Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 38

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SEG Chapter 3.3 — Scapegoat Sweetheart (3)

When Fang Zi Mu returned to Fang family’s house, Fang Zi Wen had just changed her makeup.

“Big bro, you’ve returned.”

Fang Zi Mu looked at the mirror to examine her makeup while quickly raising her eyes to look at Fang Zi Mu.

Hearing what Fang Zi Wen said, Fang Zi Mu didn’t respond, but instead walked to the sofa in the villa. He lightly leaned on the sofa.

“Big bro?”


Fang Zi Wen, who was finally satisfied with her look today, packed up her makeup and looked at Fang Zi Mu. She couldn’t help but show a surprised expression: “Why are you all wet?”

Right now, Fang Zi Mu was particularly quietly leaning on the left side of the sofa, his custom-made suit worth hundreds of thousands was wet. He closed his eyes and let the water drop from his hair onto his face.

Right now, Fang Zi Mu was too calm. He was so calm that it made Fang Zi Wen feel at a loss.

In her memory, her brother had always been strong and overbearing, and even cold and inhuman. She didn’t expect that such a strong brother has a quiet side?

“Big brother, how are you……”

Fang Zi Wen involuntarily a little soft-hearted. She wanted to step forward and ask, but her voice was suddenly broken off by Fang Zi Mu’s cold, indifferent voice.

“Shut up!”

Fang Zi Mu suddenly opened his eyes. A red flash flit by those slender, pitch-black eyes.


EzoicFang Zi Wen drew back two steps in terror, her complexion becoming ghastly pale in a second: “Big brother, big brother, I was wrong.”

Her voice brought a quiver that couldn’t be held back. Fang Zi Wen was very clear on the natural disposition and temperament that her eldest brother had. Right now, Fang Zi Mu was on the brink of fury. This him right now was extremely frightening.

Seeing the shivering appearance of Fang Zi Wen who was wrapped up like  a peacock, Fang Zi Mu got even more irritated–

How can this kind of trash receive Xiao Jing Mo’s affection?

If it wasn’t because he was Fang Zi Wen’s older brother right now, Su Rui would have slapped this woman who was unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything.

Once he thought of the goal of his mission when he entered this world and that he was now bitterly forced the status as a “guy who was deeply in love”, Su Rui’s face got even more ugly. He gloomily looked at Fang Zi Wen and glanced at her a few times, then he lowly spoke again: “Do you want to attend Xiao Jing Mo’s birthday feast?”


Hearing her big brother mention Xiao Jing Mo, Fang Zi Wen’s face involuntarily brought a smiling expression again: “Jing Mo has personally invited me. Naturally, I want to dress up well. After all, I’m his fiancee. Maybe he’ll invite me for the first dance tonight.”

Speaking till here, Fang Zi Wen couldn’t help but straighten her body as if she was especially proud.

In fact, Fang Zi Wen’s appearance and qualifications weren’t bad. Only, since childhood, this little girl had grown up to be somewhat crooked. She always mixed with a group of gothic rich second generations, leading to a bit of a distortion in her aesthetics.

Su Rui disliked to look at Fang Zi Wen multi-coloured hair. She thought that she was a different fireworks when actually, she was a distinct feather duster.

Lifting up his wrist and looked at the time, Su Rui straightforwardly stood up and pulled Fang Zi Wen to go outside the door.

“Big brother, big brother, what are you doing ah?”

Fang Zi Wen was somewhat upset. She thought that her brother’s irritation still hadn’t dispersed. Was he looking for her to vent his anger?

Once she remembered the tragic ending of those people who displeased her brother, Fang ZI Wen’s legs started to shiver, her voice shaking.

“Brother, you are my sister, no, you are  my brother ah!”

Outside the door, the rain was still falling. Su Rui stood at the villa entrance and he pushed Fang Zi Wen out into the rain. He indifferently looked at her as she got soaked by the rain and her makeup smeared across her face due to the rainwater. Only then did Su Rui’s face relaxed a lot: “Go look for Ya Fei. Let him cut your hair and dye it back to black. I will check at 4:30 before you come back.”

EzoicHe hardly finished speaking when Su Rui indifferently turned around.

“Bang”. The villa door in front of Fang Zi Wen mercilessly shut.

Fang Zi Wen ferociously bit her lip, but her heart felt very weak–

Having such a ruthless older brother, really is enough ah!


“Big sis Wan, this is Xiao family’s invitation card.”

The assistant, Chen Wei placed a delicately made invitation card in front of Su Wan. Su Wan had just returned from the shopping mall. She took off her overcoat and was only wearing a red dress, revealing a fair and smooth shoulders. She looked especially willful and indolent.

“Xiao family?”

Sitting in her boss’ chair, Su Wan played with the invitation card. The corners of her mouth perked up in a playful smile: “We, EVFA, have always had a cooperative relationship with Haoyue Group. However, this is the first time Xiao family had given us an invitation to a private party?”

“Yes, yes ah!”

Chen Wei was also thinking deeply on one side: “Maybe it’s because this year is Xiao’s Head’s 25th birthday, so many people are invited?”

Chen Wei didn’t understand what Xiao family was thinking about, but he felt that this was a good chance for both parties to get closer. And with his own boss’ means, settling Xiao family was a minor matter.

“Since other people have sincerely invited us, we have to accept it.”

As she spoke, Su Wan stood up. Her slender finger pressed down on the centre of the invitation card. She bent her body, her curly, chestnut hair slide from her fair shoulders. The pair of good-looking peach blossom eyes smiled while staring ar Chen Wei: “Go and prepare a presentable suit. At night, be my male companion!”


Chen Wei inwardly gulped. Boss, are your trying to seduce me?

I have a wife, what to do? At Big Sis Wan’s side, you need 120,000 points of self-control~ This painful and happy hardship is stressful to the assistant’s life…..

Looking on as Chen Wei fled, Su Wan’s smile gradually disappeared. It was said that the business world was like a battlefield. Xiang City’s business world was even more unexpected and treacherous.

Xiang City had many rich and powerful clans that had financial power and influence. The clans that have the deepest resources was Xiao family and Fang family.

And these few years, Xiao Jing Mo’s momentum had threatened Fang family’s position. The two should have been fighting with each other, but contrary to expectations, Old Man Xiao had taken an interest to Fang family’s friendly terms. He also took a fancy to Fang Zi Wen as his own grandson’s wife.

Strong marriage? 1

No, it’s to ask a tiger for its skin! 2

Su Wan’s gaze fell on that invitation card again–

Regardless if it was the bankruptcy of Su family eight years ago or this invitation card eight years later, it was definitely Old Man Xiao’s handiwork.

This Old Man really was a master at playing chess.


The feeling of meeting one’s match is not bad!

Su Wan relaxed her whole body and let her body sink into the comfortable leather chair. According to the original story plot, she happened to meet Xiao Jing Mo by chance three days after she returned to the country. However, this time, Su Wan took the initiative to avoid meeting with Xiao Jing Mo. She originally planned to start from Luo Chu Chu, but now, it seems that the early meeting with Xiao Jing Mo cannot be changed.

Remembering that birthday cake by  Luo Chu Chu, she can imagine that she and Xiao Jing Mo were celebrating his birthday now. And as for the party at night, Xiao Jing Mo will officially introduce Luo Chu Chu to the business circle for the first time— What would be the scene when the fake meets with the real thing, and under the gaze of everyone too?

Imagining it really gave her a little anticipation.

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