The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 37 Part 1

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Chapter 37 Part 1 —


The little fox’s fluffy head insistently nudged at Feng Lingran’s chest, wanting to dive into his lapel and hide where no one could see. Only through this… would it feel safe.

But Feng Lingran didn’t allow the little fox climb into his lapel again. From the last two incidents, he was already merciful enough to not kill it.

Feng Lingran’s large palm laid on the little fox’s head, his thumb stroking between its brows. Unhurriedly, he said, “There are no pets for Ben Wang. How can you stay by Ben Wang’s side when you are so timid?”

Little fox’s eyes abruptly widened.

What do you mean?

What did Feng Lingran mean?

“Little thing, how should this King train you… for good?”

Feng Lingran’s finger hooked under the little fox’s chin, forcing its black fox eyes to look at his.

Train your sister ah!

In its mind, the little fox was grinding its teeth, really wanting to bite him.

But the little fox remembered this was the beast arena, if she bit Feng Lingran, wouldn’t he throw her down?

Wouldn’t fox fall into one of the beasts mouth? And never return?

The little fox blinked its misty eyes. Carefully, it extended it’s pink tongue, and lightly licked his finger, trying expressing its goodwill.

Handsome man, this fox’s courage is very small, please bring this fox home!

Fox wants to… quietly…

When the little fox licked Feng Lingran, his black eyes narrowed slightly. The finger that came into contact with the tongue was warm as though an electric current had penetrated his skin.

Feng Lingran’s deep tranquil eyes stared at the little fox, his mind slightly at a loss, seemingly unable to completely understand. What kind of magic did this little fox have? To be able to repeatedly garner his favor?

Only when the little fox leaked two drops of tear, did Feng Lingran broke his trance. He shifted his line of sight, and gazed upon the beast arena below.

“The strong will become King, whilst the weak become bandits. This is human nature and also the law of the jungle.”

Xiao Xi didn’t even want to listen to Feng Lingran’s nonsense. What law? She was already miserable enough to be an animal, but she still couldn’t spend her days in peace?

She despised this unfathomable mysterious transmigration. She was just at Konglong Gu soaking in a hot spring with her close female friends, when that wretched, vile -even a thousand knives wouldn’t be sufficient to kill, devil magic man’s voice unexpectedly have penetrate her soul. After she became unconsciousness, she inexplicably became… an animal.

That enchanter better not meet her again, otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t spare him.

She will kill him….

The more Xiao Xi thought about it the more angry she got. The more she thought about it the sadder she felt, tears flowed down like an endless waterfall.

When Feng Lingran saw a certain little fox cry, his eyes flashed, slightly surprised

He hadn’t even thrown it down, and it was already scared to this extent?

What kind of delicate little thing did he raise?

However, at that time, the beasts below started attacking. A fierce fight had begun filled with tearing, and furious roars.

Not only could all of these, excite a person’s senses, but even more so for an animal.

The little fox held back its tears, its heart trembling from instinct, but still continued to look down towards the beast arena. There was a ferocious black panther and a male lion fighting. The panther’s body was inferior to the tall and sturdy male lion, but with its vigorous body disposition -without doubt, displayed more dominance.

The little fox watched as the male lion suddenly raised its sharp front claws, and ruthlessly swung at the black panther’s back, drawing out bloody marks. The male lion continued its successful attack and went for the kill, it pushed the black panther to the ground, and it’s claws moved towards the black panther’s weakest spot -its belly….

The black panther was screwed.

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