The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 39 part 2

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Chapter 39  — Escaping

Wan Siyu blocked Qin Wen’s path, looked at the little fox, and then looked at Qin Wen. He was surprised and said: “Qin Guanjia1, have you eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s guts? You dared to touch Feng Lingran’s beloved little fox?”

Xiao Xi wants to take a plastic bag and stuff it into the mouth of Wan Siyu.

What beloved fox? It was a tortured little fox.

Qin Wen was truly frightened by Wan Siyu, cold sweat poured all over his body as he tried to justify himself, “Yu Gongzi, please don’t tease this old servant. This is Wangye’s order.”

Wan Siyu’s jaw almost fell down, he asked in surprise, “What did your family’s Master order? Let you hold this little fox to slaughter….. or…..”

Xiao Xi suddenly got up and fiercely glared at Wan Siyu. Would it kill you to stop talking?

When Wan Siyu saw the little fox’s angry expression he burst into a hearty laughter and slyly said, “It’s much better to see your current mood rather than that lifeless disposition you were in just a moment ago.”

Qin Wen was afraid that Wan Siyu was going to cause trouble and hastily said, “Yu Gongzi, this old servant still has work that needs to be done and will be going first.”

Wan Siyu held out his hand, obstructing Qin Wen’s path. Without warning, that hand maneuvered its way into Qin Wen’s arms and snatched the little fox in it.

Qin Wen was greatly alarmed and immediately pleaded, “Yu Gongzi, please don’t make things difficult for this old servant…..”

Wan Siyu settled the little fox in his arms and utilized qing-gong to set foot in the sky. He laughingly said, “Since Feng Lingran doesn’t want this little fox anymore, it’s better to do a favor with little cost and give it to this Gongzi. This little fox, this Gongzi likes it.”

Qin Wen instantly felt doomed. Who said that his family’s Master did not like the little fox? If he didn’t like it, then the moment that little fox jumped towards him, Wangye wouldn’t have given him that look to catch it.

“Yu Gongzi, you can’t take away the little fox. Wangye will be angry once he becomes aware of this. You and Wangye are close friends. Doing this is inappropriate……”

“Qin Guanjia, you also know that Lingran and I are close friends. It’s not a big deal for me to borrow and play with this little fox for a few days. If Feng Lingran really wanted this little fox back, tell him to come see me personally. However, Feng Lingran is such a busy person that he probably won’t have the time to visit me.”

In the middle of the air, Wan Siyu’s slender fingers gently stroke the little fox in his arms. He looked at its snow white fur and broke into a dazzling smile. This little fox was truly beautiful.

Xiao Xi loathe to death the feeling of other people petting her. She turned her head and right away gave Wan Siyu a bite, he cried out loudly, fingers loosened its grip.

The little fox fell from his hands.

Qin Wen was once again alarmed and reached out his hand to catch a certain little fox, for fear that it would encounter an accident.

Qin Wen caught it. The little fox fell right into his arms, then it jumped out of his hands and into the ground. Qin Wen looked down to find the little fox but discovered that the little fox had disappeared.

Wan Siyu held his bloody hand and set his feet back to the ground. He felt Qin Wen’s blaming gaze and said in embarrassment, “I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Tears were already streaming down Qin Wen’s face, “Yu Gongzi, you are going to get this old servant killed ah!”

Wan Siyu gave a stiff smile, “How could it be? Feng Ling wouldn’t kill someone indiscriminately -like cutting grass, for a mere little fox.”

Qin Wen’s fingers were trembling, he left one sentence, “You simply don’t know the position of the little fox in Wangye’s heart.”

“…” Wan Siyu was silent.


At this time.

The little fox ran far away while following a certain little snow wolf. It also did not expect to see a certain little snow wolf hiding behind a bonsai tree when it was falling. At that time, the little fox was struck with a brilliant idea. Rather than being locked in a cage by Feng Lingran or to leave with Yu Saobao, it was better off escaping.

Don’t think that Yu Saobao is a good person. He has a connection with Feng Lingran. It would be difficult to not fall into Feng Lingran’s hands again.



1 Guanjia, housekeeper/butler/steward. I know that it was mentioned as butler previously but I think keeping it in pinyin sounds better. Somehow butler sounds …so modern…meh at least for me.

Sellychi: Ah it’s been awhile since I had to actually string out words again since Nubi isn’t here to edit today. I haven’t been able to translate and stack up lately since I’ve been searching for a room *cry*, I even had to translate this part mere hours before the release, *tears* I miss Nubi already….uh and ehm I don’t know if there’ll be a release tomorrow or the day after…. I’ll leave it to you Sitrus~

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