Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 1

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SEG Chapter 1.1 — Princess Substitution Marriage (1)

This was the great Xia dynasty. It was rich and prosperous, and the common people were happy. The name of the current ruler is Xuan Yuan Po. He’s an Emperor that is honest and upright, and is in the prime of his life. Several princes are coming of age, and are beginning to take part and display their talent in politics. This world’s hero is the most unfavoured Fifth Prince who was born with a bad temperament. Due to his mother only being a mere palace maid, she is not called for by the Emperor nor was she well-liked by the Empress. Due to this reason, at the age of sixteen, the Fifth Prince moved out of the palace and settled into the Qin Wangfu that his father bestowed to him. Then, after two years when he reached a marriageable age, not many people wanted to marry their daughters off to this prince who not only has a bad temper but also had a deformity. In the August of the same year, the Fifth Prince was suddenly afflicted by a serious illness. To ward off this bad fortune, the teachers of the state proposed that the Fifth Prince marry a lady who had identical Eight Characters as his.

Unexpectedly, the person who’s Eight Characters matched the Fifth Prince’s was His Excellency the Imperial Censor’s daughter.

The name of the Imperial Censor’s daughter is Ye Zhi Hua. True to her name, she is a beauty who was endowed with both beauty and talent. She had just reached 15 years of age and there were many official’s children visiting their doors to seek marriage.

When he just learned that his own daughter and the Fifth Prince had identical Eight Characters, the Imperial Censor and his wife felt very distressed! However, Ye Zhi Hua was very clever. She started thinking of a plan as only her family members knew her Eight Characters while the Emperor and Fifth Prince doesn’t.

She recalled that her family has a concubine’s daughter whose birthday only differed from hers by a sichen (2 hours), so she had an idea for her younger sister to replace her.

Although the Fifth Prince is not favoured, he is still bestowed the title of a prince. So they willingly handed over the concubine’s daughter for the “warding-off” wedding. This way, not only can they conceal the substitution, they can also preserve their dignity. The Emperor even met with them to give them his appreciation.

Ye Zhi Hua also remembered that this concubine sister of hers has a weak, delicate and meek appearance. A person like this who had no talent and no virtue will not be able to be married off to a good family. With good intentions, she as her elder sister had given her a good opportunity to be a princess. She has done such a good deed!

As a result, Imperial Censor Ye’s fu had a discussion and came to a decision to settle this matter in accordance with the way that Ye Zhi Hua proposed. And that is, by giving her concubine sister Ye Zhi Jin to the Qin Wangfu to be married to Xuan Yuan Qing.

At that time, Ye Zhi Jin was not favoured in the Ye family and her mother was only a small concubine. She was powerless to defy the family’s arrangement so, she can only sit on the bright red sedan and become a member of Qin Wangfu.

What everyone did not expect was that Ye Zhi Jin’s weak and delicate temperament provoked Xuan Yuan Qing’s irritable temper. On the wedding night, blood was spilled on the spot. Three days later, Ye Zhi Jin opened her eyes once more and her entire person changed.

That’s right! The original Ye Zhi Jin has already died. Now, this Ye Zhi Jin is a soul that crossed from a different time and space.

She had crossed over!

At this moment, this Ye Zhi Jin is our female lead. She used her rich experience from her workplace to easily paint a favorable impression of herself in front of Xuan Yuan Qing. In the end, she got together with Xuan Yuan Qing.

Xuan Yuan Qing told Ye Zhi Jin that in fact, his legs have recovered a long time ago and he just used it as a cover because he was plotting for the throne. The marriage to “ward off bad luck” was originally a play orchestrated by him and the teachers of the state as they thought of pulling the Ye family to join their side. However, they didn’t expect the Ye family to substitute the bride for someone else. And because of this one stage, this “marriage substitute” Ye Zhi Jin was sent to Xuan Yuan Qing’s front door.

Afterwards, Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin both devised plans together and was finally successful. Ye jia was pushed back because they stood on the Third Prince’s camp. When the third Prince was finally defeated, the Ye family was executed till the third generation. The big finale of the story was that Xuan Yuan Qing became the Emperor and Ye Zhi Jin naturally became the Empress who was the model for all women.

That’s right. The ending should originally be like this.

However, the actual story was that Ye Zhi Jin personally told told Ye Zhi Hua who was on her death bed in the dungeon that she was actually a person who transmigrated and that the original Ye Zhi Jin had died long ago.

“So, don’t tell me that blood is thicker than water. Your sister was killed by your own hands!”

