Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 22

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SEG Chapter 2.7 — The Ninth Nightmare (7)

“They were already dead.” Su Wan spoke this sentence with absolute certainty. The three people at the side coincidentally looked at her at the same time.

“Su Wan, are also dreaming or not……”

Qi Mu suddenly stared at Su Wan as he hastily asked her this question.

“Yes, I also had a strange dream. Also,…..” Su Wan’s gaze flashed as she looked at the three people: “If I’m not mistaken, right now, we are still in a dream. A continuous dream. We believe that we are clear-headed from waking up from the dream, but in fact, we are actually crossing over from a deep dream to an even deeper dream.”

This was the true horror of the nightmare. It would make you live in the dream forever, unable to escape, unable to return. 1

“How is this possible!” 2

Qi Mu, who was the oldest and had the most experience, was instead the first person to lose his cool.

Perhaps towards this explanation, he would say that this cock-and-bull story was excessively well-done, making it hard for him to accept. In comparison, Meng Ting Yao was a lot calmer. She knit her brows and maintained her aloof appearance. On the other hand, Fan Shu Jun lifted up his eyes and gazed at Su Wan, an unknown light flashed in the eyes behind those lenses. 3

“Dream world? Is it just like the dream-stealing space? If it’s like that, then does a node that connects to reality exists?”

Fan Shu Jun asked a few questions in a row, his tone containing a hint of excitement.

Therefore, the idea that was spoken in game terms, could not be understood by ordinary people. 4

However, Su Wan was very concerned about Fan Shu Jun. This otaku was in no way simple. 5

“That’s right. This node that connects to reality does exist.”

She took her phone from her backpack and held it in front of everyone: “The time of my phone had stopped at 10:50 in the evening this whole while. I think I can roughly guess when I was pulled into this infinitely looping dreamworld.”

It was precisely at 10:50 pm when Fan Shu Jun called. After he hung up, Su Wan was lured into this layer of dreams.

“What is that node?”

Meng Ting Yao, who was silent this whole time, finally dropped her gaze on Su Wan. Her gaze carried some probing and some suspicion.

“I don’t know.”

Su Wan shook her head: “Maybe we should first look for Yi Zi Xuan and Chen Yu Feng. Maybe then, we can look for a way to return to reality.”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Meng Ting Yao’s eyes flashed: “How do you know that Yi Zi Xuan and Chen Yu Feng are still alive ne?”

If Fang Tian Tian was dead, then it’s possible that Yi Zi Xuan may also be dead already. Even……. the Su Wan and Qi Mu before them…… 6

Meng Ting Yao only felt her body turn cold. She didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

“Yi Zi Xuan won’t die.”

Su Wan spoke resolutely and decisively.

As the first male lead of this world, how can Yi Zi Xuan easily die?

“You really have confidence in him.”

Regarding Su Wan and Yi Zi Xuan’s relationship, Meng Ting Yao was also very clear on it. In the breakup between the two people, it can’t be said who is right and who is wrong. Su Wan was born in the city and wanted to pursue the life she wanted, while Yi Zi Xuan came from Dashan and wanted to return with success to the village in the mountains. The dreams of the two people were contrary to each other. In the beginning, they were sweet and affectionate together, but it was just normal attraction between different sexes.

Although Meng Ting Yao stayed in the same dormitory with Su Wan, they hadn’t had much contact with each other. She didn’t understand Su Wan’s character too well, and at this time, she didn’t understand her even more.

This night, four people sat side by side in a circle around the bonfire and took turns to rest. The night passed without any incident. 7

The next day, the few people discussed and still decided to wait. They waited in the same place, but unfortunately, these three days of waiting, although nothing happened, the figure of Yi Zi Xuan and Chen Yu Feng still did not appear.

At this moment, the food and water that remained for the four people wasn’t much.

“Let’s look for them tomorrow ba.”

In the light of the deep night, Qi Mu’s voice was especially exhausted: “We cannot go on like this.”

