Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 19

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SEG Chapter 2.4 — The Ninth Nightmare (4)

When Su Wan came to, her sensitive sense of smell caught the scent of something fragrant. She bewilderingly raised her eyelids and saw that Qi Mu was busy roasting rabbit meat.

Fang Tian  Tian was still leaning on her, the little girl was sleeping very blissfully.

“You’re awake?”

As if he noticed the sounds of Su Wan astir over there, Qi Mu raised his head and looked at Su Wan. The sun shone through the mottled branches and leaves, some of the brilliant rays sprinkled on Qi Mu, reflecting his side profile. Right at this moment, this man’s smile was like a rare warmth like spring.

Su Wan only looked at Qi Mu and her gaze directly fell on the branches in his hands: “It turns out that you also know how to do this. Really cause a person to be amazed.”

A wealthy idler, the eldest son of a rich family who enjoys a high position and lives in comfort, this would really make people cast sidelong glances.

Qi Mu’s eyes flashed a complicated look and his face habitually raised an indifferent smile: “If you can’t go out from the kitchen in the hall, what face will you have to pick up girls a? Nowadays a, a man who can’t cook is not considered a good husband!”

As he said this, Qi Mu tore off a piece of freshly roasted meat and held it before Su Wan: “Ladies first! Rest assured, I’ve washed my hands!”

Su Wan was not unreasonable and took the roasted meat and slowly ate it. Finally, Fang Tian Tian was also awakened by the fragrant smell. The three people ate till they were full and began to discuss what to do next.

The travel bag that Qi Mu carried was very big. There were some stuff for outdoor use and a few bottles of water. Though they wouldn’t starve to death if they waited here, they would eventually be worn down one day. Finally, the three people decided to carry on and set their mind on a direction to follow. Even if they couldn’t find other people, they at least wanted to find the exit to leave these woods.

The next day was boring But the more tranquil it was, the more uneasy Su Wan would be. Until night fell, as if she seemed to have found the New World, Fang Tian Tian shouted while facing one direction: “Su Wan, Su Wan, quickly look! There’s a house there!”

A house? 1

Su Wan and Qi Mu happened to lift their eyes at the same time. Sure enough, there’s a bamboo house standing alone under the shade of a tree.

A bamboo house……

Su Wan’s face changed again.

In her memory, the first layer of the dreamworld was absolutely not like this! This bamboo house also never appeared!

Moreover, such a bamboo house…….

Just as Su Wan was hesitating, at the dense woods that was a distance away, the bamboo house suddenly lit up with some not too bright lights.

“Who’s there? Is it Su Wan and Fang Tian Tian?”

They heard the cool voice of a male. Hearing this voice, Fang Tian Tian’s eyes brightened up: “Qin Lu! Qin Lu! It’s you! We’re here!”

Qin Lu was also Yi Zi Xuan’s roommate and was also the target of Fang Tian Tian’s unrequited love.

Sure enough, not long after Fang Tian Tian’s voice fell, the sounds of footsteps came from the woods. After that, Qin Lu’s tall figure appeared before the three people.

He still wore the black sportswear that he wore when they departed, holding a flashlight in his hand.

When Qin Lu saw the figures of the three people, he seemed to be greatly relieved: “You three are finally back!”

Su Wan paused, Qi Mu also slightly wrinkled his brow. Only Fang Tian Tian burst out in a foolish laugh as if she saw a person dear to her. There was no more of the caution and scared appearance, and fear that she had during the day.

“Go in ba, everyone is here.”

As Qin Lu said this, he held the flashlight and turned and walked towards the bamboo house. Fang Tian Tian naturally smiled and followed after Qin Lu. 2

Su Wan unconsciously slowed her pace. Qi Mu also followed her and slowed down his pace.

“Don’t you feel that it’s really weird?”

Qi Mu leaned to Su Wan’s ear and whispered to her. Because Qi Mu was a lot taller than Su Wan, so, right now, he was lowering his head. He even lightly bent his body, his warm breath lingering in Su Wan’s ear. 3

Su Wan really disliked this excessively ambiguous distance, but right now, she really did find some abnormalities.

Right now, the four people had arrived before the bamboo house. Su Wan carefully looked at the bamboo house in front of her. The building had three storeys and seemed to have been built quite some time ago, bringing a feeling of  going through vicissitudes of time.

“Zi Xuan, Yu Feng, Qi Mu and them have returned!”

As soon as he reached the door, Qin Lu shouted loudly towards the inside. “Creak/crunch” Along with his voice, the entrance of the bamboo building opened. A young man in a gray t-shirt and blue jeans stood at the entrance, his gaze immediately falling on Su Wan.

Yi Zi Xuan.

