Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 20

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SEG Chapter 2.5 — The Ninth Nightmare (5)

Qi Mu didn’t sleep. When dawn arrived, his eyes were completely bloodshot. When Su Wan and Fang Tian Tian woke up, Qi Mu opened his bag and took out two cans of canned food and a bag of compressed biscuits.

“Wa! You actually have canned food! Big brother Qi, your preparations are so thorough. Do you go to the wild often?”

The moment she saw the delicious food, Fang Tian Tian’s eyes sparkled.

Qi Mu only smiled: “I’m a master at survival in the wild. You will know it later! Men who don’t know how to survive in the wild are not good good husbands!”

Su Wan: ……

Fang Tian Tian: ……..1

The three people hurriedly ate something and started on figuring out how to get out of here. Qi Mu had forgotten about the things that happened in his dreams, but Su Wan still remembered it very clearly. Don’t know where the idea popped up from, Su Wan immediately suggested a direction. That direction was where she encountered Qin Lu.

The other two people did not object. So, the three people packed up their belongings and resolutely moved forward in that direction.

It was just like the dream. After walking for a whole day, it was calm and tranquil, and the three people did not come across anything dangerous. They also didn’t find any of their lost companions.

Seeing that the sun was going to set again, as if she was anxious, Fang Tian Tian’s eyes reddened. Her footsteps were a little disorderly, as if she wanted to quickly get out as soon as possible, but there was nowhere to go. That kind of panic and despair made Fang Tian Tian’s face pale.

It was at this time when the other direction of the dense forest suddenly projected a light that was not bright.


This light that suddenly appeared out of nowhere made the originally anxious Fang Tian Tian scream. Following her voice, the light also shook a bit.

“Who! Who’s there? Come out for this laoniang!” 2

The girl who was full of air spoke like a ruffian.

This voice is…..

“Bai Xiao Yue!”

Fang Tian Tian’s voice had a sobbing tone to it, but at the moment, she was really excited because she recognized this voice. This was her roommate’s Bai Xiao Yue’s voice.

To hear Bai Xiao Yue’s voice, Su Wan was also mildly surprised. When she chose this direction, she really just wanted to try her luck.

Didn’t expect to actually come across a companion here?

Not long after, Bai Xiao Yue appeared before the three people. Her long hair was dyed dark purple and she was wearing black, tight-fitting clothes. A string of exaggerated jewelry hung on her wrist.

Her whole outfit that was carefully done to show-off her cool fashion sense, which made Su Wan not dare to look straight at her.

Bai Xiao Yue was born into an organization and her father was the gang leader of this large organization. Everyone called him Boss Bai and his daughter that he had when he was at an old age, the only child he would have in this lifetime, was his baby girl Bai Xiao Yue. It can be imagined that from childhood till adulthood, Bai Xiao Yue was extremely pampered by Boss Bai as she grew up. However, it was obvious that this cute, fair-skinned little girl had grown up to be domineering. Now, her appearance had become like this. Su Wan felt that Boss Bai must be the most upset person.

“How are you three together?”

Bai Xiao Yue saw the figure of the three people. She gave Qi Mu a deep look and then opened her mouth to interrogate them.


“Came across on the way.”

Su Wan spoke first to reply: “Bai Xiao Yue, are you the only one here?”

Hearing Su Wan’s question, Bai Xiao Yue subconsciously looked at Qi Mu. After a moment of silence, she replied with a low voice: “Only myself.”

“That’s alright. From now on, the four of us will go together and look for them!”

Fang Tian Tian who already recovered her normal state of mind at one side, immediately took a step forward. While she spoke, she raised her hand to pat Bai Xiao Yue’s shoulder. Right at the moment when Fang Tian Tian’s hand touched Bai Xiao Yue’s shoulder, the blood and flesh on her hand immediately dissipated, leaving only white, sharp bones which did not hesitate to pierce Bai Xiao Yue’s shoulder. 3

In an instant, eye-catching black blood appeared and dripped onto the ground, making the grass and wildflower on the ground wither in a flash.

“Quickly run!”

Fang Tian Tian’s arm and even the upper part of her body was continuously changing. Her flesh and blood was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Even though it was like this, that white skeleton that had lost its flesh and blood turned its head with difficulty, giving out an unpleasant rubbing sound. And as the teeth closed, a dull and coarse sound came from her mouth.