Bringing her shock, deep regrets and unwillingness with her, Ye Zhi Hua was beheaded afterwards. Unexpectedly, her deep resentful thoughts caused her to reincarnate!

To tell the truth, Ye Zhi Hua was actually someone of superb talent a! She was one of the native people of the Great Xia dynasty. She was a gifted female scholar who was surrounded by admirers. The reason why she held Xuan Yuan Qing in contempt was not because his status was too low, rather it was because she already had a sweetheart a!

That time when she got her concubine sister to replace her for the marriage, firstly it was because she didn’t want to give up her own love, second was that she truly thought her plan was a win-win situation for both the family and the parents, even for the concubine daughter a!

Who knew that her sister would die under Xuan Yuan Qing’s hands on the night in the bridal chamber? Also, who knew that evil spirit of that woman who claimed to have crossed over would possess her sister’s body but also collude with Xuan Yuan Qing. Not only did she cause the death of her beloved, she also cursed the whole Ye family to be executed to the third generation!

Ye Zhi Hua really hates Ye Zhi Jin. Their relationship cannot be reconciled!

As a result, she was reborn.

Ye Zhi Hua was reborn just a month after Ye Zhi Jin married into Qin Wang Fu. At this time, Ye Zhi Jin already died.

Ye Zhi Hua knows that her own sister’s body had already been occupied by the girl who crossed over. She has lived through a lifetime and is a well-known gifted female scholar. She calmed herself down and straightened out everything she knew in her past experience. Ye Zhi Hua then commenced her own counterattack and fought back.

The first thing she has to do is to speak to the Third prince Xuan Yuan Rui. This man was her husband in her past life. One that she loved but didn’t speak to. And because of Ye Zhi Hua’s persuasion Ye jia finally decided to stand on Xuan Yuan Rui’s camp.

Xuan Yuan Rui is a personage who has high IQ and is handsome with a high EQ to boot, therefore in the Imperial family, he has received the most support. Many people have voiced their suggestion for him to be the Crown Prince.

Ye Zhi Hua believed that with her help, Xuan Yuan Rui had the ability to contend with and win against Xuan Yuan Qing.

So, the battle between the two parties was formally launched after Ye Zhi Hua was married to Xuan Yuan Rui’s wangfu.

As for the finaly outcome of the two sides, naturally it is Ye Zhi Hua, who was reborn and took the initiative,that succeeded in counterattacking.

Now, Xuan Yuan Qing’s schemes have already been discovered. Ye Zhi Jin was also labelled “Demon”, and the two people will be put to death in one sichen.

Su Wan thought that if she didn’t enter the mission here at this time then perhaps this world would almost at be the perfect ending.

He he.

Truly regrettable a, because she has arrived!

“Cough, cough”.

A heartrending coughing was transmitted through a screen from the girl who lied on some piled up bedding.

Hearing that cough, a green clothed slave girl hastily pulled open the heavy curtain. “Junzhu, Junzhu, have you woken up?”


Su Wan with a pale face, “weakly” opened her eyes to look at her servant girl.

She knows that this servant girl is called Lu Zhu was the original owner’s confidant and is currently the only one who can accompany her by her side.

“Lu Zhu, where’s biaoge? I want to meet him.”

Hearing Su Wan ask for her husband as soon as she woke up, Lu Zhu felt very distressed: “Junzhu, Wangye he, Wangye he…..has gone to the execution grounds.”

Today is the day where Xuan Yuan Qing is to be beheaded. Naturally, as the winner between their fight Xuan Yuan Rui just had to personally show up

To Lu Zhu’s response, Su Wan didn’t feel that this was unexpected at all. Nevertheless, as soon as she recalled the original owner who was a small and weak White Lotus, Su Wan immediately stared pitifully at Lu Zhu with glistening teardrops in her eyes. : “Lu Zhu, biaoge will not….will not be able to come see me anymore?”

Ever since Xuan Yuan Rui threw her into this yuan, the original owner’s body kept getting worse day by day. Every day she is muddle-headed, the times when she is clear-headed is few. Also, every time she was clear-headed, she would always ask.

Looking at Su Wan’s eyes full of expectations, Lu Zhu subconsciously shifted the topic.

This inside of the wangfu has already prepared everything needed for a wedding while their own Junzhu has been cut off from the Wangfei position and that woman named Ye Zhi Hua will soon become the only Wangfei in this residence from an untitled Ce fei.

