Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 106

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SEG Chapter 6.4 –Return of the Di Daughter

On the fifth day Su Wan was “recuperating”, her courtyard finally welcomed its first guest, Marquis Qingchuan fu’s second daughter, Chen Qing Yao.

Chen Qing Yao had just turned 15 this year, the age that was just like a flower. From afar, she saw Chen Qing Yao, wearing a goose-yellow colored skirt, elegantly and gracefully appeared before Su Wan. Su Wan somewhat weakly smiled at her.

“Wan jiejie, is your cold better?” 1

Chen Qing Yao’s voice was sweet and agreeable, her tone thoughtful, and matching it with her flower-like countenance and a pair of limpid eyes, she seemed extremely sincere and honest. No wonder she could dupe the original owner.

“My body….. already does not have many more issues. I’ve let Qing Yao meimei worry.” 2

Su Wan looked down. Although her mouth said that there weren’t any major issues, her face had an expression as if she wanted to hide something, which had long fallen into Chen Qing Yao’s eyes.

Although Chen Qing Yao was not reborn, she was a girl whose scheming went very deep. Regarding Su Wan’s “cold”, she had long been suspicious but she just never had the chance to verify it.

“Hearing Wan jiejie say so makes me feel at ease.”

Chen Qing Yao directed an innocent smile at Su Wan and turned her face to slightly sigh: “Wan jiejie, Yu Shu gege actually also wanted to come and see you, it’s just that it’s very difficult for him once he returns to the Imperial Capital. There is a lot of official business that he has to handle and also at home….. at home….. Qing Jin jiejie keeps pestering him to accompany her, he really has no time.” 3

Chen Qing Yao’s voice was very low. Although she was explaining for Chen Yu Shu, she was in fact inciting disharmony in the relationship between Su Wan and Chen Qing Jin.

When Su Wan heard her words, her gaze flashed: “Is…. is it like this? No wonder, no wonder he never came even once, I still thought he…..”

Speaking till here, Su Wan subconsciously raised her hand to tighten her collar.

Chen Qing Yao also followed Su Wan’s movements, her sharp eyes immediately noticed a superficial red mark on Su Wan’s neck, don’t tell me this is…..

Connecting the incident that had occured in Marquis Qingchuan fu, a thought immediately popped up in her heart, but she did not dare to rashly voice out this speculation and still needed further verification.

Thinking up until here, Chen Qing Yao’s eyes flashed, seeming to have carelessly spoke: “In a few days it will be the day of the Autumn Hunt. In previous years, it was just gege who took part and jiejie and I would go to join in on the fun. This year, for some reason, jiejie also insisted on joining to participate in the hunt. When that time comes, I’m afraid gege will get distracted to take care of her. And this year, it just so happens that the Second Prince and Fifth Prince also want to participate in the hunt. I’m afraid that Yu Shu gege will lose the title of being the best in the hunt this year.”

Chen Qing Yao narrated this very skillfully. First, she reminded Su Wan of the Hunt, Don’t you forget to go and join in on the fun. Second, she revealed to her that Chen Qing Jin had been pestering Chen Yu Shu. And the third point was even more intriguing —

Why did Chen Qing Jin, who had never participated in the Hunt in previous years, wilfully want to participate this year? Was it because there were two Princes participating this year and she wanted to attract the interest of His Highness the Prince?

Su Wan couldn’t help but to admit that the 15 year old Chen Qing Yao was already a master at playing with people’s hearts. Just like this, she quietly conveyed unfavourable words and thoughts, seeping them into Su Wan’s heart bit by bit. This was because after she married into Chen jia in the past life, Su Wan highly rejected Chen Qing Jin. And after Chen Qing Jin met with an accident, Su Wan firmly did not believe that Chen Qing Jin was set up by someone. 4

Fellow student Chen Qing Yao, you truly washed yourself clean of the matter!

In order to let fellow student Chen Qing Yao be filled with a sense of acheivement, Su Wan’s gaze immediately changed when she heard this, both hands firmly clutched the brocade quilt on her body: “I believe in Yu Shu…..I will go cheer for him, he will win.”


