Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 7

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SEG Chapter 1.7 — Princess Substitution Marriage (7)

The spacious stone room was dark but it was not at all damp. The indoor oil lamp flickered. Ye Zhi Jin and Xuan Yuan Qing were sitting right in the center of the room beside a stone table. They were both wearing black robes and their complexion was not very good.


Someone pushed open the entrance of the stone room and the sounds of chains falling to the ground echoed throughout the room. The two people subconsciously looked at the door and the first thing they saw was the color of fiery red.

A glaring red, a dazzling red.

Su Wan was wearing a crimson palace dress and leisurely walked into the stone room with the support of Su Rui.

Xuan Yuan Qing narrowed his eyes: “Little Wan?”

When she heard Xuan Yuan Qing’s low and hoarse voice, Su Wan raised her brows and looked at the legendary domineering manner that slightly leaked out from the original male lead.

Although he has recently experienced a series of attacks and even barely escaped with his life, Xuan Yuan Qing still looked calm and unperturbed. However, he was unable to cover up his exhaustion and his wan sallow face betrayed his current situation.

“Fifth biaoge.”

Su Wan nodded to Xuan Yuan Qing and discreetly looked at Ye Zhi Jin. That woman’s eyes flashed at this moment and could not conceal the joy on her face.

Su Wan, General fu’s eldest daughter, Xuan Yuan Rui’s Wangfei.

Naturally, Ye Zhi Jin knew Su Wan. She also knew that ever since Ye Zhi Hua married into Yue Wangfu, there was a relationship crisis between Su Wan and Xuan Yuan Rui.

And right now, she and Xuan Yuan Qing should have been killed by Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua but they were unexpectedly rescued by the siblings of Su Jia.

Meeting them here, Ye Zhi Jin only had to think a little bit before immediately clearly understanding the situation.

At this moment, Ye Zhi Jin’s heart was extremely excited. She knew it! She just knew it! How can she, a transmigrated woman, be defeated by that muddle-headed Ye Zhi Hua, that stupid reborn woman?

There can only be one protagonist in this world and it is herself!

“Transmigrated” or “Rebirth”, the person who makes use of it the best would be the winner in life. However, once things get out of hand then it would absolutely harm others and harm one’s self.

The Ye Zhi Jin in the previous life underestimated the “original inhabitants” of the world too much. She couldn’t help but tell the dying Ye Zhi Hua about her identity as a transmigrated woman. As a result, Ye Zhi Hua was unexpectedly reborn!

Wasn’t this called the cycle of karma?

In this life, before her death, Ye Zhi Hua who was sure of her victory also paid a visit to Ye Zhi Jin who was in the death cell. She slowly and leisurely narrated the story from her previous life. At that time, Ye Zhi Jin had already given up all hope. She didn’t expect that she wasn’t the only one who could be transmigrated/reborn. And she was even implicated in the revenge of the reborn woman and was in a similar situation as her in the previous life.

She originally thought she was the female lead who had a big cheat. But the moment she met Ye Zhi Hua, she became the former female lead who was counterattacked.

On the day of the execution, Ye Zhi Jin already did not have any extravagant hopes. But a miracle happened at that moment!

Just before the beheading, just after the white cloth covered the execution table, she and Xuan Yuan Qing were dropped into a bag!

This whole time, these two people had been locked in this stone room. There were some people who sent food and drinks on time but the owner of this stone room has never appeared.

Ye Zhi Jin had imagined lots of possibilities and at this moment when she saw Su Wan and Su Rui, she immediately imagined a melodramatic play on marital strife that happens in annually held traditional opera.

“Why did you save us?”

Compared to Ye Zhi Jin’s excitement, Xuan Yuan Qing looked particularly indifferent. He quietly looked at the two people standing by the door and his eyes finally fell on Su Wan.

“I merely did not wish to see Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua be complacent.”

There was some hatred in Su Wan’s laugh: “Whatever Xuan Yuan Rui wishes for, I will destroy it. Fifth biaoge, I know that you have your own people outside of the capital. Do you…..want to stage a comeback?”

Stage a comeback!

Xuan Yuan Qing’s eyes flashed: “The price, what is the price that I have to pay.”

Now he has already lost his status as a Prince. Other than those forces outside the capital, he has nothing else that can be used so, he is obviously in a disadvantageous position in this collaboration.

The price a….

Su Wan laughed in her heart. Naturally, the price is…..your life a! Of course, how can she say this out loud ne? That would hurt this little partner’s heart a!

“I only wish to not let off Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua.”

Su Wan’s gaze was filled with indispersable hatred: “I just want them to be unhappy, then I will be happy. Biaoge, you do not need to pay any price. Of course, if you do not trust us, you can leave now. I will guarantee that you both can safely leave the capital.”

A woman, once she goes mad because of love, would do anything.

The Su Wan of now, in the eyes of everyone, is such a woman.

Xuan Yuan Qing went silent for a little while and even Ye Zhi Jin at the side calmed down. Although she wanted to immediately agree to Su Wan’s proposal, but she was keenly aware of Xuan Yuan Qing’s dissatisfaction towards her so, at this moment she didn’t dare to say anything.

As a woman who came from modern times, regardless of how strong and independent she was when she just crossed over, she will slowly integrate into the ways of the world. As she becomes accustomed to this age, she would gradually lose her original pride and sense of self….

“Happy cooperation.”

After a good long while, Xuan Yuan Qing raised his head once again and smiled at Su Wan and Su Rui.

From the beginning till the end, Su Rui, who stood behind Su Wan, never said a word but Xuan Yuan Qing’s gaze stayed on Su Rui for a long time.

Su Jia was a double-edged sword that can invisibly kill enemies and can also make one’s own blood splash 3 feet.

Xuan Yuan Qing knows that Su Wan’s temperament was originally the most docile but she changed and became like this because Xuan Yuan Rui broke her heart. And Su Rui…….

Su Rui is the person that he should be most on guard against.

At this time, Xuan Yuan Qing could never have expected that person who would threaten him the most in the future would not be Su Rui, but Su Wan……


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