Lu Zhu did not dare to tell Su Wan all these things. She knows that her master did not have a good body from childhood. Now she is weak and delicate and cannot be subjected to any form of stimulation.

Therefore, Lu Zhu can only choose to be silent. At the same time, she secretly hates Ye Zhi Hua.

In the end, what is that woman?

Wasn’t it precisely a year ago in a banquet, that Wangye was drunk and spent a night with her? Was it necessary to stir up a whole lot of trouble to get Wangye to marry her and bring her back into his palace?

Wangye also plainly promised the Junzhu that he will treat the princess well throughout her whole life but yet, ever since that woman entered the doors, Wangye gradually grew colder to the Junzhu.

Yes, Junzhu’s body is not good, cannot wait upon Wangye but the Junzhu also didn’t want to!

That fox spirit (seductress) took advantage of the Junzhu’s body not being in good condition to try every way possible to seduce Wangye and even conceived a child for Wangye. Junzhu got really angry and heart broken. She went to go find and argue with that woman. As a result, the two of them fell into the water which caused that woman to have a miscarriage. The Junzhu was also very sad, okay?

At this point, Lu Zhu was already deep inside her imagination and couldn’t extract herself from it. Su Wan just quietly sat still on top of the bed, organizing her mood.

Yes, the original owner of the body was also called Su Wan. This is her golden finger that she chose. All realm destroyers can choose a golden finger and Su Wan has always chosen to keep her name.

She doesn’t like being called by someone else’s name, this useless cheat can only change her name in the plot, nothing more.

But that is enough for Su Wan.

Because her familiarity with the world’s characters and plot is her biggest cheat.

When she opened the archives and viewed the plot at this moment, she can’t help but feel that the point at this plot is wonderful. This Ye Zhi Hua was even more wonderful. She felt that she had always loved Xuan Yuan Rui with the greatest care, cautiously and modestly, so when Xuan Yuan Rui drank till he was drunk, she couldn’t help but take the opportunity to get him to stay with her for the night. When the matter of her letting him stay the night was found out, she helped him to cover it up but instead, the matter went out of control. And at last, the emperor had to decree a marriage.

Well, anyway you already fulfilled your wish of marrying into the Wangfu and know that the first wife is a Junzhu that does not have long to live so you will endure it. At this time, why is it that you did not like to wait?

You even went to the extent of comforting yourself by saying that this short-lived Junzhu was going to die anyway so she dragged her down into the water causing herself to get seriously ill, this is her karma? Not her own fault?

Afterwards the child died, you still believe that that short-lived Junzhu is still the same as Ye Zhi Jin who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

This kind of weird thinking belongs to a drunk.

In fact, from the fundamental point of view, the original owner of this body was Xuan Yuan Rui’s sweetheart. Before Ye Zhi Hua was reborn, they were the envy of others and were royal models. Even when the Junzhu died, Xuan Yuan Rui still loved her.

But in this world, Ye Zhi Hua was reborn. She calmly infiltrated into Xuan Yuan Rui’s life. Don’t know whether the halo she brought with her when she reborn was too bright. Over the course of time, Xuan Yuan Rui got on better and better terms with Ye Zhi Hua till the point that they had an in-depth exchange on the bed. After this exchange, he was very appreciative of her and began to yearn for her day and night. He slowly became cold to his wife and due to the death of Ye Zhi Hua’s child, he actually believed Ye Zhi Hua’s excuse/pretext. He thought that Su Wan was “vicious minded” and killed his unborn child.

As a result, Su Wan became the cannon fodder. From being a doted on Junzhu Wangfei, she became an ignored ex-Wangfei in a cold residence.

Actually, the position of ex-wife or first wife was not to Su Wan’s taste a! Su wan has always walked the path of an “Ex-girlfriend”, this kind of cold and aloof, high-end route, and she also actually has obsessive-compulsive disorder a~!

She doesn’t like to take over any body that has had physical contact with a male nor any other man.

However, this time Su Wan will make an exception. (If it wasn’t for the 10,000 points!)

Because the original owner was always sickly, she didn’t share a room with Xuan Yuan Rui!

Also, this world’s Ye Zhi Hua is really short-sighted in Su Wan’s eyes. In the past life, she was arrogant and thought she was extremely smart, she pushed her concubine younger sister to the Fifth Prince, that really is making the best use of everything. You’re so useless. Paired with this useless prince, it’s awesome! What kind of mentality is this?

After her rebirth, she went as far as to keep on saying that the crossed-over female caused the death of her little sister. This kind of person really makes one speechless.


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