The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 67 Part 2

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Chapter 67 Part 2 —


Wan Siyu re-tied the white mask back onto his face. His eyes turned to scout every corner before saying, “Ben Gongzi will return to the Regent’s Palace to save your little white wolf first. There are still days for us to meet in the future.” After that, he added, “Little fox, You are so capable that you could steal the Jin Pill, now you can definitely make your dreams come true and become human.”

There are still days for us to meet in the future. Usually said to people breaking up, like the chinese version of ‘we can still be friends’. WSY is just using it as a way of greeting/saying goodbye.

The little fox glared at Wan Siyu. Hurry up and go save the little snow wolf! Why so much crap?”

“Ben Gongzi really need to leave now, otherwise Feng Lingran would come back.”

The moment he stopped, he ran and left like a thief.

The little fox stared at the fleeing back of Wan Siyu, and could not help but spit in his direction. This man was clearly not a good guy.

Wan Siyu had left and Feng Lingran returned. Noticing the little fox stance near the entrance, and the vomit on the ground, Feng Lingran knitted his eyebrows.

He walked towards it, and picked it up. Studying it’s eyes, he found that it was in good spirits and appear to be uncomfortable anywhere.

“Why did you vomit?”

The little fox told Feng Lingran about Wan Siyu’s visit.

Feng Lingran’s face froze over and he sneered, “He still dared to come?”

The little fox saw Feng Lingran’s expression, and instantly realised why Wan Siyu sneakily came in. Dumbfounded, now she knew why Wan Siyu would chose to come when Feng Lingran wasn’t here.

A certain little fox also spoke of the sh*t licking fiasco. Her front paws pressed against her mouth as she laughed about. He had even criticized her for being disgusting, but with him doing these kinds of stuff, shouldn’t he criticize himself as well?

Feng Lingran covered his mouth in disgust. He swore to never sit on the same table as Wan Siyu again.


Silence amidst the night.

The little fox slept next to Feng Lingran. Her fluffy paws held his right arm, breathing evenly, and sleeping very sweetly.

Xiao Xi had a very perverted dream. She and her roommate’s mutual friend, Mo Baoer, went to the Konglong Gupao (Dinosaur Valley) Hot Springs. While soaking, they saw on the opposite side, arrived an unparalleled, most handsome hot pot in the world.

Internet slang for hot male.

Not only was this hot pot’s appearance handsome, but also his figure. Powerful looking arms, broad hard chest, eight pack, and a mermaid line worthy of bringing massacre to all maidens…

Xiao Xi and Mo Baoer stared at him while they drooled. Mo Baoer was the most dramatic, she had almost decided to pin him to a wall rather than pounced on him.

Hot Pot glanced at Xiao Xi before suddenly winking her with his phoenix eyes filled with passion.

“Xi Xi, Hot Pot has taken a liking to you, hurry up and pounce on him.” Mo Baoer gaze revealed a ray of excitement. She nudged at Xiao Xi’s arm.

“I don’t even know him, wouldn’t that be too frivolous?” Don’t joke with her. With a man this hot, acting this flirty, who knew whether he was some Feng Yue Field veteran or not? If he had that kind of illness ah?”

refers to the place of love for men and women, from the 16th time Zeng Pu’s “Han Haihua”.

This girl was still a maiden ah!

“Frivolous? Xi Xi, I didn’t hear wrong right? You and I are birds of a feather, yet you’re talking about frivolous?”

“If you want to go, then go. I’m not going anyways. I quit lusting after males, I want to focus for post graduation.”

“Ha ha ha… this is the best joke I’d heard all year.”

“Laugh your sister! Don’t take your lasciviousness as a measure of my standard. This sister isn’t like you, sis have goals and ideal people… “ But she didn’t finished, Xiao Xi’s body staggered, and she screamed in surprise, “Mo Baoer, are you crazy? Pushing me?”

“You okay?” Hot Pot held onto her. His voice was soft, his eyes were enticing, tickling people’s heart.

Xiao Xi’s skin was thin. It was only physical contact with a stranger, yet her face still turned red. Flusteredly, she waved her arms, “I’m… fine.” and then politely said, “Thank you.”

“Little miss, you seem familiar, have we met before?” Hot Pot didn’t seem ready to release her, his hand even stopped her moving arms.

“Hot Pot, your pick up lines are already out of date, please remove your claws.” Xiao Xi’s eyes fell on his fingers, and she had to say that only did this man have a superb face, even his fingers were good-looking. These slender fingers could play the piano so well.

“Claw? Ah…” Hot Pot placed her in his embrace, before softly whispering into her ear, “Xi-er, come back with me!”

Xiao Xi’s entire body was stun shocked. Her breathing swallowed, just who was this man? Where did he want to take her?

Suddenly, the Hot Pot held her while plunging into the hot spring. She struggled desperately, but couldn’t escape from the Hot Pot’s arms.

Fudge. This was an escaped mentally ill patient ah!

Xiao Xi suddenly woke up in cold sweat, she gasped. Just a nightmare, this was just a nightmare… but also the moment before she transmigrated into a fox. Now, she couldn’t even tell if it was just a bad dream, or real?

Since Konglong Gupao (Dinosaur Valley) Hot Springs, she held no memories of what had happened after. One can delude that, when she dived into the hot spring, she had transmigrated into this world.

Xiao Xi sat up, and discovered… that she still had fox claws. She covered her face with her fluffy paws and closed her eyes. This nightmare first happened when she was in the Regent’s Palace. It happened again when she slept with Feng Lingran just now.

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