Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 105

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SEG Chapter 6.3–Return of the Di Daughter

Su Wan rested for an entire day in her bourdoir. Because the servant girls in the courtyard were slaves of the house, Liu-shi was very relieved to let them take care of Su Wan.

To the outsiders, Liu-shi claimed that Su Wan was infected with a cold at Marquis Qingchuan fu that eventfull day. Causing her to leave early as her body was unwell. Also, that during these past few days, she had been lying in bed to recuperate. Thus, was unable to receive guests.

Just like this, for three days straight, Su Wan did not go out of her room. And those hickeys of different shades that Su Rui had left behind, now seemed to no longer be as obvious.

Speaking of this, since Su Rui could secretly send her back 3 days ago, then he should know where she stays?

Not making an appearance for 3 days, what kind of trouble does he want to stir up?

Are men really creatures that won’t admit it after pulling up their pants?

This made Su Wan feel very irritable.

Of course, it wasn’t just Su Wan alone in a bad mood right now.

Chen Qing Jin’s mood these past few days was also not very good. According to her original plan, Su Wan’s reputation would have easily been discredited, but who would have thought that a mistake would appear halfway through it.

The person who secretly met with Chen Mian changed from Su Wan to Marquis Qingchuan fu’s servant girl, and that servant girl was exactly Chen Qing Jin’s personal servant, Yu Ru.

Yu Ru was Chen Qing Jin’s confidant and followed her when she married into the Qinwang fu. 1 When she fell into disgrace in the Qinwang fu, only Yu Ru stood by her side. Even when she finally lost her child and lost her life, Yu Ru also went with her on the spot.

This kind of loyal servant was cherished by Chen Qing Jin. This life, she already planned to find a suitable marriage for Yu Ru to let her comfortably live her life. Who would have thought this mishap would happen now.

Chen Mian and Yu Ru were exposed by the crowd at the scene. Duke Zhenguo Furen, Wang-shi, insisted that Yu Ru’s heart was errant, and she took the initiative to seduce her son. When this kind of cold and evil conduct happened, according to the house rules of Marquis Qingchuan fu, Yu Ru will be killed!

In the end, Chen Qing Jin pleaded with her brother, Chen Yu Shu to help her, only then did Marquis Qingchuan waive the house rules and directly let people give Yu Ru’s slave contract to Duke Zhenguo fu.

Based on Yu Ru’s background, when she gets there, the best situation was only being the servant girl of a Tongfang 2. Of course, everything must be under the premise that she was not beaten to death by Chen Mian…….

“Qing Jin, are you still worrying about Yu Ru’s matter?”

When Chen Yu Shu entered the room, he saw Chen Qing Jin frowning her eyebrows.

When she heard her elder brother’s voice, Chen Qing Jin returned to her senses and turned to face her brother, then she sighed.

“Elder brother, is there truly no other way?”

Chen Yu Shu shook his head and walked to sit beside Chen Qing Jin: “Qing Jin, I have listened to the report the steward gave the other day and I feel that the matter is somewhat fishy. Do you think that someone deliberately set a trap?”

This kind of dirty matter occured in the Marquis Qingchuan fu made Chen Yu Shu feel very uncomfortable. And also, seeing the matter as a whole , it was easy to see the hole in it —

Why was the person the servant girl saw Su Wan, but when everyone rushed there to have a look, the ones they saw were Chen Mian and Yu Ru?

Where did Su Wan go that night? What did she do?

Although he was not very familiar with his fiancee in his heart, Su Wan was still Chen Yu Shu’s unmarried wife. Chen Yu Shu actually still cared a bit about matters concerning her.


Hearing Chen Yu Shu’s inquiry, Chen Qing Jin’s eyes flashed a touch of color.

The whole matter was something she planned, but it was originally not like this in her plan!

On that day, to make sure nothing would go wrong, after Chen Qing Jin sent Yu Ru to guide a servant girl over to see Su Wan’s figure, she also specially instructed Yu Ru to secretly watch from somewhere nearby, afraid of a mistake happening.

