The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 67 Part 1

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Chapter 67 Part 1 — So Painful So Painful


It was only after a while did Nan Gongyin realise what ‘Nng, Nng, Ah, Ah’ meant.

The handsome face behind the jade mask turned red. This little fox was really…

The little fox could not see Nan Gongyin’s redden face behind the mask, but seeing as he wasn’t bothered about the news, she smiled a toothy grin.

Nan Gongyin more or less oversaw the harem as the crown prince. He was probably used to these sort of situations, it was just her that was overthinking.

南宫湚贵为后宫太子 idk what the author means yo. cause its defs not the crown prince’s role in overseeing the imperial harem, thats for the empress to do. ive tl-ed it like so, but if anyone knows feel free to comment~


When Feng Lingran walked into his sleeping quarter, he noticed that the little fox has disappeared. His eyes darkened, where had the little fox gone now?

Could it have… gone to look for Nan Gongyin?

Leaving the sleeping quarters, he found the missing little fox to be right in front him, and in its mouth…

The Huo Yi Grass?

So it turns out that the little fox had left early in the morning for Huo Yi Grass and Ye Nan Pearl ah~

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

The little fox placed the bundle in front of Feng Lingran, this was for him to keep it safe.

Feng Lingran bent over and retrieved the herb, only to notice the Ye Nan Pearl encased in a white brocade cloth. His pupils shrunk, and remembered the white jade pendant he had discovered on the little fox last night. Nn! He had already tore the jade off and threw it back to Nan Gongyin.

When his hand had almost pulled the brocade cloth off, the little fox anxiously stopped him. It squeaked, but afraid that he wouldn’t understand, it wrote it on his palm instead.

Knowing the truth, his hand stopped mid-air. He no longer wanted to touch it.

The little fox watched as Feng Lingran pick up the Huo Yi Grass but left the Ye Nan Pearl on the floor. She pouted, regretted telling him when she was fully aware that he would react like this.


However in the afternoon, something happened that the little fox would have never expected.

Feng Lingran was gone, and a hazy silhouette of someone sneaked in. It searched left and right, and spotted a certain little fox laying on the bed. His eyes flashed with joy, and walked over. Just as he touched the little fox, it bit him.

“Ah!” The silhouette yelled, and hurriedly removed the white mask on his face. There revealed the evil face of Wan Siyu. “Little fox, its Ben Gongzi… Ben Gongzi ah! You you you… hurry up and let go!”

The little fox saw Wan Syu, and her pupils fiercely shrunk, and she bit even harder. The sound of Wan Siyu in pain were music to her ears.

“Ah~ So painful… So painful… you heartless little fox. Ben Gongzi had traveled far and wide to Nanlin just to meet you, but you you you… bite Ben Gongzi instead? Are you still a person ah!?”
The little fox no longer trust Wan Siyu’s ghost talk. Dressed in all white, even wearing a white mask on his face, sneakily touching here and there, this counted as meeting her?


She felt that Wan Siyu knew Feng Lingran was here, that’s why he specifically chosen this time to sneakily come and take his precious Ye Nan Pearl away.

Wan Siyu grabbed his injured hand, “Little fox, did you get the Huo Yi Grass and the Ye Nan Pearl yet?

The little fox wanted to ignore him, but after thinking, her eyes flashed and she nodded her head.

Sure enough.

Wan Siyu exclaimed with joy, “Quickly hand the Huo Yi Grass and Ye Nan Pearl to me, I need to rush back to save you little snow wolf!”

When she heard about the little snow wolf, she didn’t hesitate to take them out, and gave it to him.

Wan Siyu glanced at the herb in his hand before bringing it to his nose to sniff the aroma. Marvelled at its ingenuity, he placed the grass down and pointed towards the barcode wrapped object, “Is that the Ye Nan Pearl?”

The little fox nodded.

Delighted, Wan Siyu picked up the brocade cloth and opened it. When he saw the Ye Nan Pearl wrapped in leaves, he curiously asked, “How is the pearl sticking to the leaves, and there seems to be something black there?”

The little fox snickered in her heart, and when Wan Siyu looked at her, she shook her head, saying that she didn’t know.

Wan Siyu was also not suspicious, she was afraid that he would have never thought -even when dreaming, that the Ye Nan Pearl in front of him was from her …

Wan Siyu pulled the leaves out and saw the black stuff very unpleasant to look out. He sniffed and knitted his eyebrows, and used his fingers coated in saliva to clean it.

The little fox nearly gagged for Wan Siyu’s sake. She had thought that this man was a misogynist as well, who knew that he was this disgusting?

Wan Siyu discovered the disgusted expression of the little fox, and awkwardly said, “Ye Nan Pearl is a precious treasure, and although this black thing smells bad, saliva with its warm temperature from humans is the gentlest thing to wash the Ye Nan Pearl.”

Wan Sao Bao, if you had knew that the black stuff was Fox’s… would you still smile so happily?

Little fox watched as Wan Siyu licked his fingers and rubbed at the pearl until the entire pearl gleamed from being polished and her… filled his mouth.

The little fox couldn’t bear it anymore, she ran outside and puked.

Wan Siyu came out and saw a certain little fox puking, he stared at it before blocking his nose.

“Little fox, you are really unsightly, puking so disgustingly.”

The little fox was speechless. Who is actually more disgusting?

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