Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 2

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SEG Chapter 1.2 — Princess Substitution Marriage (2)

Lu Zhu fed Su Wan some gruel and common dishes and thought of waiting upon her while she rested. Su Wan also knows her own body needs a lot of peaceful rest but she suddenly remembered that at this moment, Xuan Yuan Rui and Ye Zhi Hua were at the execution grounds which was where, after a sichen of waiting, Xuan Yuan Qing and Ye Zhi Jin will be sent off. At this moment, Ye Zhi Hua’s mood is probably very good!

He he, if she doesn’t do something to make Ye Zhi Hua feel uncomfortable then Su Wan will feel sour. So, she immediately asked Lu Zhu to get brush, inkstone and paper, and imitated the original owner’s handwriting to send a letter home.

“Junzhu, you are…..”

To see her master write a letter home, Lu Zhu stopped dumbfounded because ever since Su Wan married into the wangfu, there was the matter of breaking ties with the general’s fu. But what can be done? Back then, who let her birth mother Princess Ruyi pass early, only leaving behind a sickly little Junzhu with the General? On the other hand, General Su have always wanted a son who can go on an expedition to the battlefield!

As a result, he was discontented with Su Wan and when Su Wan was less than half a year old, the Emperor unexpectedly frantically bestowed General Su Yu Feng with a marriage. And this time, the marriage partner was a person from the Imperial family who was specially bestowed to the General. This Princess Qing Yu made a good showing. Nine months later, she gave birth to the eldest son Su Rui. Su Rui was younger than Su Wan by one year. Nevertheless, from young his body was good so from the age of three he started to practice martial arts. When he was about the age of seven or eight, he was already a lot taller than Su Wan.

From childhood, the relationship between the older sister and younger brother was very good. Even from childhood, Su Rui knows to protect his older sister. This made General Su feel very gratified. Yet with the passing of time, the relationship between the both of them declined and changed dramatically.

The story of General Su fu was skipped in the original world. It looks like BUG existence. Why was it that Su Wan Junzhu had a depressing ending, appearing to be noble but was alone and had no one to depend on.

Her father was an important General in the current dynasty, her mother although dead was the most favoured Gongzhu. In that case, a question comes to mind. What happened to the Su family that others did not know?

Su Wan has lost the position of Wangfei and was even banished to the cold yuan. Why did the Su family show no interest?

The inside story, Su Wan was naturally clearer on that than anyone else. So after receiving the memories of her youth from the original owner, Su Wan’s whole person felt refreshed!

Su Wan is not the original owner. No matter what, she is still a person who will achieve her ultimate goal by hook or by crook. The former owner said that the General Su’s fu is like a tiger’s den but the Su Wan of now says that, Your mother! This is like a golden finger delivered right to my doorstep!

“Lu Zhu, let An Wu hand this letter to Su Rui immediately. No delays.”

On one side, Lu Zhu saw the determination in Su Wan’s eyes, her complexion went white and her lips trembled: “ Master, once you do this, then……there’s no turning back.”


Su Wan only gave a despaired laugh: “ Now that biaoge has left me no road to walk, since it’s that way, then…..let me not look back for my whole lifetime!”

When Lu Zhu heard Su Wan’s words, her whole complexion turned white. Junzhu, she…does she not wish to live anymore?

It seems that Wangye really hurt the Junzhu’s heart. If it wasn’t like this, how can the Junzhu write a letter to that greedy wolf Su Rui?

Lu Zhu’s hand kept shaking as she held the book in her hands. She was currently holding the life of the Junzhu in her hands a!

“Junzhu, please think twice…..”

“I told you to go! Quickly go! Cough cough, cough cough cough.”

Su Wan had a fierce bout of cough till the point there were splotches of dark red at the corners of her mouth. However, at this moment her gaze has never been as glistening as it was right now. Seeing her determination, Lu Zhu finally made up her mind and quickly rushed out of the room.

The cold yuan where they currently reside in was very remote and empty but was still considered neat and tidy thanks to Lu Zhu. Xuan Yuan Rui did not completely banish them to the cold yuan. It can be said that Lu Zhu still has the freedom to enter and exit Yue Wangfu except that this time, Lu Zhu did not go out of the courtyard. She only stood at the corner of the yard and only her voice called out: “An Wu.”

Along with the appearance of a dark shadow, a figure covered in black clothing appeared. The appearance of this person couldn’t be made out. Only a tall silhouette could be seen.