At this moment, Su Wan was also looking at Yi Zi Xuan. Yi Zi Xuan’s figure was sturdy and well-distributed. Because he was born in the mountains, his skin was not at all white but a healthy wheat colour. This kind of fashionable and good-looking guy paired with handsome and elegant facial features, is indeed the capital that made the original owner’s heart move.


“Since you’ve all come back, then quickly enter ba.”

In the end, Yi Zi Xuan opened his mouth first, his tone lukewarm with no other feelings present.

Chen Yu Feng, who was beside the door, moved aside and secretly curled his lips at Qi Mu. Everyone knew that Yi Zi Xuan and Su Wan had already broke up for more than half a year. Though both of them were still single, there were no possibilities of them getting back together.

Su Wan stood at the same place and didn’t move. Seeing that she didn’t understand, Qi Mu also didn’t move.

Only Fang Tian Tian still unthinkingly followed Qin Lu. After walking to the door, she couldn’t help but turn back and look at Su Wan: “Why aren’t you all coming in a?”

As she said this, Fang Tian Tian’s foot has already stepped into the bamboo house.

“Come back!”

Su Wan suddenly abruptly gripped Fang Tian Tian’s arm. In that split second, the bamboo house started to distort abnormally. Finally, it became a boundless back hole. Qin Lu, Yi Zi Xuan and Chen Yu Feng became black fog before their eyes. Su Wan still tightly held onto Fang Tian TIan’s arm. Fang Tian Tian, who was already half-swallowed by the black fog, slowly turned her head slowly. It was a badly mangled face. Both the eyeballs were falling out from their sockets and was swaying non-stop on the hideous face. 4

At her red lips that kept bleeding, an eerie, ghostly breath spread open the mouth, revealing sharp white teeth: “Su Wan, I’m dying so miserably, I’m dying so tragically!”

Fang Tian Tian’s hand suddenly changed into sharp bones  and tried to stab Su Wan’s heart.


Qi Mu suddenly dashed in from one side and borrowed the momentum from his dash to smash open Fang Tian Tian’s hand. Qi Mu puled Su Wan and ran into the woods without looking back.

The black mist silently spread in the woods. Wherever they went, the trees seemed like they’ve come alive, and bared their fangs and brandished their claws at Su Wan and Qi Mu in their surprise attacks.

Thick and sharp branches came at them from all around, even from under their feet. Su Wan only felt her vision darken. Her entire person was hugged and protected by Qi Mu. Those knife-like branches penetrated through Qi Mu’s body in an instant, leaving a hideous and bloody hole in his body.

As if the blood was free-of-charge, it kept flowing out from the body. Su Wan’s line of vision was coloured with red blood.

“Qi Mu…..”

She only recovered her voice after quite some time.

Qi Mu’s face was bloody, the corners of his mouth still managed to hook a smile: “Although the hero saved the beauty, it’s not my…….it’s not my style, but…’s your words…….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when those sharp branches came and blotted out the sky and covered the earth again. Qi Mu closed his eyes as if he had accepted his fate.

Su Wan’s eyes were also red at this moment. She was held tightly in Qi Mu’s embrace. Her hands and feet could not move but this didn’t mean that she couldn’t do anything.

“Wake up!”

Su Wan suddenly shouted at Qi Mu.

“I’m telling you to wake up!”

Surrounded by by pitch-dark forest, the bonfire they surrounded had already burnt out.

The night wind was very cool, but……

Qi Mu woke up from his sleep with dripping cold sweat and saw the scene in front of him.

Su Wan and Fang Tian Tian were still leaning on each other’s backs on the other side, their breaths drawn out.

It was…….a dream?

Qi Mu subconsciously groped his body. His body was in one piece and there weren’t any wounds.

He just seemed to have had a nightmare, but…..there were some confusion that made people unable to remember what happened in the dream.

Was it just a dream?

Qi Mu still had some lingering fear in his heart. He couldn’t fall asleep anymore and could only stare blankly at the bonfire that was going to burn out.

Qi Mu didn’t notice that, on the other end, discreetly moved her body. Her breathe was disorderly for a moment, but gradually calmed down.

In the end, was it a dream?

He didn’t know, she also didn’t know.

BLU: Qi Mu…..saved Su Wan? Σ(・口・)

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  1. Holy shet, I’m not so sure who ML is not enough evidence for me.

    So instead of SW dying in the second nightmare, it was QM instead?

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. O_O What’s happening!! Omg, don’t tell me the guy, Qi Mu that I suspect the most is Su Rui?! Oh my… This whole dream thingy is creeping me out.

  3. Now we know our male lead 🙂 looks like he is much better than any of the guys in the previous arc although he will still be black-bellied. Thought this arc might be a bit weird with the supernatural stuff but it looks like it will turn out good, definitely looking forward to the rest of this arc now.

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