“But it’s also the only way.” Meng Ting Yao looked at Qi Mu and then she looked at Su Wan. Su Wan also lightly nodded her head.

At one side, Fan Shu Jun went as far as to diminish his presence to the barest minimum. He has been lowering his head to play his games this whole time. It was as if he wasn’t in the middle of a strange forest but on his big bed in the dormitory. 8

Just like the past few days, everyone took turns to take a break. When it was Su Wan’s turn for the night shift, she saw that Fan Shu Jun was still surprisingly not asleep. However, this time, he wasn’t playing games. Rather, he was staring blankly at the night sky above his head that was covered by the leaves.

“What are you thinking of?”

Su Wan quietly sat beside Fan Shu Jun. She lowered her eyes and seriously looked at him. The Fan Shu Jun right now had taken off his thick glasses. This was also the first time Su Wan sized up his looks. Actually, he had very nice eyes and because he hadn’t gone out in a long time, Fan Shu Jun’s skin was also very fair. His delicate facial features matched his pale skin very well. He didn’t resemble a die-hard otaku at all.

“Not thinking of anything. Bored. Dazed.”

Fan Shu Jun turned his face, he looked at Su Wan with hazy eyes. 9

Su Wan knows that Fan Shu Jun actually can’t clearly make out her expression right now. Because he was highly myopic, his eyes would become hazy because he wasn’t wearing glasses.

“Have you ever dreamt Fang Tian Tian?”

Even though she knew that Fan Shu Jun couldn’t make out her expression, Su Wan still habitually stared at Fan Shu Jun’s eyes.


He hesitated, and still nodded his head: “Dreamt.”

“In the dream, Fang Tian Tian was wearing a set of blue sportswear.”

Fan Shu Jun softly closed his eyes as if he was recalling something.

Blue clothing,. Su Wan knit her eyebrows. This was not the first time Fan Shu Jun mentioned that detail: “Those clothes….”

“Fang Tian Tian has never worn blue clothes.”

Perhaps it was because he closed his eyes, perhaps it was because he was too sleepy, Fan Shu Jun’s voice began to get very low and weak: “She says that she likes blue, but blue didn’t match her complexion. So, in her wardrobe, there’s not a single article of blue clothing.” 10

Because he cared too much for a person, he would always keep every single word she said in mind. Even if it was in a dream, he couldn’t forget. 11

Fang Tian Tian who likes blue but never wears blue. 12

When she appeared before him in blue sportswear, Fan Shu Jun knew, that he was dreaming.

Originally, Fan Shu Jun liked Fang Tian Tian.

Su Wan couldn’t help  but understand. If they were in reality, this otaku would never reveal this secret, right? Because it’s a dream, so…….

Su Wan’s eyes suddenly flashed.

What is a dream?

How does the incubus control dreams? It can trap everyone, it can create inescapable nightmares, but it cannot control people’s innermost selves.

Just like Fang Tian Tian, she clearly like blue but for the sake of her appearance, she never willingly wore it. However, in the dream, she had self-awareness, she wore blue clothes.

Just like Qi Mu, he was clearly a vigorous and resolute Senior Manager in the company and was a dandy Young Master. However, in the dreamworld, he was more impatient and scared compared to everyone else. Also, he unexpectedly was a good live-at-home husband.

And speaking of Fan Shu Jun, an introverted and taciturn otaku, he was sharper than anyone else in this world, more clear-headed than everyone else…..

If, in this world, everyone could reveal their innermost selves, then where was Yi Zi Xuan right now? What is he doing?

Su Wan thought of that bamboo house again. In the first layer of the dream, she saw the bamboo house. That bamboo gave her a strange feeling, but also a familiar feeling.

Now that she thought about it, didn’t she see it in the original owner’s memory? The drawing of a bamboo house that Yi Zi Xuan gave her?

So,…….the existence of the bamboo house, Yi Zi Xuan’s appearance, that was the reflection of Su Wan’s innermost self?

