Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 119

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SEG Chapter 6.17 – Return of the Di Daughter

It was not long after that the matter of Su jia breaking off the engagement with Chen jia spread around the Capital. In the beginning, everyone felt that this matter was spread around by Su jia just so that they can save their own face — Su Wan taking the initiative to break off the engagement with Chen Yu Shu? It was more reasonable to say the reverse!

However, it didn’t take long for the news to be confirmed by Chen Yu Shu himself. He even personally admitted that he did not want to break off the engagement with Su jia!

Because of what Chen Yu Shu said, this matter immediately became the conversation topic over a cup of tea of every rich family in the Capital. Everyone was curious why Su Wan went crazy and broke off the enagement with Chen Yu Shu, and if Chen Yu Shu was possessed by something, to actually not want to break off the engagement with Su Wan!

There were strange things every year, but there were more this year!

The past few days, a dark cloud hovered over Marquis Qingchuan fu, and Marquis Jingning fu was not any better off.

After Liu-shi returned from Huangjue Temple that day, Chen Yu Shu had already left. When Liu-shi went to Su Wan to persuade her not to act rashly, Su Wan told her that she had already laid all the cards on the table with Chen Yu Shu!

Liu-shi went berserk on the spot!

But the berserk Liu-shi still didn’t have the heart to lay a hand on her daughter and also did not have the face to go to Marquis Qingchuan fu to take back Su Wan’s words. In the end, Liu-shi could only let loose all the repressed stuffiness onto Su Yun’s body.

Poor Marquis Jingning had always been his wife’s slave. He always followed whatever his wife says, wherever she pointed is wherever he’ll strike!

Seeing that Liu-shi was truly angry, Su Yun also worried about his daughter who did not grow up. The husband and wife thought it over together and finally, Su Yun still decided to pull down his face and make a trip to Jin Wangfu.

In Su Yun’s view, this matter was definitely Su Wan’s own idea. Regardless of whether she fell in love with Wangye’s peerless grace and elegance, or his unrivalled wisdom, Jin Qinwang was such a noble and intelligent person, he definitely wouldn’t take a fancy to her!

That’s right. Su Yun has absolutely no confidence in his own daughter!

He even got ready to be ridiculed by people of the Wangfu. Fortunately, Su Yun was also familiar with Jin Qingwang’s nature and knew that even if he didn’t take a fancy to Su Wan, he will never spread this matter. So after preparing a surefire plan, Su Yun took advantage of the dim light of night and brought the little boy servant to Jin Wangfu to pay a visit.

What Su Yun didn’t think was that, in Jin Qinwang fu, he was very warmly and sincerely welcomed by the bottomost doorkeepers to even the uppermost steward of the Wangfu! 1

This made Su Yun somewhat surprised but he didn’t think too much, until he saw Jin Qinwang in the study. Su Yun hesitated but still tactfully relayed his maiden daughter’s certain ideas and finally even patted his chest to pledge to Wangye that he would definitely strictly discipline his little daughter and would not let her have the chance to offend Wangye again!

Su Rui has been lazily listening to Su Yun’s speech. He waited for him to speak all sorts of words before lightly raising his eyelids, calmly looking at Su Yun: “Marquis Jingning, have you finished speaking?”

“Ah? En.”

Su Yun subconscously nodded.


Su Rui stood up, his expression indifferent as he looked at Su Yun and then slowly spoke: “Can Bengong speak now? First, Bengong likes Young Miss Su very much, very willing to accept her as a wife! Second, apart from Bengong, Bengong will never allow any other man to hit her, nor will anyone be allowed to touch a single hair on her head! Of course, Su Daren and Su Furen are also not exceptions, otherwise…. you have to take the consequences!” 2

Su Yun: …..

Is this Marquis hearing thigs wrong?

Seeing Su Yun standing there stupidous, Su Rui did not say anything more but rather, carelessly picked up a blue and white porcelain tea cup from the desk and played around with it in his hands for a while, before using a little force, turning the highest quality blue and white porcelain into a pile of dust in his palm in the blink of an eye!

Su Yun: ……

I’m not only hearing things wrong, it can’t be that I’m also seeing hallucinations?

