Hi there! I’m Kiki :) and I run We currently host and translate a variety of novels that you can see in the Abous Us page.

We’re currently recruiting:

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean translators are all welcome! You can choose to pick up your own novel, bring an already translated novel, or join one of our current translators on a novel if they’re willing! 
Note: If you translate Chinese, we recommend you to choose a novel from a source other than Qidian. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’ll be short lived.

We’re full on editors for now 🙂
>Translator Checkers
Please please please this! >.<

We have a translator (possibly 2), that “can” translate Chinese, but isn’t always 100% accurate. If anyone is kind enough to free time out of their busy schedules to read over a few chapters a week, we’d be so, so grateful!

To apply or ask questions, please contact me at’s contact page over here

Thank you for reading up to here!

Some extra information: I take care of all the hosting fees, templates, website design & management, as well as all the technical stuff. Don’t worry and leave it to us! We’re really lax on a lot of stuff, so as long as you guys don’t do anything not-so-smart like cursing at the readers, then we’ll get along great!


We are currently recruiting translators. If you would like to work for us contact us through the contact button ^^

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    1. Oh oops, it hasn’t been updated in a while >.<. We recently got a new translator that will be translating Raising a Fox into a Consort and Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat so we could use some new editors now :). Although we're still waiting on the new translator (since to be honest, 3/4 of the time, new translators end up dropping the project after a few days), BP needs another editor too 🙂

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