As a result…..

According to Yu Ru, the matter that day proceeded very smoothly. But, before everyone had walked over to the scene of the incident, Su Wan had suddenly rushed out from the room. At that time, Yu Ru had panicked but she didn’t what to do. In the next second, she felt a pain on the back of her neck and then she fainted. When she woke up, she and Chen Main already……

There were other people in the courtyard at that time! And this person specially sent Yu Ru into Chen Mian’s room. There were two possibilities —

First, he used this sort of manner to tell her that he knew that she was the one who planned this matter and was warning her to not act rashly.

Second, he may not know the truth of the matter and only happened to come across it. Because he was her enemy, he took the chance to send Yu Ru into Chen Mian’s room. Their purpose was to let her lose Yu Ru, this confidant.

These few days, Chen Qing Jin thought over again and again, and thought that the second possibility was slightly bigger.

And now, she suspected that this matter may be Chen Qing Yao’s doing! If it was truly her who did it, then it wasn’t too bad. At least, she had long deemed her an enemy. If it was other people…..having this kind of hidden enemy truly made Chen Qing Jin extremely worried and troubled……

Chen Yu Shu on the side seeing that Chen Qing Jin was lost in thought again, couldn’t help but to blame himself. He really shouldn’t have discussed this kind of thing with Qing Jin.

In Chen Yu Shu’s eyes, his younger sister had always been innocent and kindhearted. Those schemes and intrigues in the residence have always had no contact with Chen Qing Jin.

Just like today’s Marquis Qingchuan fu, although Furen Yu-shi was merely father’s second wife, she was not his and Qing Jin’s biological mother.  But through the years, Yu-shi treated them brother and sister equally, and was still better than how she treated her own daughter, Chen Qing Yao.

Speaking of Chen Qing Yao, that younger sister, she inherited Yu-shi’s beauty and talent. From a young age she was considered unparalleled in the Capital and was regarded as a celebrity in the Imperial Capital.

Unfortunately, Chen Yu Shu did not like this kind of flamboyant person. In comparison, he still liked his biological sister Chen Qing Jin more.

Accompanying Chen Qing Jin while she was lost in thought again, Chen Yu Shu planned to leave because of his heavy business, but he was stopped by his sister right when he stood up.

“Elder brother, do you like Miss Su?”

In the previous life, Chen Qing Jin purposely didn’t see how much her brother like Su Wan. Instead ignoring this, as Su Wan depended on the reputation of Marquis Qingchuan Furen and did a lot of wrong to her.

Although in the past, her brother did not manage to clear her injustice in time, Chen Qing Jin knew that her brother still loved her dearly. If it wasn’t because he married Su Wan, the two brother and sister would not have been separated, the conclusion being one where they couldn’t see the face of the other again before she died.

In this life, she would not let Su Wan marry into Chen jia. No matter what! 3

Miss Su…..

Because he was outside leading troops throughout the years, Chen Yu Shu rarely returned to the Imperial Capital. The marriage between him and Su Wan was also the decision of the parents of both sides. Actually, in his mind, Su Wan was merely a vague shadow. He only remembered her general appearance. As for her, whether she was pretty or ugly, he wasn’t clear.

“Qing Jin, you don’t like Miss Su?”

Chen Yu Shu preceived the unhappiness in his sister’s mood and couldn’t help but to ask.

“I just feel that she…….doesn’t match brother.”

Chen Qing Jin just smiled and tried to make her tone sound normal.

“You this girl, perhaps other people feel that your older brother does not match her?” When Chen Yu Shu heard what his sister said, he somewhat laughed at his own words.

Chen Qing Jin on the side secretly curled her lip — how can her elder brother not match that idiot? 4

Right now, the brother and sister of Chen jia still had not truly expected that they had long been disliked and disregarded by Su Wan……

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