The original owner still couldn’t let go of her affections.

Also, Fang Tian Tian……

Supposing that that the bamboo house was the original owner’s thoughts of longing for Yi Zi Xuan.

Then, Fang Tian Tian was the reflection of Su Wan’s innermost heart.

From the moment she woke up, she was calculated against.

Su Wan still remembered that the first person she saw after she woke up was Fang Tian Tian. She naturally assumed that she was in the first layer of the dreamworld. And Fang Tian Tian would be the first person to die.

Therefore, in the dreams afterwards, Fang Tian Tian continued to appear before Su Wan and changed into a white skeleton.

Everything was because her heart had already long decided, that Fang Tian Tian would die, so the dream would be as such.

Then, what if she replaced herself with Yi Zi Xuan ne?

Su Wan gradually closed her eyes. She imagined running into Yi Zi Xuan in the dream….

If Yi Zi Xuan was aware that he suddenly appeared in a strange mountain forest without rhyme nor reason, what would he do?

Su Wan’s mind slowly sketched out Yi Zi Xuan’s features. He stood in the middle of a dark forest with not a single ray of light in sight. At first, he was startled. Soon after that, Yi Zi Xuan would unhesitatingly use his ability…

Turn back time!

It is turning back time!

Because of Yi Zi Xuan’s character, it’s unlikely that he would passively take a beating. He would immediately use his ability. He would return to the past, then he would decide on a plan, then he would move.

So, Yi Zi Xuan would never appear here.

In this piece of forest in the nightmare world, the figure of Yi Zi Xuan would not appear at all.

“Truly regretful.”

Su Wan gently sighed.

Since there’s no way to meet Yi Zi Xuan here, then what was the point of staying here any longer ne?

“It’s time to wake up.”

Su Wan leisurely closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, what she saw was snow-white walls and azure curtains.

This place was the single person’s sickroom in a city-affiliated hospital.

Su Wan’s forehead was a little bit sore. She lightly lifted her hand and realised that her forehead was wrapped in layers and layers of bandages.

Seems like she sustained an injury. It was somewhat sore ne.

Su Wan suddenly smiled. She knew that she was coming out.

She came out from her own dream. Just didn’t know who’s dreamworld she entered?

From the moment she was attacked by the bat in the woods, Su Wan already felt that it was somewhat strange. Su Wan kept the tissue that she rubbed her blood with and later found that there were no traces of blood at all.

After that, when she was in danger in the deep layer of the dream, she was saved by Qi Mu. And in the final critical moment, Su Wan thought of letting Qi Mu wake up. As a result, Qi Mu really woke up…..

The nightmare was ubiquitous, but the major premise was that it could only slip into other people’s dreams and act willfully in those dreams.

Since then, Su Wan knew that she was calculated against the moment she entered the world.

Fortunately, at the last moment, she was completely clear-headed and according to her self-awareness, she had woken up from her dream……

BLU: Speechless. Utterly speechless. All the scary stuff was all just dreams then? YOUR dreams? Girl, what the heck’s in your head? Cheesus crust man. (╯=▃=)╯︵┻━┻

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  1. wow that’s actually a cool twist I didn’t see coming. Her own knowledge of the “plot” caused the dreamworld to change and conform to her knowledge. When you think about it it makes perfect sense because we knew from the start that the dreamworld was formed in some way by the thoughts of the people trapped in the dream… so adding a transmigrator completely shakes the whole dreamworld up when it starts building on the “foreknowledge” on the transmigrator.

  2. … uh, what the heck is going on?? So confusing… well, Fan Shu Jun seems like a good person, hope he doesn’t die. Wait, is he already dead then? Oh no, I don’t get anything… who’s dead and who’s alive? Ughhh
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. I wish I understood, but I only understand that Su Wan was in a dream and then she realized everything was fake and then she “woke up” ONLY TO BE IN ANOTHER DREAM! so is she in the 8th dream?

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