Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 39

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SEG Chapter 3.4 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (4)

Xiao family’s banquet was held in Xiao family’s lakeside villa. The party started at 7 pm  at night. Su Wan, who had changed into a pure white evening gown, already arrived early at Xiao family’s villa while accompanied by Chen Wei.

At this time, there were not many guests coming and going. Because it rained the whole time during daytime, the air outside was particularly humid and the air outside was mixed with the smell of grass after the rain.

Su Wan and Chen Wei attracted the attention of many people as soon as they entered the door. EVFA Huaxia region’s newcomer, Chief Su. Everyone still held some curiosity towards Su Wan. The gaze of many wealthy families brightened, especially after seeing her manner of dressing tonight.

Su Wan’s makeup tonight was very simple and she wore a white evening gown that didn’t have too much embellishments. However, it was this natural, light makeup and her young face that made her seem enticingly fresh and pure.

Within the luxurious crowd, a unique elegance.

Su Wan knew that Xiao Jing Mo would definitely prepare Luo Chu Chu as this style of exquisite beauty tonight.

Truly embarrassing. She this person ah, really likes to wear the same outfit as someone else……

Seeing other people look at her with various gazes of envy, admiration and jealousy, Chen Wei, as a man, still felt sorrow and happy.

The female companion by his side was too eye-catching. He felt that his vanity was extremely satisfied. What a pity that this female companion did not belong to him.

Ai. (Sigh)

Chen Wei was still absent-minded, but Su Wan had already brought him in front of a crowd.

“Chief Wang!”

“Chief Liu!”

Su Wan enchantingly smiled. She exchanged greetings with those guests in the banquet hall extremely familiarly. No one would refuse the greeting of a beauty. So, after a moment, Su Wan had already integrated with the majority of people.

Time passed and the guests in the hall gradually increased. Soon, it’ll be time for the banquet to start. A peal of clamoring sounded at the villa entrance. Chen Wei, who was by Su Wan’s side, immediately turned towards the villa entrance in curiosity. He saw a male-female couple encircled by the surrounding guests.

Chen Wei, who had always liked looking at beautiful women, saw a slender and tall figure at the first glance. The expensive, tailor-made suit lined the man’s perfect figure. Those perfectly straight legs, perfect waistline and wide shoulders simply made Chen Wei, a man who hadn’t reached middle aged yet but had already started to put on weight, full of resentment.

Of course, this was not counted as striking. To Chen Wei, the most striking matter was that this man with a perfect figure still had a handsome face that was comparable to a celebrity’s. It wasn’t that kind of pretty boy handsome, but was he was truly handsome.

He had deep, three-dimensional features and his whole body emitted a noble air.

Hearing the surrounding guests discussed about that person’s name, Chen Wei finally reacted. That was the legendary Young Master Fang ah!

Your mother! Why didn’t he feel that Young Master Fang had this kind of pattern in the past ah!

“It’s Fang Zi Mu. Fang family’s Young Master.”

Afraid that Su Wan didn’t recognise this man, Chen Wei couldn’t help but lean by Su Wan’s ear and mutter.

Only, during that split second of contact, Chen Wei keenly felt that he was stared at by a pair of cold and gloomy eyes.

That kind of feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake made his whole back soaked with cold sweat even though it was only for a moment.

Who was it? He actually had such a scary expression.

If looks could kill, Chen Wei didn’t doubt that he would have been divided by five horses.

Chen Wei’s complexion turned pale and he looked everywhere, but the feeling in that moment just now was like an illusion and there was no trace of it.

Actually, when Su Rui entered, Su Wan already saw him. She only hurriedly glanced at him during the day and now she got to size up Su Rui.

He had shed the air of a demon that he used to have. The Su Rui of now had a perfect external appearance of an elegant and noble son. The noble air that he had was accumulated over the years and was totally different from the surrounding businessmen.

It can be said that Su Rui gave the character Fang Zi Mu a brand new soul and temperament.

Su Wan sighed in her heart. She recognised Su Rui. Su Rui was the same and he recognised Su Wan. If she didn’t guess wrong, Su Rui was also completing a mission just like her. Only, she didn’t know what his mission in this world was?

Thinking till here, Su Wan couldn’t help but cast sidelong glances at Su Rui’s female companion. It was Fang Zi Wen.

Tonight, Fang Zi Wen wore a bright, purple evening gown. It was luxurious and sexy, a purple with a mysterious grandeur. The clothes made her skin color seem translucent and white.

Fang Zi Wen had cut a refreshing short bob and had delicate makeup on her face. This kind of her and the her in other people’s memory, who always drew smokey makeup around her eyes and dyed her hair all sorts of colours, were two different people.

Therefore, when she entered, she caused a big uproar.

Being stared at in astonishment by others, Fang Zi Wen suddenly became somewhat nervous.

This new look seemed pretty good?

Then, Xiao Jing Mo, would he like it?

When she remembered Xiao Jing Mo, Fang Zi Wen’s heart went soft. She grew so big and never knew the feeling of love. Xiao Jing Mo’s appearance made her know what love was. Even if it was her one-sidedly loving him, Fang Zi Wen believed that Xiao Jing Mo would find the good in her one day, and he would like her.

Thinking till here, Fang Zi Wen’s spirit rose even more. On the side, Su Rui simply indifferently politely spoke to some of the guests around them. He kept being indifferent, but he had been paying attention to Su Wan’s every move.

She smiled gracefully  and her posture was calm as if she really enjoyed this kind of party.

Seeing her still smiling and chatting as she was surrounded by a group of men, SU Rui’s expression couldn’t help but be gloomy.

Su Rui’s gaze was especially intense. Su Wan kept feeling prickles down her back, but she still maintained her grace. She didn’t know how many times she attended banquets like these. Regardless of what kind of circumstances arose, she could handle it skillfully and easily.

After exchanging pleasantries with business partners for quite a while, Su Wan finally broke away from the group of people. Chen Wei who had a face full of smiles rigidly dropped it and took the opportunity to go to the toilet to beat it. Su Wan was looking for a not too busy but not too quiet place to sit.

At this point, she was looking for Su Rui in the crowd, but he had disappeared. 1

It looks like he didn’t want to meet her.

Su Wan shook the red wine in her goblet, the scarlet liquid sparkling under the crystal lamp.

In the past tasks, Su Wan had met various kinds of people. She helped them, harmed them, and also took advantage of them.

Every time she walked out of the mission room, Su Wan would use the quickest speed to forget about them.

Her heart couldn’t hold anyone and didn’t want to be touched by anyone.

But, Su Rui was the exception.

His gaze had too much penetrating power. Su Wan couldn’t hide from him.

This kind of feeling of being seen through by others really made her feel uncomfortable.

Su  Rui……

Su Wan’s eyes slightly flashed–

In this world, if you are my enemy, then I’ll have to quickly get rid of you.

I, Su Wan, won’t be lenient on anyone. And you, Su Rui, would not be an exception.


The luxurious crystal lamps on the ceiling suddenly went out at the same time. Bright laser lights shone out from the surrounding walls. Finally, all of them converged at the stairs of the second floor of the villa. The time for the banquet to start has arrived and the host of this party also finally grandly appeared.

Su Wan looked towards the empty staircase. At this very moment, nearly everyone’s gaze gathered at a certain spot.

No one saw Su Rui casually stepping out into the corridor connected to the bathroom and even more people didn’t care about how Su Wan’s male partner, Chen Wei, staggeringly fled into the crowd…..

BLU: Bet Su Rui beat him up or smth for having some contact with Su Wan Ufufufufufu~(≧艸≦*)

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