Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 118

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SEG Chapter 6.16 – Return of the Di Daughter

Su Wan slept peacefully through the whole night. When she got up in the morning, she thought that Liu-shi would grab her and give her a sermon, but Su Wan did not see Liu-shi’s figure at all. Only after she asked the steward of the residence did she know that Liu-shi had brought her personal maid servant with her to Huangjue Temple very early in the morning.

Burn incense and worship Buddha?

Well, besides playing Ma Diao, Liu-shi also had anoter hobby, she liked to visit the temple and request for divinations and other nonsense.

Su Wan guessed that Liu-shi definitely went to ask for a divination because of her matter, but this time, Liu-shi was destined to be disappointed…..

The time was close to noon and Liu-shi still hadn’t returned but Marquis Jingning fu welcomed another guest.

Chen Yu Shu.

Su Wan had long forgotten what Liu-shi said yesterday till the steward came to report that Chen Gongzi had come to visit. Only then did Su Wan remember that yesterday, Liu-shi said that Chen Yu Shu already came to visit once.

She let Wen Yu stay in the courtyard and brought Wen Yue to the drawing room of the Marquis fu.  Chen Yu Shu was sitting upright, with a teacup in hand, the expression on his face very serene and tranquil.

“Chen gongzi, you’ve come!”

Su Wan greeted Chen Yu Shu as soon as she stepped into the room, her tone not salty nor was it light, and there was none of the intimate manner in the past.

Chen Yu Shu was stunned when he heard Su Wan’s voice. In the past, as soon as they met, Su Wan would always call “Yu Shu ge” “Yu Shu ge”. Because the two of them were engaged, Chen Yu Shu did not specifically ask her to change it, but Su Wan’s attitude today revealed some distance. This sudden distance made Chen Yu Shu feel somewhat unaccustomed.

“Su….. Young Miss Su.”

Chen Yu Shu hesitated but he still used honorifics as usual. In fact, Chen Yu Shu only remembered at this time that the two of them had known each other for so many years, but it seems that he had never taken the initiative to get closer to her. He had never even called her by her name……. 1

The two of them were fundamentally an unmarried couple, but right now, the two of them sat in the hall in a very awkward silence. Su Wan did not speak again and Chen Yu Shu did not know what he should say.

When he was at home, he thought of coming over to Marquis Jingning fu to see her and conveniently inquire about her current situation, but now after meeting with those pair of unfamiliar and somewhat indifferent eyes, Chen Yu Shu suddenly did not know what he shoud say.

Neither of them spoke. Su Wan indifferently sat perfectly straight on the wooden chair and CHen Yu Shu kept sipping small mouthfuls of tea till the cup of tea was empty. Only then did Su Wan raise her eyes and looked at Chen Yu Shu who was sitting on the side: “How is the tea?”


Chen Yu Shu was stunned again, he who’s heart was laden with anxiety never took notice of how the tea was.


Seeing his somewhat tongue-tiedd and awkward appearance, Su Wan couldn’t help but to smile: “Chen gongzi does not need to be nervous, I saw that you kept drinking the tea, if you like, I can ask a servant to steep a few more cups.”

“No, no need.”

Chen Yu Shu put down the cup and mildly looked at Su Wan’s smiling face: “Actually, I came today, I came…… to see you.”

Chen Yu Shu never paid careful attention to Su Wan in the past, but ever since he came into contact with her at the hunting grounds, Chen Yu Shu always remembered that this smile was very brilliant and that she was a simple-minded girl.

The relationship between people are so subtle. When you do not care for the other party, you would not notice them whatever they did, but when you really did care, then you would start to suffer from worry.

Chen Yu Shu felt that Su Wan was currently treating him a bit coldly. Was it because he became estranged from her in the past?

“See me?”

When she heard what Chen Yu SHu said, Su Wan hung down her eyes and seemed to be weight down by her thoughts: “Chen gongzi, I actually also……. just happened to have something to tell you.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

Chen Yu Shu turned his head when he heard Su Wan’s words, his face earnestly looking at her.

“I want….”

Su Wan slowly lifted her eyes and looked at Chen Yu Shu with a complex gaze: “I want….. I Want… break off the engagement!”

She hesitated when she spoke this out, but after she finished saying it, Su Wan’s entire body leaned onto the chair, as if she had completely exhausted all the strength in her body.

Break the engagement?

Chen Yu Shu suddenly stood up and looked at SU Wan in disbelief: “What did you say? You want to….. break off the engagement with me?”

Chen Yu Shu’s question was filled with startled disbelief. At this time, his bright eyes were unblinkingly staring at Su Wan: “Why? Why do you want to break off the engagement?”