Seeing the familiar but feared figure, Lu Zhu originally subconsciously took a step back. After that she recalled something. Lu Zhu took a deep breath and stood up straight, and raised the letter in her hands: ”Junzhu wrote this letter. Quickly deliver this to your master. If any major mistake is made, you’ll have to bear the consequences on your own!”

Since she’s not even afraid of death, then why still be afraid of them?

At this moment, Lu Zhu felt that she was awesome. 1

An Wu received the letter. He did not stop for anything and immediately vanished from the courtyard.

When the Junzhu married into the wangfu at the age of 15, An Wu followed and unconsciously four years have already passed. Perhaps he was too familiar with the Junzhu’s temperament, An Wu thought that he was abandoned by the master. Otherwise, how could he send him to perform such a task that couldn’t be completed in his lifetime?

But today, just today, the task that seemed to not be able to be completed was completed just like that?

At this point, An Wu felt that he was awesome~

Well, when Ye Zhi Hua who was far away at the execution grounds saw that it was almost time, she also felt that she was awesome.

However, no one, no others will feel as refreshed as Su Wan.

After Su Wan finished writing the letter, she lied back down on the bed with a smile. Now with the addition of Su Rui that greedy wolf, finally a true drama will unfold on the well prepared stage. Now I just need to wait for the curtain to open. All the actors are on the stage!

When Lu Zhu returned to the room, she saw that Su Wan was in deep sleep. This time she was not pretending rather because her body was really too weak……

When Su Wan woke up again, Lu Zhu was not waiting in the room. Instead, she saw a gentle looking man wearing white robes who was sitting at her bedside lost in thought. Seeing that she suddenly woke up, he stared blankly for a while. An embarrassed look flashed across his face and he said embarrassedly: “Junzhu, you… have you woken up?”


Su Wan answered the doctor and immediately started acting as a pitiful, delicate and charming white lotus. She looked at the man with misty eyes: “Imperial doctor Si, did Wangye ask you to see me? Has he come back? I want to see him!”

According to the development of the plot after Ye Zhi Hua’s rebirth, at this time Su Wan Junzhu should be exhausted from waiting and could not wait any longer for Xuan Yuan Rui to change his mind and finally can only be depressed.

Su Wan also knows that her current body was really unwell so, she wants to paint a favorable impression on this man even more.

This man is known as Imperial physician Si. He came from a family of highly-skilled doctors and his medical skills were very brilliant. He was originally invited by Xuan Yuan Rui to look after Ye Zhi Hua’s health, but because Ye Zhi Hua wanted to display that she was forgiving and kind-hearted in front of Xuan Yuan Rui, she specially requested that Si Yu treat Su Wan instead.

This one move gained the favorable opinion of these two males in one swoop. Physician Si diagnosed Su Wan and told Ye Zhi Hua that Su Wan did not have long to live. However, at this time Ye Zhi Hua seemed to be possessed by a Holy Mother and stubbornly made a lot of fuss that she wanted to see Su Wan. She not only wanted to see her but wanted to send medicine and other things as well. When the small Junzhu who had a lot of pent-up frustrations saw her rival-in-love coming to “show off” , as a person who was born noble she felt that she was being insulted and humiliated which made her illness even worse.

As an outsider, Physician Si felt very moved by such a “kind hearted” Ye Zhi Hua!

Your mother, is this man really this stupid?

She really didn’t think of ridiculing anything because Ye Zhi Hua weeped and wailed sorrowfully when the original owner got a serious illness. Saying that her older sister was suffering too much, that the small Junzhu was too pitiful, saying that if she passed in her sleep then she wouldn’t have to suffer so much. Thus, Physician Si, who secretly loved Ye Zhi Hua, seriously gave the original owner “euthanasia”!

Your sister’s euthanasia a!

So don’t look at how Su Wan is looking at Physician Si with pitiful eyes. In reality, she was thinking of how to fully use and extract his worth from him.

Physician Si naturally did not know what Su Wan is thinking but merely felt that this small Junzhu was really pitiful. He couldn’t help but soften his voice: “Junzhu, Wangye is busy right now. When he has free time, he will definitely come and see you.”


Su Wan gave a hopeless smile while two streams of sparkling and translucent tears slowly flowed down on her pure and gentle face: “Biaoge, he is accompanying Ye Zhi Hua right? That’s right, I really shouldn’t go and bother them. I…I can’t always keep him company. I couldn’t even give birth to a child, even I….”

