did this dancer come from? Is this a place where you can come and go? Quickly leave.”

The guard stationed outside the courtyard was mesmerised by Xiao Xi’s beauty. But seeing her wear so little, his eyes flashed with disdain and immediately labeled Xiao Xi as a dancer that wanted to seduce the Eastern Jin’s regent and become a phoenix after landing on the top branch.

麻雀飞上枝头变凤凰 – sparrow lands on top tree branch becomes a phoenix. Means climbing the ranks through yano what deeds.

Being mistaken for a dancer, Xiao Xi felt offended. This was originally the place where she could come and go, this guard really looked down on people.

“I am not a dancer.”

For those unaware, a dancer was equivalent to a entertainer with their bodies, so yah the p-business in the ol’ days.

When the guard heard her words, he burst out laughing.

“You’re wearing that, yet you’re saying you’re not a dancer? Could it be that you’re the Regent’s Wangfei?

Facing the guard’s taunt, Xiao Xi’s face became colder and colder.

“I‘’ll tell you, the future Wangfei is already inside. Now that you know, quickly scram. Don’t think that just because you’re bit pretty, you could climb into Regent’s bed, why don’t you take a look at your class first?”

Xiao Xi coldly glared at the guard, not saying a single word. This made the guard inexplicably shudder in fright, but very quickly, he pressed down his fear and was filled with anger.

“Why haven’t you scrammed yet? Unless you want me to be rough with you?”

Xiao Xi spared the guard a glance before turning away. Behind her, the ridicule of the guard sounded out.

“Women who wanted to climb into the Regent’s Bed are so shameless. This is the first time I’d seen something like this. Wearing something like that… truly disgusting.”

At this time, a women from the palace opened the door and walked out. She glanced at the back of Xiao Xi, and let out a euphemistic voice.

“What happened?”

The guard saw Yun Shaofu, and his attitude immediately changed: “Replying to Miss Yun, it was a dancer. But this small one had already chased her away.”

“Dancer?” Yun Shaofu noticed Xiao Xi’s exposed arm and bare shoulders. Her eyes flashed with contempt, these dancers’ guts were getting bigger and bigger, they even dare to come to the Regent’s courtyard?

“Lady Yun, please hurry and go inside! Don’t let your eyes become sullied from looking at that dancer’s body.”

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