Quicky, run!

Everything only happened in the span of the blink of an eye.

Su Wan looked on helplessly/unfeelingly as Fang Tian Tian became bleached bones, helplessly/unfeelingly looked as black blood gushed out from Bai Xiao Yue’s body. Her dark purple hair kept growing longer and longer till the overgrown hair covered her face, till it covered her whole body. 4

Those long strands of hair were fluttering in the air and first entwined around Fang Tian Tian’s skeleton. Then, it came at Su Wan and Qi Mu’s direction at full speed. 5


This time, Su Wan reacted quickly and pulled Qi Mu as she turned and ran!

Qi Mu liked doing survival in the wild on normal days, so his physical strength was extremely good. However, he didn’t think that Su Wan’s physical strength was also this good. Both of them ran like mad the whole way and she could keep up with his pace.

“In the end, how did all that happen?”

While running, Qi Mu couldn’t help but think aloud: “Fang Tian Tian and Bai Xiao Yue, it’s unlikely that they were possessed by ghosts ba?”

Thinking about what happened just now, Qi Mu still felt his scalp tingle. 6

Su Wan kept quiet and also didn’t look back. Just like this, they ran all the way until a ghostly shadow stopped them from continuing forwards.

In the dense forest, there was no moonlight nor were there stars. With only pitch-black darkness surrounding them, only the sound of Su Wan’s and Qi Mu’s fierce panting could be heard.

That shadow silently stood under a tree, fusing together with the dim lighting. Bringing a heart-rending chill with her, dark purple hair wildly danced in the dark night, pitch-black blood staining her body. 7

The being before them was not Bai Xiao Yue anymore, but a faceless female ghost with madly dancing hair. 8

The female ghost stood fixedly not far from Su Wan and Qi Mu. Those strange hair was dancing as if there was a raging undercurrent, facing the two people.

This moment came suddenly, but Su Wan’s expression was full of attention. At this moment when one’s life hung in the balance, she pushed away Qi Mu who was beside her: “I don’t like to owe others.”

She did not finish speaking when Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes.

The early morning breeze brought a slight chill in the air, beside her was the bonfire that burned out a long time ago.

The day was cold and humid, Su Wan subconsciously curled her body. Fang Tian Tian who kept leaning on her leisurely woke up because of Su Wan’s movements.

“Morning a.” 9

Fang Tian Tian was still in a daze. On one side, she subconsciously touched her arms and legs and on the other, she couldn’t help but grumble: “How cold a. It would be great if we had a tent.”

Speaking till here, her stomach suddenly grumbled which made the always lively and optimistic Fang Tian Tian blush: “Er, I’m a little hungry. Su Wan, what do you want to eat? I still have a bag of biscuits in my backpack.”

“Eat canned food.”

Su Wan stood up. Stepping over the campfire and stood by Qi Mu’s body. Qi Mu was still asleep, a very deep sleep. His eyes were shut tight though his complexion wasn’t too good.

Su Wan went around Qi Mu, opened his backpack behind him and took out two cans of canned food.

As expected, the taste and brand of canned food were exactly the same as the ones in the dream. 10

“Wa! There were still canned food?”

Fang Tian Tian couldn’t help but be speechless: “This Big Brother Qi really has everything prepared. It really can be seen that he’s a master at survival in the wild. Eh, speaking of which,…”

Don’t know what Fang Tian Tian thought of, she suddenly turned her face and fixed her gaze at Su Wan: “Su Wan, how did you know that he had canned food in his backpack?”

“I accidentally saw it.”

Su Wan casually replied. Fang Tian Tian looked at Su Wan and then quickly glanced at Qi Mu who was fast asleep. She whispered something to herself and then began struggling to open the can of canned food that Su Wan handed her.

When the two people almost finished eating, Qi Mu sat up, drenched in sweat.


“You’ve woken up?”

Su Wan, who was distractedly paying attention to the sounds of Qi Mu stirring, immediately asked a question.

Qi Mu was still somewhat shaken. He first looked at Su Wan, his gaze was complicated. Then, he cautiously glanced at Fang Tian Tian. His gaze became even more complicated and hard to describe……..11

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