When she spoke till here, Su Wan’s small hand firmly gripped the brocade quilt on her body, and her chest started violently heaving up and down: “I can’t even do the duty of a wife.”


When he heard this, Physician Si was really shocked for a while. Subconsciously, he lifted his eyes and saw the appearance of a tear-stained face of a beauty.

The original owner was noble born with exquisite and beautiful look, otherwise Xuan Yuan Rui wouldn’t have loved her so much.

Right now, Su Wan was only wearing white undergarments. Not only that, her lapel was somewhat disorderly and her head full of beautiful, languid and fluffy hair was resting on her shoulders. Perhaps it was due to her recent crying that her eyes were red and her chest was incessantly unstable. Physician Si then only realized that although she was a very sickly female, in reality she had a very good figure.

E, do not show impropriety!

Physician Si’s whole face immediately became red (blushed) and he bowed down his head. He secretly complained. What happened to me? Unexpectedly, how could he be so rude to the small Junzhu!

To tell the truth, Physician Si did not think that the small Junzhu and Wangye who had been together for 4 years were actually not truly husband and wife. Wasn’t this truly was a shocking inside story?

Actually, this really was Su Wan and Xuan Yuan Rui’s secret. When they were younger and just got married, he miserably loved Su Wan. She was afraid of even a little bit of pain. He knew that her body was not healthy so he tried not to touch her as much as possible, and there were several times where he had to control himself when she accidentally set off the fire within him but as soon as he looked down he saw Su Wan’s body trembling with a look of fear on her face, he gave up.

At that time, Xuan Yuan Rui kept in mind to take good care of her health. They both still have a lifetime together. The road ahead was still very long.

But afterwards Xuan Yuan Rui met Ye Zhi Hua. After Ye Zhi Hua married into the wangfu, Xuan Yuan Rui finally experienced the pleasure of close intimacy of a couple. Also, Ye Zhi Hua not only has good talent but was considered one of the top beauties. Regardless of whether physical or psychological, Xuan Yuan Rui felt very satisfied.

He gradually grew up and matured, and had his own ambitions, his own path. He was no longer the young boy who was satisfied with just love. So, he gradually lost his love for the small Junzhu who was his childhood sweetheart. Consequently, he couldn’t stand facing her and lost interest in the thin and weak body that would hurt with just a touch.

Actually, at this moment Su Wan had an evil thought. If this story was to be changed into the pattern of a sad romantic love story then it should be dropped.

Xuan Yuan Rui likes the small Junzhu. However, he couldn’t bear to touch his own white moonlight so, every time he wants to vent he has to find a substitute and that substitute is Ye Zhi Hua. Ye Zhi Hua originally loved Xuan Yuan Rui but after he abused her heart, she gave up. After her rebirth, she wanted to leave Xuan Yuan Rui but this time Xuan Yuan Rui forced himself on her. As a result, these two people wanted to love each other, then wanted to kill each other, then wanted to love each other, then wanted to kill each other and finally still had a HE. 2

Thinking of that scene, Su Wan also felt that it was very interesting.

When the fire from the candle in the room extinguished, Su Wan did not speak again. The moment Physician Si lifted up his head once more he caught sight of Su Ran who looked as if she had a lost and distant look on her face as she stared at the extinguished candle flame. The corner of her mouth still had a miserable mocking smile.

Such a painful expression, such a desperate woman, somehow struck the urge in Physician Si’s small heart to save a life. He felt that he must save and rescue her!

Therefore young man, imagination is a kind of illness. Did you make it?

Definitely because Su Wan’s YY was too excessive that she couldn’t help but but to sneakily laugh.


I wonder when can I annihilate till the point of 0 reply 0 bookmarks? The author will be very sad a~

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  1. lol poor YZH – bullied to death by one reincarnator, she reincarnates and changes her fate… only for another reincarnator to show up and immediately begin planning to ruin her day again.

  2. Hi Translator! I’m a new reader and I really like the story so far. Kudos for clear translation. It is improving well. I really like your footnotes and quips. Thank you for the chapter.

    Could it be that Su Wan’s brother is the ML? Is this some dog blood drama of mistaken/adopted identity or wincest?

    No blood relations? Go for it bro!

    Wincest? I say, still go for it bro!

    Anyway it’s normal during the ancient period. Can’t impose cultural norms/taboo to other cultures. Yes, we must critique it but a big and accepting heart is a must when reading novels.

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