At least, she should give him a clear answer.

“No reason, I just….. no longer like you. I had always liked you so so much, but you didn’t like me at all. So I felt very tired.”

Su Wan raised her eyes and uncoweringly looked at Chen Yu Shu in the eye: “I also want to find someone who loves me dearly, a husband who truly treats me well.”

This sentence she spoke was true and sincere, her eyes also involuntarily redenned.

Chen Yu Shu’s heart quaked and looked at Su Wan somewhat guiltily: “Actually, I can also…..”

I can also treat you very well.

“It’s too late.”

Su Wan slowly stood up and interrupted Chen Yu Shu: “Some matters can no longer be recovered after they have happened. Chen Yu Shu, you and I were destined to have no chance in this life. I’m rather tired, so I won’t be seeing you off.”

Without waiting for Chen Yu Shu’s reply, Su Wan unhesitantly brought Wen Yue along and slowly left.

In the deserted drawing room, Chen Yu Shu stood still in place for a long time, the slender figure seemed to be slightly lonely at this moment……


Marquis Qingchuan fu.

Chen Qing Jin heard that Chen Yu Shu went to Su jia early in the morning. Because of this matter, she was unable to stand nor sit still. Just when Chen Qing Jin was crunching her brain to figure how to expose Su Wan’s “true colours” in front of Chen Yu Shu, he had already returned somewhat despondently and downtrodden with his servant.

“Big brother?”

When Chen Qing Jin saw CHen Yu Shu pass through her courtyard, she immediately lifted up her skirt and immediately rushed to him: “Big borhter, didn’t you go to Su jia? Why did you come back so quick?”

Su jia……

When he heard Chen Qing Jin bring up Su jia, Chen Yu Shu’s expression immediately became somewhat unsightly.

Chen Qing Jin’s gaze flashed, and as usual, she lifted her hand to monopolize Chen Yu Shu’s arm and continued speaking with an “innocent” face: “It’s already lunch time, Marquis Jingning fu is simply too lacking in manners. They actually didn’t know to invite big brother in the residence to have a meal?”

Chen Qing Jin delibarately pouted and the expression on her face became very indignant: “I originally thought that only Young Miss Su was rash and willful in Marquis Jingnign fu, but I didn’t expect that the everyone in the fu would actually treat a guest like this! It’s obvious that they do not put big brother in their eyes!” 2

“That’s enough!”

Chen Yu Shu suddenly cut Chen Qing Jin off with a shout. In Chen Qing Jin’s memory, in her two lifetimes till now, her big brother had never used such a fierce tone to speak to her. This time he actually shouted at her? And this was even for Su jia?

For a moment, Chen Qing Jin’s heart was even more unpleasent. She pursed her lips with tears already pooling at her eyes: “Big brother, you actually shouted at me for other people? Did I say anything wrong? In the entire Capital, who does not know that Young Miss Su is a good-for-nothing! Their family and our family becoming related by marriage is basically them climbing up the social ladder! I…. I don’t like Su jia, I don’t like Su Wan even more, she does not match up to big brother at all!”

Right now, CHen Qing Jin was simply using that as a pretext to put over her own ideas. She bitterly weeped in front of Chen Yu Shu. She knew that her brother always had a sharp tongue but a soft heart and he loved her the most. Who knows, maybe because of this matter, he would reconsider his marriage with Su jia.


When he herd what Chen Qing Jin said, Chen Yu Shu stiffened in place —

‘Match up to’ or ‘does not match up to’?

Even if in the entire aristocrat circle in the Capital, everyone thought that Su Wan did not match up to him, so what?

Now, it was Su Wan who wanted to break off the engagement, and him, he was actually at a loss.

He did not feel upset and indignant after being told that she wanted the engagement to be broken off. As long as Chen Yu Shu thought of what Su Wan said, and also the epression on er face and the emotion in her eyes that time, he would feel very guilty in his heart —

No matter how willful, how lacking in manners she is in the eyes of others —

At least, she once liked him so much that she did a lot of things that others thought was just because of her wishful thinking.

And he himself, seemed to have never given her any kind of response.

So, even if everyone in the land under the Heavens was qualified to ridicule here, only he, Chen Yu Shu, did not have any qualifications to look down on that woman…..


Blu: Chen Yu Shu is actually pretty decent, huh? That sister of his, however……

Samui: talk about younger sibling syndrome haha

” Chen Qing Jin’s gaze flashed, and as usual, she lifted her hand to monopolize Chen Yu Shu’s arm and continued speaking with an “innocent” face ”

Blu: When tl-ing this part, I really wanted to push her down and stomp on her face, and grind it into blood, grime and dust
Samui: omg hahahahhahah

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