“Marquis, Bengong’s words, can you remember them?”

Seeing Su Yun return to his senses, Su Rui lightly clapped his hands while a expression that was like a smile yet not a smile, countless fine powder gently falling from his hands.

A ghostly figure suddenly flashed. Zhui Yue took out a towel that was prepared beforehand and respectfully handed it to Su Rui.

Su Rui took the offered towel and indifferently wiped his hands while narrowing his eyes as he waited for Su Yun’s reply.

Su Yun: ……

Can I refuse?

“Ye- yes, Wangye! This official remembers!”

After his mind turned a few times, Su Yun ultimately slightly hung his hed and respectfully answered.

Seeing Su Yun adapt to the situation, Su Rui’s rare amiable manner surfaced: “Since it is so, Su Daren should return home and prepare. When it is the new year, Bengong will take Young Miss Su as a wife and then we will be a family!”

What ‘a family’! Su Yun felt somewhat laden with grief ah! How could you threaten your father-in-law like this? Even if you are a Prince…… fine, you are a Prince, so you have won.

After Su Yun returned to the fu, he immediately shut the room of the door tightly before discussing with his Furen Liu-shi in the room for half a day. Regardless of whether how deeply hidden and masked Jin Wangye was, or how he complimented his daughter, all this made Su Yun feel somewhat strange. But the husband and wife deliberated here and deliberated there and could only helplessly come to a conclusion —

Officials one rank higher could crush people to death, let alone if that official is Jin Qinwang!

Of course, the most important thing was that their troublesome daughter of theirs was willing!

So this marriage, can they acknowledge it?

Just like this, when those rich families in the Capital were still debating whether it was Su Wan who ate the wrong medicine or was it Chen Yu Shu who ate the wrong medicine, Marquis Jingning fu already quietly decided on a marriage with Jin Wangfu……

After learning that her family’s Young Miss and Jin Qinwang was getting married, Wen Yue who was in the courtyard was esctatic, because she had visited the Jin Wangfu with Su Wan before and saw that  Jin Qinwang truly treated her family’s Young Miss very well. Wen Yue was happy for her family’s Young Miss from the bottom of her heart. In comparison, once Wen Yu learned of this news, her entire person seemed to be ladened with grief and haggard.

In her eyes, the Young Miss was forced and did not have a choice, had to accept a compromise, to be at peace with herself, breaking off her escape route…… in short, the Young Miss walked to this step today was all because of her fault!

Therefore, when the entire Marquis Jingnign fu was preparing for the marriage at the end of the year, only Wen Yu was walking back and forth, not knowing what to do………

In a flash, it was the end of the year. On the eve of New Years every year, the Emperor would host a banquet to entertain civil and military officials, and the Empress Dowager would entertain a crowd of noble women in the back of the palace. 3

Now, not only did Su Wan receive the invitation from the Empress Dowager, the Chen Qing Jin and Chen Qing Yao sisters of Marquis Qingchuan fu also received the Empress Dowager’s invitation at the same time.

In the recent days, although Marquis Qingchuan fu was affected by Su jia breaking off the engagement, Chen Qing Jin’s mood was a lot better compared to others.

Although she did not know why Su Wan took the initiative to break off the engagement. As long as she recalled that her big brother didn’t need to get married to that woman who made her disgusted, Chen Qing Jin’s mood was comfortable and refreshed. Now that she receied the Empress Dowager’s invitation, Chen Qing Jin’s gaze shifted, a plan rising from her heart —

Since she already solved Su Wan, that woman who made people disgusted, then it’s now the time to turn to the main target, Chen Qing Yao. In the previous life, she (CQY) schemed to snatch her (CQJ) husband. In this life, Chen Qing Jin held that slag man in contempt!

Since she, Chen Qing Yao, wanted him, then she will be a good person and simply straight-forwardly sacrifice herself to her get together with the Fifth Prince!

The big curtains to the grand New Year’s Eve banquet has still not been pulled open, but there already someone who can’t wait —

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, but in the end, who was the mantis, and who was the oriole?


BLU: Still feeling like beating CQJ up uwu
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