The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 36 Part 2

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Chapter 36 Part 2 — Regent Palace’s Beast Arena


The chilling voice made Xiao Xi’s heart shiver.

Immediately, Xiao Xi opened her eyes, and saw a familiar handsome figure before her. Feng Lingran… it was Feng Lingran, not Nan Gongyin…

Xiao Xi’s beady black eyes twinkled with an excited luster, her front paws were waving, wanting to give Feng Lingran a big hug.

Handsome man, don’t be angry. This one likes to live in Regent Palace, this one likes… you.

Feng Lingran didn’t immediately hold the little fox in his arms, but rather carried it in the air. After looking at its comical movements, the cold spark in his black eyes dispersed a little.

But that didn’t mean that Feng Lingran will forgive her.

Carrying the little fox, he walked out of the door without saying a word. At that moment, the fox was slightly dumbfounded, was Feng Lingran still angry? Carrying it out so early in the morning, what did he want to do?

A fox’s nose was very keen. Not a moment later, the little fox smelt the distinct scent of animals, and… The scent of the little snow wolf and mother wolf as well.

A bad premonition rose in her heart.

It couldn’t be because of last night’s incident that Feng Lingran wanted to throw it into the animal enclosure now?


Handsome man… fox was wrong… fox won’t eat any food from Nan Gongyin anymore…

A certain little fox wanted to cry but had no tears to. She pitifully stared at Feng Lingran while he carried her to an old worn stone entrance. Opening the door, the sounds of howls could be clearly heard. The little fox’s courage wavered, did he want to scare her?

Apart from the little wolf, the little fox was scared of everything else ah!

Feng Lingran glanced at the little fox in his arms. Seeing its expression of fear, the corner of his mouth pull into a fleeting cold smirk.

Feng Lingran walked up some stone stairs, and arrived at the fort’s highest floor. Looking down, this compound was a large animal arena. Not only did it reek of blood, but it was also filled with hungry beasts. Ferocious glares sizes each other up… who will it be able to defeat and who couldn’t? Who would receive today’s food?

“Do you know how Ben Wang raises these unruly beasts?”

The little fox was scared to death, so it shook its fluffy head.

Handsome man… Let’s talk about it, please don’t throw this fox into the animal enclosure!

Fox thought you are Fox’s angel, but Fox didn’t expect… you would be Fox’s demon instead…

Feng Lingran saw the little fox’s movement, but he was no longer surprised that this fox understood human words.

His line of sight moved downwards to the field, his eyes dark as night as he said, “Little fox, look at them. They’re the most ferocious beasts in the forest, but when Ben Wang enclosed them together, not one dared to act rashly. These fierce apex creatures have been starved for three days and three nights. If anyone can kill another beast, this King would reward it with the most delicious meat in the world.”

After a pause, he continued, ”Ben Wang is waiting for the last one standing who will serve under Ben Wang’s feet.”

Hearing his words, little fox became shocked and even more afraid.

What use was there in Feng Lingran telling her these stuff? She already liked him, and didn’t intend to leave him.

There was no need for him to use this method on this insignificant fox.

Ni ma!¹

If you use this kind of method to treat fox, fox will die miserably! Feng Lingran, you have the heart… you really have the heart to do this?

Feng Lingran saw the little fox trembling in his hands. He held it in his arms, and slender fingers stroked its fur.


The little fox nodded its head, it was afraid… afraid to death ah…


¹a play on word/homophone on popular swear word CNM, you can read more about it here kekekek 😉 dont wanna teach any bad words to peeps

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