Recruitment Board

Currently, ISO has a few translators who need editing done for their projects. You can find the projects here, along with the level of editing needed, the average word count, and the translator’s release frequency. If you find a project that you would like to edit for, please include the title in your application with your test.

The editing levels are as follows:

Light – The translator needs an editor who can:

  • Correct their punctuation on a more advanced level
  • Do some light rewording
  • Fix occasional tense inconsistencies

Moderate – The translator needs an editor who can:

  • Choose the right diction
  • Fix awkward phrasing
  • Understand all grammar concepts on a moderate level

Heavy – The translator needs an editor who can:

    • Deal with horrible English and grammar
    • Reword practically every sentence and potentially rewrite entire paragraphs
    • Be reincarnated as the bodhisattva of English & patience

You Look Like You’re Very Rich

Level: Moderate

Description: It has yet to be released, but the translator is stockpiling. It’s a modern romance novel with long chapters. The MC is an empress who transmigrated into the modern day, so there will occasionally be ancient terminology. The schedule and word count are to be announced.