Seeing that her purpose was reached, Chen Qing Yao comfortingly smiled at Su Wan: “I should also believe in Yu Shu gege. When the moment comes, let’s encourage him together!”……

After sending off Chen Qing Yao, Liu-shi immediately showed up at Su Wan’s room: “What did Chen jia’s girl come for?”

With the current situation, Liu-shi was very vigilant towards anyone from Chen jia.

She couldn’t find the real culprit that schemed against her daughter, but, that person was probably from Chen jia.

And because she knew of her daughter’s “infatuation” towards Chen Yu Shu, Liu-shi did not wish for Chen jia to find out the matter of her daughter losing her virginity in advance.

“Qing Yao meimei came to visit me and reminded me to not forget to go to Pushan hunting ground to watch the Autumn Hunt.”

Su Wan answered Liu-shi’s question and when she heard about the Autumn Hunt, Liu-shi’s gaze suddenly brightened: “Wan er ah! Mother remembers that your riding skills is also not bad. How about you go join in on the fun at the hunting grounds this year? If you can be together with Chen Yu Shu, then…..”

Liu-shi bent over by Su Wan’s ear and softly whispered.

When Su Wan heard what she said, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but to shrink–

Liu-shi unexpectedly asked her to look for an opportunity to put on an act of getting injured in front of Chen Yu Shu in the hunting ground, it would be best if she could pester Chen Yu Shu, make him be left alone and secluded with her, and afterwards, directly let the rice get cooked and whatnot. 5

Do you want to stake it all like this ah?

I’m definitely not your biological child, it’s not worth the money!

Concerning Liu-shi, this kind mother who was single-mindedly devoted to her daughter, Su Wan was also speechless —

Are you taking Chen Yu Shu for a fool?

If we really XXOO and he discovers that I’m not the original goods, then what? 6

And also, Su Wan was extremely resistant towards intimate contact with men other than Su Rui.

No, it includes Su Rui.

Once she remembered Su Rui, who hadn’t shown his face for several days in a row, Su Wan got even more irritated —

Autumn Hunt and whatnot, she’ll definitely participate!

She had absolutely no interest in ‘cooking the rice’ with Chen Yu Shu, but what interested her completely was something else….

At this moment, Imperial Capital, Jin Wang fu — 7

“Master, you want to go to Pushan hunting ground…. to hunt?”

The steward eunuch in the wangfu looked at his Master’s small body and somewhat disbelievingly widened his eyes.


The purple dressed man sitting on the high chair lazily raised his eyes, his tone sombre and gloomy: “Benwang wants to go to his own hunting grounds to hunt, does that still need your approval?” 8

The piercingly cold stare and mighty suppression immediately made the steward crouch on the ground with a headfull of cold sweat: “Slave doesn’t dare, Wangye please forgive me!” 9

“Get out!”


After that steward hastily ran out with sweat-beaded brows, the gaze of man on the high chair deepened —

How irritating! I really want to kill people, what to do?

Thinking of his current status, an idle Qinwang, no military power in his hands, weak  and fragile body, killing people as he pleased and whatnot, it seems a bit inappropriate.


Su Rui still felt irritated ah!

Why does every Female Lead have a Supporting Male Lead whose body was weak, but filled with wisom and was close to death by her side?

And even if he naturally dies or doesn’t die, he still became like this in this world!

Su Rui, who had been on the battlefield and holding massive military force since he was young, always felt that it was safest to hold military power in his palm.

And now, he became a “literary” Prince. As the current Emperor’s youngest brother, the pair of brothers, one literary and one military, brought peace and stability to the country and whatnot, that’s only to fool ghosts ba?

The damned Emperor had so many sons who were adept in both the pen and the sword, why the hell did he keep using his own Imperial brother? And also, for the past many years, he had never given him a piece of land. Rather, he stayed and lived in the Imperial Capital. This seems as if the Emperor cared and deeply doted on him, but in reality, isn’t it just house arrest in disguise —

You’re so clever, I don’t feel at ease if you’re alone outside, so it’s best if you obediently stayed right under my nose!

Having such a two-faced elder  brother, no wonder the original owner was always depressed. Can’t even take care of his own body, seeming as if he was going to die at any time.


Just when Su Rui was inwardly ridiculing, a ghostly shadow appeared in front of Su Rui. This was one of his personal shadow guards.

“What is it?”

This was the shadow guard that Su Rui secretly arranged to protect Su Wan over in Marquis Jingning fu. He woud regularly return and report matters in Marquis Jingning fu to Su Rui.

“Master, today, Marquis Qingchuan fu’s Second Young Miss came to Marquis Jingning fu to visit Young Miss Su. Afterwards, Marquis Jingning Furen ordered the residence’s stablehand to pick a few good foals to independently raise. Later, she also instructed the tailor to make Young Miss Su a set of brand-new autumn clothing. It seems that Young Miss Su wants to participate in this year’s Autumn Hunt!”

Sure enough….

Hearing the shadow guard’s reply, Su Rui sighed in his heart. He just knew that Su Wan would definitely particiate in this time’s Autumn Hunt. Meeting each other again at that time……..en, cough cough.

Su Rui suddenly became a little embarrassed —

These past few days, he didn’t dare to appear before Su Wan. After all, Su Wan’s consciousness was not sober that night and afterwards, after she recovered her consciousness, it seems like there were quite a few times where she shouted at him to stop.

But…..this……absolutely cannot be stopped, okay?

In retrospect, after Su Rui entered the Palace and dealed face-to-face with Emperor elder brother, the plots for so-and-so novel and so-and-so TV drama kept flashing through his mind on the way back to the Wangfu. When this kind of matter happened to the Female Lead- daren, they usually will —

Female Lead-daren 1: I don’t want t o live anymore, I’m too ashamed to see anyone, going to commit suicide ……

Su Rui: My family’s Xiao Wan is definitely not as unreasonable as this ~

Female Lead-daren 2: You actually dared to treat me like this! I will perish together with you!

Su Rui: My family’s Xiao Wan is definitely not as impulsive as this ~

Female Lead-daren 3: Heng heng heng (snorting), come over, take off your pants yourself, this young miss wants…. to castrate you!

Su Rui: …….

My family’s Xiao Wan is definitely……… not as violent as this ? (Are you sure?)

Well, no matter how it is, this is the first time our General Su, who fears nothing in Heaven or Earth, is afraid and directly handled it by refusing to face reality —

What if really was hated by Xiao Wan?

Kill or no kill, that’s not important. Castration and whatnot, let’s not ba~

【General Su, you truly~ think too much!】

As a result, Su Rui didn’t dare to show his face these past few days. But, he still dispatched people everyday to monitor Su Wan’s every move. He and Su Wan were both familiar with the task storyline and knew that in a few days time, the scene between the Male Lead and Female Lead will occur in the hunting grounds. Such a scene, presumably, Su Wan will not miss it, and himself~

A certain “sickly” Wangye expresses, Pushan hunting ground was originally something that damned Emperor bestowed to him. Strolling around in his hunting grounds in his free time, that should be fine ba?

BLU: Su Rui, ohhhh, Su Rui~
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3 thoughts on “Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 106

  1. Seeing the half sister act, it is actually believable, she’s all day around former Su Wan to stir trouble and paint FL as a bro-con. Since those are half lies and underlying meanings and not direct bs, its even more believable. Former Su Wan received a lot of brainwashing and was at an easily influenced age since they marry at like, what? 16? Engagements are made during their pre-teens?
    also, rant:
    FL blames former Su Wan being a spoiled idiot, but if you want to reverse positions; FL didn’t see thru half sis’s plots either! Half sis clearly made a lot of effort spending time with the fiancée Su Wan to get a firm foothold for herself since after the only male, the big brother takes over as the head of the family, he wouldn’t care for a half sister as much as for his real one. So half sis obviously gotta take her happiness and stable position into her own hands. (plus their relationship isn’t even good)
    Those who wait to be fed and gets fed by others will never know how to fight for it~ Half sis fought for it~ Winner takes all~ If you don’t have the ability, don’t talk shit~ Both former Su Wan and FL were not half-sister’s match~ If FL wants to blame somebody, she should’ve blamed herself for being blind & ignorant & weak towards the half-sis. Git gud, salty scrub ᕙ། ಠ 益 ಠೃ །ᕗ
    It’s a dog eat dog world, not saying half sister was rightful to do the things she did, but you always better look out for yourself and not wait for others to cater to you and your needs.

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